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Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 4617025

I am She.

I am She behind the woman

I am She from the deep...

I am open to receive.

I am open to surrender...

Woman your eyes are like precious jewels

Keep them polished with the presence of Her.

∞ Peruquois & Praful

The exorcist is about to fall under the influence of the alchemist.

The poisons that run through your system are about to become medicine, and in turn, they will become your freedom. These poisons are the lingering resentment and rage left behind by betrayal bonds you thought you could break without forgiving. They are the hatred you have nursed with your self righteousness indignation. They are the thick, black, cottony veils of anguish that have fallen over your eyes making it impossible to see destiny's offerings.

To get to this understanding of the Virgo Full Moon, you must leave the patriarchal, linear, distinctness of signs and planets moving through the sky for an integrated world of interrelationship where She is the power behind the throne, the force behind grace, the animating strength of the old man who refuses to let go of yesterday's form. She, in Her multifaceted presence, ignites the whole drama and contains it within Herself, all polarities, all beginnings, all endings.

In this world, Virgo is represented by Nekhbet, the great vulture goddess of Egypt.

She is the wisdom keeper and the alchemist who knows what it is that needs to HAPPEN on Earth in order for the connection between heaven and heart to open (emphasis added).

Nekhbet is the elder Isis, the Black Isis. It is she who knows about life and death, youth and eldership. All other gods and goddesses reside within her because she is the ancient mother...She initiates us into an alchemical process that involves all of the great archetypes. She is similar to her cobra sister, Wadjet [Uranus]. Together they were the Two Ladies, the guardians of Egypt. Their dual images were often portrayed with the pharaoh...Together they represented the power of a unified Egypt. In these images Nekhbet was sometimes portrayed as a winged serpent.

Nekhbet and Wadjet are both purifiers' both work to remove the toxins that prevent life force energy from flowing within us. While Wadjet is the Great Awakener who breaks through the blocks in our energy field, Nekhbet alchemically transforms and transmutes toxins in our body so that they become nourishment to our soul. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

The Moon is Khonsu, the exorcist and healer whom...

The ancient Egyptians believed had the ability to expel the demons that cause illness and disease...He helps us to commune with--to consume--the divine energy of love that ultimately heals all hurts...As the god of right timing, it is he who teaches us how to hold the boundaries between that which is healthy to receive and that which will cause harm...He teaches us how not to give ourselves away in a fashion that drains us of life force energy. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

A notable rendezvous will take place between the Virgo Full Moon and the star of the 2018 show, Saturn in Capricorn. They will meet in a trine creating a friendly, cooperative, wide open collaboration between Nekhbet, the exorcist, and the physical structures of our lives.

How fascinating!

The transmutation of the poisons isn't purely a spiritual one.

The exorcism of the demons isn't merely about their influence on our minds, our emotions, our spirits. They are being expelled from matter, not so much by the destruction of physical form, but by the revision of its essence.

But, of course, the planets and signs of astrology are indicators. They tell us of the energy in this moment. But they cannot do anything on their own. They can only show us the way indicating open portals through which we can willingly walk, closed doors we can leave be, actions and decisions that are upon us in this moment, commanding our attention to detail be given with commitment. So, when I say the poisons are about to be made into medicine, I don't really mean to imply anything that will happen against your will. I mean to invite you onto the healer's table where I hope you will open to the opportunity in front of you.

Well, and speaking of opportunities...

When I read for this oracle using The Book of Doors, two energies came through to support the expected transformation: Bes, the god of pleasure who is the means to advance, and Hehu, who is associated with the human will and who indicates it is the right time to act for long term success.

The driving force behind this starlit pregnant moon is Kekiu whose name means obscurity. In hieroglyphic form, his name takes the shape of a container from which the elixir of life is poured. From a divinatory perspective, this card indicates the immediate transformation of a situation and the end of obscurity. "The obscurity is immediately transformed...and put into service for the creation." Though the end of obscurity and the release of purpose will be instantaneous, it will also become possible by virtue of our willingness to walk along a well designed path of transformation.

It is through the lens of these three cards that I now turn to the question of exactly what we might do to align with the zeitgeist of the moment.

Heaven is offering us beauty for ashes, love for hate, medicine for poison, visibility for obscurity, and an exorcism to boot.

I am in! Whatever it takes!

I am the blood of the Earth.

I am the womb of creation.

I am the flow of the Spirit.

My body is the Universe.

∞ Peruquois

Hot! It's About to Get Hot in Here!

There are four squares happening at the time of the Full Moon, and hence, 4 points of action:

Venus will be conjunct Mercury in the sign of Pisces and both will be square Mars and Vesta, which will also be conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius. Well, and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is in the sign of Scorpio. Most interestingly, Venus and Mars will also be conjunct Chiron in Pisces.

In order to unpack this, you need a decoder ring, or else a chart relating these planets and signs to Egyptian mythology. I don't have a decoder ring for you, but...

  • Venus = Isis;
  • Mercury = Thoth;
  • Pisces = Sothis;
  • Mars = Set;
  • Vesta = Meh-Urt (the Cosmic Womb);
  • Jupiter = Horus;
  • Scorpio = Bast (the Cosmic Pussy);
  • Sagittarius = Sekhmet; and
  • Chiron = Anubis (the Key).

I don't think the squares, which are points of polarization that are strong enough to evoke action, will make any sense at all until we first look at all these conjunctions.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Thoth "represents communication in its highest expression, that of illumination."

...He represents the process by which Spirit speaks through us and the words we say, the ideas we express, the memories we hold, the understanding we carry--all are inspired by our connection to the Divine...

...He was the god of magic, and his followers were considered to have access to the most secret of mysteries. Thoth was the inventor of the art of writing...He was the patron of all areas of knowledge and was the god of wisdom and secret knowledge...

...Thoth describes how effectively we function as a channel for Spirit.

Thoth represents the quality of communication illuminated by a larger perspective. He reminds us that--through the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the perspective we carry--we create our reality. The communication that Thoth describes is inspired by the touch of the Divine. When we speak with the wisdom of Thoth, we articulate the larger perspective. When we think through Thoth, we are able to break through constrictions of our ego into a larger understanding. When we remember through the energy of Thoth, we are able to see everything that has happened with new eyes.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

I have written pretty extensively about the symbolic value of Isis in past oracles. So, for now I will suffice it to say that she is that which calls us to align our actions with our values. Beyond that, I feel like it is worth mentioning that she SEES us!

Isis uses are laser vision to see to the heart of the matter; she sees the truth in every person and in every situation. She pierces through all denial and illuminates our soul's longing. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Now let's consider the presence of Chiron. At the time of the eclipse, he was subject to a bunch of semisextile formations that suggested timing issues - being in the right place at the right time. I didn't cover that point in the last oracle. But, in retrospect, I sort of wish I had because he is suddenly quite the man of the hour. In any case, during this Virgo Full Moon, Anubis (Chiron) is wrapped up in the arms of Venus, snuggled up to Thoth, and supported by a trine with Jupiter who is sitting in Scorpio (our holy longing).

All those timing issues - POOF, GONE.

So, who is this magic man, Anubis the Key?

A couple of lines about him jump out to me as highly significant:

Out of the wounds of abandonment and rejection came this highly evolved being...

In our charts Chiron represents the point at which our wounds can become our gifts... 

...Chiron orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, Sobek and Wadjet...

In Egyptian myths, Anubis was said to be the primary practitioner of the ritual of the Opening of the Mouth. Traditionally, this ritual is believed to have involved either opening the mouth of the mummy so that the dead could have access to their senses in the afterlife, or opening the mount of a statue so that it could become animate and experience the energy of life. As has been revealed to Star Wolf, this practice is also part of a tantric ritual in which kundalini energy flows into the fifth chakra, the Mouth of the Goddess, and then down into the womb, as well as the opening of the yoni to the energy of creation...

...When the energy of Sobek has become so powerful in our life that we are finally dying to an old aspect of being, it is Anubis who opens the way to Wadjet, who gives us the energy of our new life. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Now, if you did your homework from the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, you have set the stage! This full moon, the time is right for something significant to happen in regards to our wounded-healer-hero.

Interestingly, the Virgo Moon will be in a sesquisquare (sesquiquadrate) with sister Uranus (Wadjet) suggesting a point of tension that will provoke action with delayed results. So, Wadjet is hanging around this hour of change. She's just not the agent of immediate transformation where the Virgo Full Moon is concerned. But she is prodding us along nonetheless. I expect that Nekhbet will turn the poison into the nourishment that unleashes the energy of our new lives with an event of cataclysmic change (see trine with Vesta discussed below). This idea is supported by Mars trine Uranus.

Ah Mars...

Remember Mars and Vesta are conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius and they are in this mix too. The Venus-Thoth-Chiron mash-up is square Mars and Vesta. To put this in the simplest possible terms, you have here the Warrior and the Womb in the sign of Sekhmet being provoked to action by the melding of divine speech, a call to align actions with values, and the key that will open our mouths. Well, and let's not forget that what goes in our mouths comes through to our wombs (testicles if you are a man) opening the yoni to the energy of creation.

Fellas, just like we have always said, the love making starts with the verbal foreplay. Oh, sorry. I couldn't help myself...

In my Book of Doors reading for this oracle, Sekhmet actually showed up in position 6, which is about a transformation that takes place because of conscious direction (perhaps along a well designed path?). This brings back a theme from the last oracle, namely, the idea that we can direct the fire of Sagittarius intentionally, and through the use of boundaries. This is supported by the idea that the warrior archetype, when tied to a transpersonal cause, is about pure focus and allegiance to that cause.

From this I glean that Mars brings the powerful, directed, penetrative power of the warrior into unity with the receptive, gestative, womb of all possibility.

At this moment, we could fool around and seed anything...

Because the unrestrained life force of Sekhmet is present in this formation also AND Sagittarius (Sekhmet) is ruled by Jupiter (grace, easy manifestation). Finally, this formation is powerfully connected to the Pisces conjunctions that are also featured so prominently (as part of a five planet stellium).  This conjunction between Mars and Vesta will be nearly exact during the Virgo Full Moon (less than one degree apart). Interestingly, the exact conjunction is taking place as I write this report.


And with the intentions hiding behind your words. Thoth is also consciousness. Get your mind connected to Divine will before you speak or write, especially where important communications are concerned.

Oh, and here is a truly fascinating point:

Sekhmet's male counterpart is Ptah, the master craftsman who formed the world and the heavens. Sekhmet is the cosmic power of Shakti who empowers Ptah's work of creation and it is this transmission of power that is shown in the representations of Sekhmet placing her hand on the back of the god's head. The back of the head is the center of primal creative energy, and once activated by the fire snake's arousal, the mind opens to perceive other dimensions, other universes...As Tehuti [Thoth] was considered to personify the intelligence of Ptah, so Maat was seen as the intelligence of of Sekhmet.
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

Feeling pretty glad to have surrendered all that is not Maat during the new moon lunar eclipse!

As an interesting aside, Ptah is Aquarius and during the Virgo Full Moon, the South Node of the Moon and Black Moon Lilith will be in that sign with Lilith retrograde making her ripe for an integration. There truly isn't much happening with these planets in terms of their connection to the rest of this story via aspects. But I can't help but feel that karmic longing and the exiled feminine very much reflect the wounded healer's rejection and abandonment.

It comforts me to imagine Sekhmet's hand upon these elements of consciousness within me opening up visibility to new dimensions because the idea of altered sight is very much at play with Nekhbet's presence in the Virgo Full Moon. My interest in this is heightened by the fact that Ceres (the Earth Mother of the harvest) will be in opposition to Black Moon Lilith suggesting a powerful choice must be made. Lilith has no other aspects during the full moon.

Ceres also will be retrograde with three planets in a sesquisquare (sesquiquadrate) with her: Mercury, Mars, and Vesta. Whatever this choice is, any action that flows from it will have an effect, even if that effect is going to be delayed a bit.

Now back to the main attraction...

Venus, Mercury, and Chiron are all in trines with Jupiter. That means that whatever this threesome is about, it has the benefit of grace supporting it and its influence, through the squares, on the Mars-Vesta conjunction.

Seriously! Get your words and intentions aligned with Divine will and your deepest values. Your words and your consciousness are supercharged towards spirit-womb conception by grace. Maybe ask Anubis to also shut your mouth when it is out of alignment (instead of opening it)! This suggestion is doubly, triply, quadruply advised considering the trine between Uranus (Wadjet, the Great Awakener) and VESTA.

Whatever your words evoke in your spirit womb holds the power of cataclysmic change.

A trine removes all obstacles! Rapid success and rapid failure are both possibilities. Don't be tempted by any means to conceive failure. Just don't! Conceive your dream instead. Let grace bring it to life in you in full alignment with your true values and Divine will.

Starting to feel really good about having given my words to Thoth after the last oracle. Just saying!

Thankfully, there is one point that will slow you down a tiny bit. Jupiter is in a semisquare with Saturn suggesting frustration of action concerning manifestation into solid form - grace is not operating on immediate manifestation. In short, if you conceive the wrong thing via your words, there will be a grace period for correction. Dream Midwife Rebecka wiping her brow with relief on that one!

I also note that Jupiter in Scorpio is all about grace touching the point of our holy desire (Bast). This will help us to conceive in accordance with holy pleasure as the way forward, the way to advance, which recalls the presence of Bes at the beginning of this oracle.

Meanwhile, there are two powerful opportunity sets available via Jupiter and Mercury sextile Pluto. Perhaps this will tell us more about what to seed (beyond just our dreams) before we turn our attention to that 5 planet stellium in the sign of Pisces, which, at this point is the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room that pretty much all astrologers are bound to focus on. What can I say? I like to play fast and loose with convention and I enjoy leaving the best for last. Oh, and I am not an astrologer. I am praying here folks. I am asking to hear and to align with my pantheon. You are invited for the ride! I am so glad you are here.

Pluto is Osiris, husband to Isis, dismembered dead god, penisless (is that a word?) baby daddy to Horus. In evolutionary astrology, Pluto is also the soul. So, Osiris is the soul broken apart and then restored by Isis. Here's where her seeing us might come in really handy! Those hawk eyes search high and low for our disappeared, disowned soul parts and she brings us home to ourselves.

As to what we should be seeding with, in, and through our dreams, I have two lines for you:

The great god Osiris is at the heart of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, for it is he who guides us onto the path of wholeness...

...This is the great gift of Osiris as he helps us to remember who we really are. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Conceive yourself, whole, free of your trauma mask, reunited, at peace within yourself.

When you conceive your true Divine calling, your dream, this is what you naturally conceive.

And who are you really?

In the midst of that five planet stellium in Pisces, you will discover the Sun conjunct Neptune. Although Neptune is almost 10 degrees away from Mercury and Venus, the connection is strong there also. The Sun is both your ego and your essence. It is that which is visible to the world via your persona and it is the hidden elements of you. In Egyptian Mythology, the Sun is Amun-Ra.

Amun-Ra is the synthesis of two gods. Amun is known as the Hidden One...In their fusion, Amun-Ra is a dual god, representing both solar power at its zenith during the day and the absence of the Sun during the night. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Ra is the Sun as he shows himself to us, Amun is the Sun at night, when we cannot see him...Our solar power--our life force--becomes harnessed to the will to survive above all else...The challenge is to let go of that which we have been and open to the life giving rays of the source...In the Jewish mystical tradition, it is said that, at the point of creation, God shattered into millions of pieces, and we all became shards of God. When we look at one another, we see God reflected back to us. This duality, this essence of the reflection of God in another, is Amun-Ra. We see God not only in who and what we are but in those aspects of self we are yet to become. We see God in our light and we see God in our shadow...Amun-Ra is our God Within.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Though this God Within has both been obscured by, and acting as, our protective mask of trauma, on the Virgo Full Moon, as Nekhbet transmutes the mask, the Hidden One will be revealed if we choose to see, if we are able to see, if we keep our eyes as "precious jewels" "polished with the presence of Her."

Who She is might best be revealed through the sign of Pisces and the influence of Neptune upon this moment.

Pisces is, as already set out above, Sothis. But who or what is Sothis?

Sothis is the home of the great goddess Isis and is a place of great love, wisdom, and compassion. Isis, in her manifestation as Sothis, is the bodhisattva who returns to Earth again and again in order to share her wisdom gained through many lifetimes. 

The energy that comes to us from Sothis is incredibly pure and loving; it is the love of the great Divine Mother herself...The higher expression of the sign of Pisces, and the pure manifestation of the beautiful goddess Sothis, is that of compassionate detachment. Sothis does not do anything to change the course of events in our lives. All she does is love us. By the pure force of love, all is changed. When we know we are held and loved by the Divine Feminine--no matter who we are, no matter what we have done--everything changes. We feel supported, sustained, and nurtured by that love and can find our own strength to change the course of our lives.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Quite simply put:

We are Loved.

That is our true identity and as Neptune and the Sun come together in opposition to the Moon, we catch a glimpse of just how significant this identity is. Neptune is our access to the hidden realm of Sothis within us.

In this Virgo Full Moon, we are presented with a choice to either forget again who we are and what we have seen as the moon wanes, or to bring the great mystery through in us for others to see, to feel, to tangibly experience.

The anti-venom cocktail of Nekhbet is available to us in this moment to transmute the mask of our trauma into our Divine Identity:


Khonsu, the healer-exorcist present in the moon, will help you drink it, consume it, absorb its vital essence.

If we choose to imbibe, this love potion will change everything. Suddenly we will, like Anubis, become the great KEY, the wounded healer who opens the mouth of the world to speak words of power aligned with our TRUE VALUE - singular - each one of us a shard of God-Dess. And we will do this in the unique expression of Divine Love we were created to express through our own dream. Every unique shard of God-Dess has purpose. You and your dream are essential.

Implant that in your spirt-womb and gestate it.

Nekhbet will be there with you. She "nourishes the new life in the egg until it reaches maturity."

Which egg, you might ask?

Well that brings me to card number 10 (the answer) in my reading for this oracle: Aner-En-Rekh, The Philosopher's Stone.

The third phase is the alchemical 'marriage.' 'The King is reunited in the Fire of Love...with his beloved Queen...the red sulphur fixes the white mercury, and from their reunion the ultimate perfection is effected, and the Philosopher's Stone is born' (Klossowski de Rola 1973).
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

Set's color is red. His planet is Mars. I guess we now know what Mars and Vesta are doing in that conjunction.

Such an auspicious moment for Dream Conception™!

And it isn't too late either.

Be yourself.

Don't try to impress. 

Baby there isn't anybody else quite like you. 

Don't try to imitate. 

Universe doesn't make mistakes.

Authenticity is the only way you live your life freely.

Be yourself. 

Everybody else is taken. 

Be yourself.

Listen when your heart.

Shine like a diamond, 

A beautiful, brilliant star.

Be yourself,

Greatest work of art.

∞ Peruquois 

book exploding3 wb size

Full Moon Ritual

Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 13453169
Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 13453169

Fill a chalice or wine glass with the beverage of your choice. Offer it to Sothis. Ask her to fill it with her essence. Invite Khonsu (the exorcist moon) to help you absorb it. Ask Anubis (Chiron) to open your mouth and evoke words of power infused with the essence of Sothis' love and compassion.

Join me for Dream Conception to complete the implantation of the WORD in your spirit womb. We begin with The Opening Circle, March 1, Virgo Full Moon, 6:51 PM CST / 7:51 EST.

Ready to Open the Door to Life in a New Dimension?


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Virgo Full Moon Grid
Virgo Full Moon Chart

Cited Sources

Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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Rebecka Eggers, The Dream Midwife™ is a Meditation Improv Artist; the creator of the FLARE brand storytelling method; the author of Coming Alive!: Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination; and the creator of Dream Alchemy, The Revelation Story, a Breathtakingly Beautiful Dream Realization Adventure for Advanced Seekers Who Stand Ready to Seize the Power to Shine on Purpose. She lives in the mountainous highlands of Mexico, where she uses the tools of modern communication to make all kinds of trouble for every last stagnant, soul killing enemy of your potential. Rebecka helps you bring your dreams to life. She is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, a Reiki Master, and a tax lawyer (probably weren't expecting that last part, eh?). Finally, Rebecka holds a certificate in Digital Marketing through Emeritus and Columbia University, awarded with distinction in 2017. You can support Rebecka's writing at Patreon!

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