"You have pulled together the personal, historical, emotional, political, and scientific into one kick-ass place that offers a wide and revolutionary view." - Shay Seaborne, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dream Alchemy, The Revelation Story™

A Breathtakingly Beautiful Dream Realization Adventure

For Advanced Seekers Who Stand Ready to Write the Myths of Victory for this Age & to Live By Them

Come! Reveal FOR THE WORLD the Mysteries of Healing and the Fruits of Power Locked Inside of YOU.

Messengers Arise!

I am here to call you by your real name.

You are the messenger.

You are the Dream Alchemist with transformation rising in your bones.

You are Love's heroine, your hands overflowing with the richness of life.

You are the hero with the power to change the direction of this world.

You have the word seeds in you that can blossom inside the hearts of thousands as they search for the light you know how to birth from the darkness of your core.

You have inside of you the power of speech, the resonance of your voice, the endowment of a beautiful, graceful tomorrow that far exceeds your wildest imaginations.

You have this in you for this world that is doing its best to die on vines that will never bear fruit again.

Your story is meant to let others possess the land where milk and honey flow like rivers from the high places.

Come! Let us tell this story of grit, glory and grace unending. Let us plumb the depths of the mud and muck that will turn you into radiance, a lamplight of hope shining in this dark night of madness.

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Your dream is tapping out its desire to be fulfilled like morse code flying across the wires. Oh how you yearn to decode its message and bring it home, bring it alive in you.
And you can!

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