I am She.

I am She behind the woman

I am She from the deep...

I am open to receive.

I am open to surrender...

Woman your eyes are like precious jewels

Keep them polished with the presence of Her.

∞ Peruquois & Praful

Frankly I could use some fruitful action and a grand slam victory right about now.

So, for selfish reasons, that is where I am starting this report, namely with sextiles, trines, and squares.

Honestly, the last week has felt like being up to my neck in WATER, and then WATER-FIRE, with very little air and lots of dirt). So basically mud and steam! And this upcoming new moon is no different. We are staring down the barrel of 4 planets in Pisces (mutable water - Chiron, the Sun, the Moon, and Neptune), three conjunct (all but Neptune). We will also have 3 planets in Aries (cardinal fire), 2 in Sagittarius (mutable fire), Ceres and the North Node of the Moon in Leo (fixed fire), 3 planets in Capricorn (cardinal earth), and Jupiter in Scorpio (fixed water). Only the South Node of the Moon will be in an air sign (Aquarius). Without much air to stoke the fire, we just get sludgy, mud pies and the steam of fire being drenched in water, water, water.

Oh, and Mars moves into Capricorn just after the new moon. As to that, I hate to point out the obvious, but you can't burn a bunch of dirt.

I need a nap already!

Now that I am saying that, I have some idea about what might yield the victory I am hungering to capture. Pisces is mutable (read that in-constant-flux), feminine, water and it is on a mission (albeit a variable one, so expect my interpretation to flow from here rather than take on a fixed path):

Pisces strives to move beyond personal sensitivity into higher intuition, ultimately finding emotional security through discernment of spiritual realities spurred by some type of extra-sensory perception. Its attunement to higher dimensions can lead to creative expression of ideal forms or compassionate service to the greater good. ∞ Priscilla Costello

Wait a minute. So this isn't all about you? Or me?

My immediate reaction to that is anger! It frankly hurts to feel a sense of responsibility to a greater good, a broader world that doesn't feel any sense of responsibility towards you. I have a strange feeling that these four planets in Pisces are here to shake up that dynamic. Sure. It isn't all about you. But it can't all be about the world either.

Bottom Line: You matter! Not in place of the community, but as a part of it.

I don't have any idea how this balances out. But the warrior is about to touch cardinal earth (shake-it up baby) and the Wounded Healer is cozied up to the Moon and the Sun in Pisces.

You can't burn dirt, especially not wet dirt, but maybe you can build a new clay pit for the fire?!

Either way, something's got to give. I can't prove that to you in the pattern of the stars just yet. But I feel it in my bones.

And with that, let us look at the openings in this new moon for rapid movement one way or the other: trines.

There are like a gazillion trines which we may as well go ahead and relate to their Egyptian counterparts right here and now (since that is what I do):

  • Sun (Amun-Ra) and Jupiter (Horus);
  • The Moon (Khonsu) and Jupiter (Horus);
  • Mars (Set) and Uranus (Wadjet);
  • Jupiter (Horus) and Chiron (Anubis);
  • Uranus (Wadjet) and Vesta (Meh-Urt);
  • Venus (Isis) and the North Node of the Moon (Shai); and
  • Mercury (Thoth) and the North Node of the Moon (Shai).

Jupiter is a very busy guy! He is also sitting in a sextile with Pluto.

Now Jupiter sextile Pluto, isn't exactly news at this point (as this is one of those longer reaching dynamics for 2018), but it does seem to feature extra-prominently in this new moon cycle. Incidentally, the Jupiter-Pluto sextile is the only sextile in this entire chart save a pair between Venus and Mercury on the one hand and the South Node of the Moon on the other.

This means we have very limited opportunities arising here but we also have lots of obstacles falling away to allow for immediate success or failure where these opportunities are popping up.

The one problem with this aspect is that if you are not in a position to take the opportunity, then the sextile can symbolize quite a dramatic event to create the space in your life for the new options. 

Sextiles are events but the events themselves are not important what is important is that the person needs to look behind the event and ask the question: 'What doorways are now open to me which were not before this event occurred?' These doorways are the opportunities which the Cosmos is offering. These doorways are the dynamic sextiles--energy or gift.
∞ Bernadette Brady

Interestingly, this means you have two fate-bound, karmically sourced opportunities involving Venus and Mercury and two destiny-bound trines (North Node of the Moon) with Venus and Mercury removing obstacles. All of a sudden, it feels like we are onto something here.

But damn! Action is not exactly going to lead to immediate results in this case. The Moon, the Sun, Mars, and Chiron are ALL in sesquisquares (sesquiquadrates) with the North Node suggesting action that will have a delayed effect (action for long term success).

On top of that, those same planets are in semi-squares with the South Node. So, I am inclined to consider that we may not actually be in a position to take up those karmic opportunities (though we may be longing for them with all our broken, karma-hooked hearts). They are effectively blocked no matter how much time we spend burning rubber on this opportunity because action will be ineffective. Or at the very least, the doorway that is opening is not about action on the karmic path nor is it about satiating some old hunger.

Action also will remain ineffective in the dynamic between Jupiter in Scorpio on the one hand and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn on the other.

No wonder I want to tear my hair out with the sense that everything is stalled and not in a very exciting place, but rather in a plodding place with Mercury just about to go retrograde late on March 22nd as well (just a few days after the new moon). Since Saturn is about manifestation into form and also maintaining the existing structures, I truly want to scream. No grace or forward motion coming into physical manifestation or building right now, especially not through the Jupiter-Saturn dynamic.

Now back to our one viable opportunity: Jupiter sextile Pluto.

Let's go deeper on this one!

Osiris is Pluto's Egyptian counterpart. This is a meeting of father (Osiris) and son (Horus), the old generative masculine and the newborn (relatively speaking) solar masculine with both the royal and generative power within. From here also keep in mind that Jupiter is in Scorpio and as noted in prior oracles, this is the sign of holy desire!

In this story, Osiris represents the path of death for resurrection and Horus represents the direct path of enlightenment, the eternal, solar path. Incidentally, Horus has this solar power because his mamma (Isis) won it in a showdown with Ra and then passed it to him.

I think of these two paths as reflecting two very different avenues of life experiences. For me, Osiris represents the path of healing from the soul dismemberment of trauma (because, in evolutionary astrology, Pluto is the soul). You eventually get to the wholeness by re-collecting yourself. Or more to the point, Isis in you performs the treasure hunt, re-collecting your alienated parts and then using magic to draw the insemination what is to come out of you. It then comes through her womb as Horus (victory).

Isis represents your true, authentic values at work.

She also represents your wholeness as the one who holds within her all polarities and all manifestations. So, this path is about reconstituting yourself in accordance with your eternal essence, your unchanging wholeness, which, of course, contains all the parts even if they are in fragmented form.

The path of Horus, by contrast, is the path of thriving.

There is nothing to re-collect because, from the start, wholeness was honored and potential courted to glorious expression. I am pretty sure that in our world, this is a very unusual path; a path not often open to us via our birth parents.

Nonetheless, Horus was born to avenge his father, to face the powers of destruction that broke Osiris apart in the first place, and to bring them into balance. So, the two paths are not entirely unrelated. I would say this balancing is about bringing destruction into the service of thriving versus the path of trauma (death for resurrection) in which destruction reigns over potential until the healing is done.

At this point it might be worth noting that Osiris was also immortal until he was ambushed by the sister of Isis (Nephthys), whose essence was destructive and corrosive. She was death. Osiris mistook her for his wife and made love with her. This suggests a rather intimate congress between life and death that ultimately yielded a path of enlightenment directly achieved through our wounds.

Thankfully, Osiris became the steward of a path that allows us to remember who we are and come home to ourselves.

Where would this world be without this path of mercy?

In any event, during this new moon, the two paths towards enlightenment meet in a sextile formation presenting a grand opportunity (GRAND DOORWAY) that I believe is supported by all these trines (among other things). In short, obstacles that might otherwise prevent immediate passage between the path of resurrection and the eternal path of the immortal sun (between the path of healing and the path of thriving) are falling away. In particular, you have a trine between Jupiter and Chiron that is most interesting! More on that later.

Wild as this might sound, we are not actually facing a choice here.

There are no oppositions in this chart (which would imply tension that will force a choice). I am a little blown away by that reality! I had originally called this oracle, "Which Path Will You Choose." But it seems that choice will, by the time the new moon arrives, already have been made. I believe it was inherent in the work of the prior moon cycles such that the choice is not in issue. But, that said, we can choose something in the abstract without ever undertaking a single act in furtherance of the choice thereby rendering it moot. I feel that is actually what is at issue here.

Could this be the limbo in which we now find ourselves? The sense of plodding through mud?

Or more to the point, now that I am connecting with it more deeply, the sense of being literally stalled between worlds?

There is a great deal of tension in this chart. It is all about provoking action, blocking success, eliminating obstacles.

OOOH! This is what the failed action is about. We cannot remain on the karmic path and actually get anywhere by virtue of our own choice. We are literally being forced by our own intentions to stop attempting to change the karmic path; to stop trying to bring our true values (Venus-Isis) and our highest expression (Mercury-Thoth) to bear  or to life on the karmic path.

There is no exorcism to be performed on the karmic path (Moon - Khonsu - exorcist), nor will our essence be revealed (Sun) on it, by it, or through it. The Martian warrior, has no action to take by way of challenge to surmount, cause to marry, or even destruction to sow on this path. It is finished. The only thing active on this path is a semi-sextile, which suggests that a timing issue (right time, right place) is in play.

This is the right time and this is the right place to make this shift.

Jump the track baby! The door to destiny is wide open.

In fact, there are only two quincunx (plot twists) in this chart with the most prominent being Neptune quincunx the North Node of the Moon. Now, if you think about it, this is pretty profound. Neptune is Nephthys (Nebt-Het) in Egyptian mythology. Isn't she the one who started this whole damn re-collection journey in the first place? Maybe she is not as simple in terms of a character as she seems!

Sometimes called the 'Veiled Isis," Nephthys is the great High Priestess of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Her realm is the shadow world of the hidden mysteries. Nephthys is sensual and alluring, magical and mysterious. She invites each of us into the cosmic dance with our own shadow is her voice we hear when we are called to walk empty-handed into the unknown.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Her function as death and corruption is vital to the alchemical work, for she gives life through putrefaction--her tears of sorrow are the waters of life...Yet, without Nebt-Het, without putrefaction and death, there can be no rebirth...Nebt-Het knew exactly what she was doing, she knew her power in the cycle of transformation. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

The Cauldron

The sun kissed me awake
In the birthing hours of a new dawn.
He lingered with me for a while,
In the stillness,
And then he walked with me,
Whispering shade promises of delight.

But he could not take me into the absence of light.
So, again, he kissed me tenderly.
And caressed me.
As he commended me
To the silvery threads of twilight.

I emerged into the full embrace of the moon,
And into the mysteries of woman’s work,
Always accompanied by the night.

Now I stand at the precipice,
Trembling and naked
In the cold October wind.

I have been here before,
On the edge of nothing,
Cloaked in tattered memories,
Of womanly blight.
Yes, I have been here before
To reclaim my destiny,
To proclaim my future
Ready and willing to fight.

I did not know about the journey
Into the darkness of midnight.
Yet, by grace it consumed my story
Of overwhelming plight.
Inch by inch it gently stole away the legacy
My never ending search
For the goodnight.

This isn’t like that.
This time I know what I am asking.

I am staring into the space beneath me.
My eyes are captured,
Held fast,
In the smoky glass
Like the surface of a pond.

It does not welcome me
Or beckon me to take this flight
Into the empty cauldron space,
Where in womb darkness,
My soul I will ignite.

© Rebecka Eggers 2009

This seems like a pretty good time to tell you that when I read for this new moon the causal agent of the whole scene was Atum, whose name, according to The Book of Doors, means "To Be Complete."

Wholeness is the driver of this whole star spangled delight.

Atum is the original impulse of creation behind all manifestation. He is the first form to arise from the primordial, watery chaos of nothingness. By pleasuring himself, he set the universe in motion.

Having created his own form, Atum masturbates and drinks the seed of his own ecstasy, and it is through this autoeroticism that the twins Shu and Tefnut, the parents of the gods are born. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

By virtue of this creation myth, the entirety of the universe was born from an autoerotic act of pleasure.

My, we sure veered off course after that!

I think this veering off course is why the Osiris story, with its redemptive power, ever even came into being. Like Jesus, Osiris is a path to reconciliation not so much with God, but within ourselves so that we can see and touch God, and thereby return to performing acts of creation with pleasure.

Two cards in this reading hold the energy that is available for transformation.

One is Bastet (who weaves opposites together in pleasure and watches over marriages, magical or otherwise) and the other is Kekiu who represents a container that is meant to immediately pour out its contents. Kekiu showed up in our last reading as the end of obscurity via immediate (sudden) transformation that emerges when we follow a well designed path. It seems to me we have identified that path: creating our lives with pleasure IN ALIGNMENT WITH OUR HOLY LONGING. As an aside, I dare I say this is the true meaning of all I have created in The Passion Path® over the last decade.

In the 4th (how energy was used in the past) and 5th (the type of social and emotional relationships we have) positions of the reading, respectively, we find Kematef and the Neter Neteru. Kematef is all about something that has fulfilled its time such that it is no longer necessary and something else thought gone that can now return. The Neter Neteru means wholeness, but not just wholeness within ourselves as a distinct unit of creation. The Neter Neteru is totality, unlimited possibility. Its divinatory meaning is essentially all directions, all possibilities.

I see here that what we have been doing (healing the karmic path) is no longer necessary. The moment we choose it, we can return our relationships and everything in our lives to the place of open possibility and from that point of darkness (totality) birth the light. This light functions simply to make that which is contained in the darkness of the mystery, the hidden, the obscure, VISIBLE. In this case we are talking about illuminating the path of pleasure and illuminating ourselves upon that path (making ourselves visible as adherents to pleasure as a practice, as a way of life).

Position 6, which is about transforming via conscious direction, contains the female counterpart of Kekiu, Kekiut. She is the vessel, the pregnant darkness, the void replete with light. Her divinatory meaning is, "With perseverance this light will blossom into a new perception of the world." Suddenly we will be able to perceive that which was hidden from us when we walked the path of shadows, illusions, and suffering.

Finally, in the 7th position rests Nut. The 7th card is about getting hold of karmic patterns. Nut in this position absolutely says, "Jump the tracks." Nut is energy contained in matter. But she is also "the interacting flux between action and reaction" that can instantaneously shift what looks like a solid manifestation within our lives. One of her divinatory meaning is, "An opportunity to transcend previous limitations."

I think it is time to take up all the rest of those trines to see where the obstacles are ready fall away. Then we will move on to the squares to see where action can be undertaken to return us to a life of thriving in which we create with pleasure. It may seem we have never known such a life. But I assure you it was us who left it.

The potential for pleasurable creativity has always existed in the "interactive flux between action and reaction."

One last thing about the reading before we make that turn into the trines...

After Nut, comes Apet, another manifestation of the cosmic womb. Here I see this interactive flux (which is just a way of saying, "the present moment") as the womb through which we can return to the still center over and over again, in each moment, continuously birthing pleasure and releasing suffering. In the 9th position, this great work is accomplished in Kerh and Kerhet. In them you find rest in the realization of plans. Put another way, here we can rest in the truth that our plans have, or soon will be realized. They are brought to life by the appearance of Auset (Isis) in the 10th position.

Now back to those trines. To assist you as we pick up where we left off...

  • Sun (Amun-Ra) and Jupiter (Horus);
  • The Moon (Khonsu) and Jupiter (Horus);
  • Mars (Set) and Uranus (Wadjet);
  • Jupiter (Horus) and Chiron (Anubis);
  • Uranus (Wadjet) and Vesta (Meh-Urt);
  • Venus (Isis) and the North Node of the Moon; and
  • Mercury (Thoth) and the North Node of the Moon.

The Sun, the Moon, and Chiron are all conjunct and are also all in trines with Jupiter IN THE SIGN OF OUR HOLY LONGING (as compared to our karmic longing). In the simplest terms, the wounded healer's path consists of a disconnect between who he is and who he perceives himself to be based on the information offered up by his own reflection. In short, his true reflection has been blocked by interference. In his distorted reflection, he sees not his essence, but the fragmentation created by his wounding (the wound of abandonment that left him to even birth himself).

These distortions cannot change Chiron's essence (or ours for that matter). But they determine the experiences he has by determining how he responds to what happens (how he sees, addresses, senses, responds to events).

When the Chiron, his essence, and his reflection, all undergo an exorcism (removal) of the obstacles (distortions) that have held grace and the manifestation of the holy longing at bay, the divisions between who he is and who he perceives or experiences himself to be break down.

Khonsu, the Moon, is thus also liberated from the task of constantly exorcising the effects of trauma and into his other function:

He makes the sap rise in the budding plants of spring and helps fertilization with the energies of the new moon, in this aspect he is described as the fiery bull. As the light-bearer he makes 'women fruitful, and makes the human germ to grow in his mother's womb.' ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

On the other side of this last exorcism, Chiron (Anubis) steps into his destiny as a powerful opener of the way for others. Anubis accompanies the dead on their way to Ausar, that is to say, on the path of resurrection.

It is Anubis who helps each of us through the transition time between the worlds, and most of all, it is he who opens us, renews us, and washes away the pain and suffering of our old incarnations so that we may once again be made whole. His role as a renewer of life--not just a guardian of the dead--cannot be overemphasized...Chiron orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, Sobek and Wadjet. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

In other words, he orbits between the fixation of Saturn and the lightning strike liberation brought by Uranus. That is to say, Chiron (Anubis) is alive and in his purpose within the present moment aka the hidden place aka the womb.

In Egyptian mythology, the dead pass through Amenta, which is a metaphor for our subconscious minds. In Amenta, either (1) our traumas have been implanted and are able to overcome us or (2) the patterns of thriving have been set in motion insuring our victory. In this hidden place, we meet the great serpent, Apep, the enemy of Ra and we slay him.

Apep is nothing more than the distortions! It is not that the solar path of enlightenment is free from these distortions. It is that they are faced and ultimately put down as lies. The sun god faces his enemy each night and emerges victorious each morning. Life will throw things at us along Destiny Way. But they will no longer tell us anything about who we are. We will see them for what they are, especially when they are meant to subdue our power.

On this path, we are not confused by the illusions nor are we fragmented within ourselves.

Our identity is not at stake as we face the obstacles of life.

In any event, Anubis (Chiron), once healed, becomes the key, the opener of the way who accompanies aspirants on the brave journey through which they work to jump the track (i.e., remake their consciousness, thereby entering the "interactive flux between action and reaction"). Anubis accompanies the "dead" on the journey into and out of the secret place as they learn to create with joy and pleasure, and most importantly, to face Apep with no sense of ambiguity about who they truly are.

In this place of victory, Khonsu stands ready to make our creations fertile and Atum stands with us providing the principle of self-projection whereby intentions, freed from questions of self esteem and identity, manifest.

No matter what the world throws up in the mirror, we no longer require an exorcist because we are not defined by the world's mirror or its reflection.

This brings us to the last set of trines. Mars and Vesta will still be conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius when the Moon turns black. But just hours later, they will pull apart and Mars will enter Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign of the builder. During the new moon, Mars will be in a trine with Uranus (aka Wadjet, the Great Awakening) and Uranus will be in a trine with Vesta. Recall that the Mars and the Cosmic Womb have been conjunct in the sign of Sekhmet for some time.

When Sekhmet comes to visit, it is time to take action. She is the great reconciler of the opposites...It is she who shows the way to true transformation. It is only by allowing our longing--our fiery desire for the next right thing--to surface so that we can move forward. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

The challenge with Sekhmet is always to ground the intense passion in compassion and "not seek to initiate change capriciously." As the warrior touches earth after his time with the Cosmic Womb and her fiery desire, compassion becomes the new clay pit of the fire, directing it not just with passion, but with care.

This is the great awakening!

The trines between Mars and Uranus and Uranus and Vesta suggest the obstacles to realization of our passion in the vein of compassion have been removed. Why do I say this? I will answer your question with a question: What is there to awaken into but our true, passionate, and compassionate humanity as the foundation of our power. The warrior working by the will of the Cosmic Womb is in balance and betrothed to a cause greater than himself. Compassion tempers his intense commitment; compassion is part of passion's mandate.

It is from this foundation that I now turn towards the centers of action held within the squares.

Be yourself.

Don't try to impress. 

Baby there isn't anybody else quite like you. 

Don't try to imitate. 

Universe doesn't make mistakes.

Authenticity is the only way you live your life freely.

Be yourself. 

Everybody else is taken. 

Be yourself.

Listen when your heart.

Shine like a diamond, 

A beautiful, brilliant star.

Be yourself,

Greatest work of art.

∞ Peruquois 

book exploding3 wb size

The following points of tension are pregnant with the action that will bring through our choice to "jump the tracks":

The Sun (Amun-Ra) square Mars (Set);
The Moon (Khonsu) square Mars (Set);
Mars (Set) square Chiron (Anubis);
Chiron (Anubis) square Vesta (Meh-Urt);
The Sun (Amun-Ra) square Vesta (Meh-Urt); and
Venus (Isis) square Saturn (Sobek).

In case you haven't noticed, almost all these squares pertain to the lingering conjunction between Mars and Vesta.

The words I hear are: BRING IT THROUGH!

This reminds me of the Egyptian identity of Pisces as Sothis. She is the unconditional love of the Divine.

The energy that comes to us from Sothis is incredibly pure and loving; it is the love of the great Divine Mother herself...The higher expression of the sign of Pisces, and the pure manifestation of the beautiful goddess Sothis, is that of compassionate detachment. Sothis does not do anything to change the course of events in our lives. All she does is love us. By the pure force of love, all is changed. When we know we are held and loved by the Divine Feminine--no matter who we are, no matter what we have done--everything changes. We feel supported, sustained, and nurtured by that love and can find our own strength to change the course of our lives. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

This is the means by which Chiron (Anubis) leaves the path of transforming the karmic pain of his abandonment identity and begins to live as the key, one of the Openers of the Way. This unconditional love of Sothis is the Divine identity that must be assumed by Mars (Set) before and as he moves into Capricorn, the sign of the builder and before any action involving grace (ease of movement) is allowed to achieve manifestation into form. That semisquare between Jupitar and Saturn is in place precisely, as pointed out in the last Dreamer's Oracle, to prevent us from bringing things too easily into form while we face this life altering shift; while we integrate the identity born of this unconditional love.

Like I have said for years, no point in possessing the magic if your consciousness is mired in wounds. You will just manifest misery.

The ultimate exorcism here is of the wounded identity. The identity rooted in unconditional love is being seeded and grounded.

This leaves just one more square, namely the one between Venus and Saturn. Interestingly, Saturn is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith. I very distinctly see that the conjunctions in this chart are points where energies have come together to support us in jumping the track, to support the actions we are to take. So, what we have here is a collision between our true values and the structures in which we live.

Since "Capricorn represents the laws and rules that give form to society" it seems that this collision point is about revising the rules of the game in our individual lives and within our global community. I think we would do well to ask ourselves how those rules will differ when unconditional Divine love has (1) enabled both our passion and our compassion and (2) unleashed our true identities.

Meanwhile, the conjunctions...

Saturn and Lilith have been meeting up in conjunctions pretty regularly of late. Today I am inclined to ask about this from the angle of that square between Venus and Saturn.

How can a meeting between Lilith and Saturn be transformed by the true values born of unconditional Divine love?

Lilith, once mature, after her journey of healing, reflects the work of having cut away the layers that obscure her true nature. In this way, she is released from exile and redeemed.

What a lovely image! Venus is effecting an infusion of true values into a gorgeous union between the patriarchal structures and the womanhood it wounded. I can see Bastet (one of the primary drivers of transformation from the reading) there protecting this holy communion!

Venus is in the sign of Aries, cardinal fire. Does this signal a new beginning via which the structures of our lives can be brought into accord with our true identities? Incidentally, the only other quincunx is between Ceres and Lilith. Ceres is retrograde. I am imagining an integration of Lilith back into her true identity, that of the sacred feminine reflected in Ceres (Renenet, in Egypt, the goddess of the harvest - a fertile feminine archetype).

Here are some other points of energy that are weaving themselves together to support our transition.

Mercury (Thoth) and Venus (Isis);
Mars (Set) and Saturn (Sobek); and
Lilith and Mars (Set).

So the structures represented by Saturn are being directly hit by the Mars-Vesta conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius. The challenge to integrate passion and compassion represented in Sagittarius (Sekhmet), is touching more than our consciousness. It has a direct line into the structures and rules of our lives through the Mars-Saturn conjunction. Likewise, it is touching Lilith's transformation as well.

Finally, Thoth and Venus are together and once again challenge us to bring our consciousness and our words into holy alignment with our true identities. In the sign of Aries, this alignment could set off a firestorm of change for us.

Which brings us back to where we started...

What of being in service to a great community that doesn't necessarily feel a responsibility to us in return?

We can't do much without permission. We must be empowered with true authority, not just codependent "responsibility." Anubis cannot open the way or accompany an unwilling traveler. These mysteries, and therefore, our accompaniment must be opened with a commitment.

The first commitment is ours: to bring it through.

The second commitment belongs to those who hunger for more. Action is required. Covenants must be made. The structures and rules of our own commitment must reflect this truth:

There can be no genuine responsibility without empowerment.

But it was impossible for Chiron (Anubis) to both hold fast to the identity of the abandoned one and see this simple truth:

We cannot achieve our way to someone else showing up for themselves.

Set a fire down in my soul that I can't contain, that I can't control.
I want more of you God.
There's no place I would rather be,
No place I would rather be,
No place I would rather be,
Here in your love.
Here in your love.
∞ Brooke Vandervoort

New Moon Ritual - Same As the Full Moon - Keep Drinking!

Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 13453169
Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 13453169

Fill a chalice or wine glass with the beverage of your choice. Offer it to Sothis. Ask her to fill it with her essence. Invite Khonsu (the exorcist moon) to help you absorb it. And this time, to fertilize your potential.

Ask Anubis (Chiron) to open your mouth and evoke words of power infused with the essence of Sothis' love and compassion. Keep in mind that an open mouth is about more than words. It is about the fullness of our expression.

Out of the wounds of abandonment and rejection came this highly evolved being...

In our charts Chiron represents the point at which our wounds can become our gifts... 

...Chiron orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, Sobek and Wadjet...

In Egyptian myths, Anubis was said to be the primary practitioner of the ritual of the Opening of the Mouth. Traditionally, this ritual is believed to have involved either opening the mouth of the mummy so that the dead could have access to their senses in the afterlife, or opening the mount of a statue so that it could become animate and experience the energy of life. As has been revealed to Star Wolf, this practice is also part of a tantric ritual in which kundalini energy flows into the fifth chakra, the Mouth of the Goddess, and then down into the womb, as well as the opening of the yoni to the energy of creation...

...When the energy of Sobek has become so powerful in our life that we are finally dying to an old aspect of being, it is Anubis who opens the way to Wadjet, who gives us the energy of our new life. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Ready to Open the Door to Life in a New Dimension?


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Pisces New Moon Wheel
Pisces New Moon Grid

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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