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Let's start with what not to do! Or more to the point, what will NOT bear fruit.

There are 6 semisquares in this full moon chart, which implies lots of frustrated action. So, let's not waste our time on anything to do with the dynamics implicated.

First up: Mars (Set) semisquare Jupiter (Horus).

Now, in Egyptian mythology, you just about can't talk about Set without noting that Horus was born to wipe the floor with his ass. So, let's start there!

Jupiter, as we have discussed many times over the last few months, is sitting in the sign of Scorpio (read that as this year is hot for transformation) and right now is also retrograde. That means Horus is coming together with Set in a pattern of frustrated action while he and Mercury (Thoth) are both retrograde. Oh, and Mars is sitting in the sign of Capricorn, likely kicking up a bit of dust. Rest assured, whatever this blocked-action dynamic is, I won't be touching it with a ten foot pole.

So, let's figure this out!

Did I mention Mars is conjunct Saturn (Sobek)? Oh, and how about the fact that Jupiter (Horus) is also semisquare Saturn?

This is marvelously interesting. Sobek is yet another manifestation of Set really.

What the heck is this double no-action dynamic between the Set/Sobek conjunction and Jupiter/Horus.

Notice I am procrastinating a little here? Trying to buy some time on even looking at this. Consider taking a cue from that. Combustible, and yet frustratingly fixed, doesn't even begin to describe this meet-up. But what else can we learn from this?

I note that Mars is doing the blocking on Jupiter and Jupiter is doing the blocking on Saturn.

As Set, Mars is all about tumult and chaos.

He is the god of the storms and the desert and a figure often feared for his anger and fierceness...Within our psyche, Set represents two aspects: how we manifest through action and the shadow--the unloved, unacknowledged aspect of self...he reflects our darkest, most primitive urge toward aggression and domination. Yet he is also more complex, and in this complexity, he speaks to us of the proper use of anger and aggression in our psyche.

Set holds the archetype of the Sacred Warrior. Great damage was done to this archetype during five thousand years of domination by patriarchy. While certainly the aggressive actions of the patriarchy have done harm to the feminine, the essential integrity of the Sacred Warrior has suffered dramatically as well...

In indigenous culture, it is the warrior who guards the perimeter around his village.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Set provides the means by which each of us may examine the expression of anger, aggression, and creative action in our lives. He invites us into a personal exploration of the right use of anger in our personality. He also describes how we use phallic energy in our lives. How do we manifest that which we value, and how doe we protect ourselves from that which we do not want? ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer 

Storm, Stormy Daniels, storm in Capricorn...I am just going to leave that sitting right there with a brief reminder of an earlier post where Saturn gave Lilith a download of war strategy. You might just want to go back and find that post! I wasn't kidding! For your amusement, here is the exact quote:

Be still in this regard while the Wise Old Man gives Lilith the war strategy and she gives a jolt of wild feminine erotic power to the systems in which we are living. Shhh. Don't even discuss this one. Just let it be. This is an Isis-Nephthys opportunity playing out (sextile Neptune and Black Moon Lilith). The beard-job, joy-killing patriarchy is in for a bit of a rough ride in the best possible terms. ∞ Taste the Riches

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

As Sobek, Saturn is all about stodginess on the one hand and wisdom on the other. He resists change. Also, like Mars, he evokes the theme of anger.

Sobek is ultimately a warrior. A warrior needs access to his anger. He must pull up from deep within a force that allows him to strike a killing blow...The dance of Sobek and Horus within our charts--the interplay of Saturn and Jupiter--tells us where we are in the eternal process of shamanic death and rebirth. We will die many times in this lifetime. If we don't allow ourselves to open to these eternal forces, if we remain stuck in our Saturnian fear of change, our spirit will die much sooner than our body.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Just like Set is all about out of control rage, Sobek is anger that stands its ground with fierce determination and those two dynamics have merged. It is also resistance that won't easily give way to progress until Sobek matures ultimately becoming the wise old warrior king.

Now we have some bones on which to hang the meat of this moment: The part of us that holds our aggression is standing against our expansive, graceful, progressive action (Horus) in a stalemate. But likewise, the active, expansive, progressive part of us is holding off stagnation (raging resistance). So, this is not a total dead zone it is just not likely to produce much outward movement, which makes total sense.

In short, the progression we seek is not going to best be brought about through aggressive, direct, outwardly turned action nor through resistance. In fact, grace and expansion are turned inward right now via Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio.

Which reminds me...Hot for transformation is just about right!

Remember that Scorpio is Bast and she represents our holy longing, our holy desire. But interestingly, Scorpio is always about other people's something or other. So, our holy desire is not purely individual nor is this inward turning element of grace entirely about us. It is coming into play in direct relation to our desire regarding other people's...Or maybe our desire regarding the Divine?

Bast promises us rebirth into another form. Her sensual, seductive nature awakens within us our longing. She lures us toward death--encouraging us to let go and release our resistance, our fears, and our reluctance--anything we are holding on to that prevents us from entering the portal between worlds. Our reward is ecstasy, union with the Divine, and birth into an new way of being. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Recall that, at the new moon, I noted the powerful support we had to jump the tracks between fate and destiny?

Well, guess where we find a couple of other semisquares...

Smack in line with the South Node of the Moon aka fate.

Let's see what not to do with fate! What will be a waste of time...

Just like last report, we have two destiny-bound (North Node of the Moon) trines involving Mercury and the Sun and two fate-bound opportunities (sextiles) between Mercury, the Sun, and the South Node of the Moon.

We also have two more semisquares: Vesta and Chiron semisquare the South Node of the Moon. Likewise, Vesta and Chiron are in sesquisquares with the North Node of the Moon. Chiron is literally square Vesta. This means whatever action Chiron is provoking in terms of Vesta will have delayed, but effective outcomes in terms of destiny and a null outcome with regards to fate.

I note that the North Node is in Leo as is Ceres, and Ceres has finally gone direct conjunct the North Node. This conjunction between Ceres (Renenet - the harvest principle of the Egyptian pantheon) will be exact towards the end of April just before the Scorpio full moon.

In the midst of this, Jupiter is still sextile Pluto and moving closer and closer to an exact sextile (which is coming up on the 14th of April just a couple of days before the new moon in Aries).

In short, we are still jumping the tracks, as in the metamorphosis is in process.

And we are still being supported by a dynamic that will not let us seed the wounded aspects of ourselves into the cosmic womb (Vesta). Chiron is provoking something in the cosmic womb alright! But this time the pursuit of our karmic hunger to belong, to fit in, to be ensconced in community (even sick community) at all costs, is BLOCKED.

In Egyptian mythology, Chiron is Anubis and in his mature element, he is the pivot point at which we emerge from our wounds of rejection and abandonment as highly evolved beings who naturally balance (i) the fixation of Saturn (Sobek) and (ii) the destructive qualities of Uranus (Wadjet, The Great Awakener, who removes the blockages to the free flow of the kundalini, life force energy).

With Ceres going direct and moving closer and closer to an exact conjunction with destiny, it is pretty clear we will use this newly acquired equilibrium between creation and destruction, between fixation and dissolution, between Horus and Set, to harvest a new destiny.

What will that destiny look like?

I am inclined to start with those trines between Mercury and the Sun on the one hand and Destiny on the other. I note that Mercury and the Sun will even be conjunct bringing our communications and our essence together in a very supportive formation.

But first. Two more places where action is frustrated!

Uranus is semisquare Neptune. Likewise Venus is semisquare Neptune.

Well now, that is an unnatural, or shall I say, provocative, disorienting state of affairs. Uranus usually brings through the change directed by the Neptunian realms of our consciousness. Likewise, Venus is our visible values (Isis) and our magic deployed, while Neptune represents the dark mysteries. Neptune is Nephthys (the veiled Isis). Isis is fertility and abundance. Nephthys is corruption and barrenness. But at a more refined level, in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Nephthys is really just the hidden, the mysterious, the keeper of the soul's path.

What the hell is being frustrated here?

More to the point, how can the Great Awakener be blocking the source of the Great Awakening?

I have utterly lost my bearings. So, I am returning to Chiron who is presently in the sign of Pisces, as is Neptune/Nephthys herself. Pisces is, of course, ruled by Neptune.

There is a Great Awakening coming, but not via direct Uranian action. Rather, its only point of entry is via Chiron?

We are definitely onto something now!

Neptune is in a trine with Vesta.

If we consider what this means from the vantage point of the womb's power to determine what she seeds, we have Vesta under the favorable influence of the soul path's keeper, and we have Chiron, likewise under that influence, in a square with Vesta.

The cosmic womb is insisting on bearing, literally birthing, in my view, the pivot point, the equilibrium of Chiron I already described.

And I can prove it!

Chiron is moving out of Pisces after a bazzilion years under her deep, mysterious influence. Okay, it only felt like a bazzilion years. It was actually only 8 (with a brief period in Aquarius during the first year). Chiron went into Pisces in April 2010 (which is incidentally right after yours truly made the first pilgrimage to Chiapas). And where exactly is Chiron going? Right smack into Aries, where it will stay (minus a temporary return to Pisces this September) until 2026.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Aries is Khepera.

Khepera was a symbol of resurrection and the new beginning brought by the dawning of each day. His name is translated as 'to become' or 'to develop.' Held within his archetypal symbolism is the undiluted potential of all possibilities...As the influences from the planets and other celestial objects emanate toward Earth, it is Khepera who determines how much of a particular emanation we are ready to receive. It is he who determines how strong or subtle the effects of these emanations--or transits--will be...When Khepera emanates through a planet in the chart, the Spiritual Warrior nature of that individual is activated.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer 

As Anubis moves into the sign of Khepera, it looks like we are going to get a brief taste of the forward striking sacred warriorship the resurrected Chiron is moving into, before we are yanked back to the mysteries of Pisces, who, in Egyptian mythology, is Sothis, the unconditional divine love emanating through Nephthys and Isis alike. Mix your love potion for a divine rendezvous between Chiron and Sothis starting in mid-September, just before Jupiter moves into Sagittarius.

As I look at this dynamic, I see Chiron emerging from Pisces and into a path of full development along a new trajectory of thriving wellness.

Oh, and prepare for a exorcism of fate (karma) as the Moon will be in a Trine with the South Node of the Moon. In Egyptian mythology, the Moon is Khonsu. All obstacles to Khonsu's healing power are being removed. At this moment, I feel compelled to say that it isn't our hunger for connection that we are losing in this moment. It is our hunger to connect through our karmic wounds of abandonment. This truly distorted expression of our natural drive to connect is being cleansed!

With a sextile between the Moon and Destiny, I also note this line from my last report:

Khonsu, the Moon, is thus also liberated from the task of constantly exorcising the effects of trauma and into his other function:

He makes the sap rise in the budding plants of spring and helps fertilization with the energies of the new moon, in this aspect he is described as the fiery bull. As the light-bearer he makes 'women fruitful, and makes the human germ to grow in his mother's womb.' ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

Remember, Vesta, the Cosmic Womb is conjunct the North Node of the Moon. We have an opportunity here to invite Khonsu's influence to support us as we birth destiny and as we bring the once wounded, abandoned, rejected part of ourselves through as Spiritual Warriors and leaders. Part of being fruitful is birth, not just conception; it is completion of the task, not just its inception. Spirit didn't get us knocked up with purpose and dreams to drop us in the 9th month!

This is our time!

But unlike the new moon chart (where there were no current decisions to be made), there are choices to be made in this chart!

Let's take a look at those trines I mentioned earlier and then turn to decision points, and the theme for this report, PROVOCATION. What actions are being provoked by this divine mission to birth a rich, fertile, abundant, destiny?

For as many actions as will be fruitless, there are even more action dynamics that will bear fruit. So buckle up baby, this is going to be a long report.

So, Mercury (Thoth), the Sun, and Destiny...

The obstacles fall!

That is the title for this next section of this report.

Let me just throw in there a trine between the Sun and Ceres. Well, and a couple more noteworthy bastions of rapid movement: Uranus and Venus are in trines with...drum roll please...


I wish I had a whole other day to unpack this. But I don't. So, down and dirty...


Thoth describes how effectively we function as a channel to Spirit. Thoth represents the quality of communication illuminated by a larger perspective. He reminds us that--through the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the perspective we carry--we create our reality. The communication that Thoth describes is inspired by the touch of the Divine. When we speak with the wisdom of Thoth, we are able to break through constrictions of our ego into larger understanding. When we remember through the energy of Thoth, we are able to see everything that has happened with new eyes. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer 

Wiping brow! Gave my communication capacity to Thoth several reports ago.

Message: Speak DESTINY WORDS. The obstacles have been removed on this. Our speech is free for full manifestation of their dedication to Thoth (and to birthing our destinies through words). Remember, in the beginning was the WORD...

Sun: Essence and ego.

The obstacles to shining destiny and the richness of the harvest (Ceres) through our true faces have fallen. We can, not only express these things, we can be them. Ego follows essence.

The trines between Venus and Uranus on the one hand and Vesta on the other is just low hanging fruit. The Great Awakener is at work in the womb quickening lightening fast transformation just as Khonsu is bringing destiny to fruitfulness. Chiron is being utterly transformed in uterus.

One more trine: Sun-Lilith.

First thing that comes to mind: It's Lilith's time to shine. Watch the hell out of Stormy Daniels!

Now to decide!

The two most prominent decisions in this chart are in the oppositions between the Moon and the Sun and the Moon and Mercury. Not only is this an exorcism of what we do not want to shine through, it is the seeding of how we wish to show up and what we wish to express. In past reports, I have looked very heavily at exorcisms when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition (like every month). But each time this configuration shows up, it is also a chance to make fertile, to make fruitful, as already noted, in inception, and as we bring things to fruition.

Interestingly, Khonsu is also associated with communion, with the ingestion of the Divine body. We can literally decide to sup on the Divine, to consume the generative power of the Sun, the fertilizing power of the Moon, and the tongue of Thoth.

Khonsu as the Moon opens our heart so we can feel the compassion and love that connects us to the Divine. He helps us to commune with--to consume--the divine energy of love that ultimately heals all hurts. It is Khonsu who stands as our protector as we stand open. As the god of right timing, it is he who teaches us how to hold the boundaries between that which is healthy to receive and that which will cause us harm. In this function, he is the warrior and is an aspect of our male pole. He teaches us how not to give ourselves away in a fashion that drains us of our life force energy. As such, he is the god who heals codependency. He utilizes our primary inheritance from our animal nature--our feelings. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

And here we come back to that rage and back to Mars and Saturn, which incidentally, is where we find 6 of 9 squares.

Can you believe that?

But real quick...the other decision point = Ceres and Lilith in opposition.

Fool, don't you give away your abundance. Take it to the hinterlands and wait if you have to?!

I just channeled that or something!

Sun, Moon, Mercury, square Mars and Saturn.

This is the weirdest chart ever. Horus is in a tussle with Mars and Saturn showing that our expansion and our rage-filled boundaries do not go together for successful action. So, what in the tarnation is this action we are supposed to be taking? If it isn't about expansion, what is it?

All I can see is a great draw back into a seed pod and a massive bursting forth anew.

The other squares are Venus (Isis) square Ceres (Renenet) and Venus (Isis) square Lilith (the part of us that refuses to lie beneath in subjugation at all cost). Well, and let's don't forget Chiron square Vesta.

Instead of expressing our rage outwardly or resisting what is, we can draw back into the enclosures, the firm boundaries Khonsu represents, to sup on the Divine. And then we can burst forth in a new manifestation, fixing into form Divine will all in right timing, harvesting according to our true values. Our exile into the hinterlands of these boundaries is not forever.

It is for a season of reconciliation with Divine purpose.

Where we have gone astray in the wounded aspect of Chiron, we can now be made new, and with new perspective, consciousness, expressions, manifestations...come forth again and harvest what has been stored up for us. But Spirit wishes to be sure we understand not to squander our riches, not to cast our pearl before Swine.

But more to the point, Spirit wishes to see that we understand. We are Divine treasure, gold in Spirit's eyes. The boundaries are not ours. They are set by Grace pushing in through our rage to form our ultimate protection from the inside out.

The day we know who we truly are and can stand in that truth unwavering, we will prove to be Spirit's...

...Grandest Provocation.

I see treasure raining down from heaven!

Because finally I am not praying for riches. I am praying as riches. I am talking to the ONE who made me in all the myriad, rich, manifold expressions.

And Stormy Daniels is about to get really rich? I couldn't help that last part.

I see that she is every woman who has learned not to ever squander her riches again and to hold the truth of her value sacrosanct. I wonder if that is what Lilith and Saturn were huddling about?

Or maybe we never truly forgot who we are, but like Sleeping Beauty, pricked our fingers on a dangerous point?

Either way, the Holy Whore is back in the Huluppu Tree, her boundaries, as ever, clear and unwavering.

We finally asked her to come home. And our invitation is all she needed to hear. It was her...

...Grandest Provocation.

Oh, I almost forgot.

This full moon is in Libra and the Sun is in Aries.

Libra is Ma'at, cosmic justice. She balances the opposites.

Whenever we are torn within ourselves by seemingly conflicting urges--represented in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by the eternal struggle between Sobek (Saturn) and Horus (Jupiter)--it is Ma'at who represents the point of balance...Aries opposite to Libra, describes the desire to exist as an individual; Libra expresses the desire to exist in relationship...Libra represents the 'I/Thou' exchange between two whole and complete individuals. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Ma'at and the exorcist/be fruitful and multiply guy have teamed up here.

With that, I rest my case.

I am sure I should stop and figure out what Venus is Taurus adds to this mix, but it's my birthday and I have spent this whole day in prayer and translation. I am sure the meaning will come to me, but really, I suspect it is just about pleasure, joy, and love come home to rest. And so, in honor of Isis and Hathor, I bid you a fond farewell so I can say hello to dinner and a bottle of wine. I believe Venus would approve.

Good evening!

Ready to Open the Door to Life in a New Dimension?


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Libra Blue Moon Chart
Libra Blue Moon

Cited Sources

Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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