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© amoklv, Deposit Photos Image Number 54894999

What the hell are those? Goat horns? Ram horns? Who can tell!?

And that is about how this New Moon feels to me. We have a four-planet stellium in Aries and a four-planet stellium in Capricorn. If you can't tell whether to plant your feet or burn some shit down that just proves that you are paying attention!

Speaking of paying attention...

There are some people in your life who haven't bothered to consider what you have been saying for ALL THESE YEARS. You have talked until you are blue in the face. You have tried everything to be seen, heard, considered by these people and...ZIP...NADA...NOTHING EVER CHANGES. It's like having a conversation with a brick wall.

It hurts like hell. It is confusing to no end because they DO SO MUCH to support you in some ways and sabotage you in the ways that matter most to you. As a result, you are up to your eyeballs in inner conflict over this. Part of you can't stand the thought of letting go. This part of you wants to sustain what is no matter what. The other part of you wants to hurl fire bombs at the whole scene. Neither has the whole picture. End result: You have no idea how to move forward in your life because these are not people on the periphery. They have squirmed in deep and they are snuggling you tight.

So, let me save you some time in the conflict zone!

Diagnosis: Lack of Shared Vision and Values.

You don't want the same things they want. Perhaps more importantly, you don't care about the same things they care about.

They may "love" you. They may need you. They may satisfy your own hunger to be wanted and needed. But you guys are no more sharing a collective dream than the red bull is going to suddenly give you some milk next Tuesday.

Which brings me to the entry point for this new moon.

Mercury (communication) is semisquare Venus (true values and soul longing). In short, there ain't no point in passing out a PowerPoint on your deepest desires or shouting them from the rooftop for that matter. No one can hear you. No point in painting a vivid, verbal picture of your vision either. No one is listening.

They've got their easy listening tuned to Radio-ME.

This doesn't make these characters bad. It makes them bad for you and your dream. Someone else will want what they want. It is practically guaranteed (as much as your heart may burn at the thought you are not the end-all-be-all).

Perhaps most importantly, someone will want what YOU want (because they are not the end-all-be-all either).

So let go!

Now, moving right along...If it doesn't matter whether your talk is cheap or your words are gold-plated, then what is left on the table?

I am pretty sure it is ACTION.

My first clue? Venus is in a trine with Mars.

Venus is also opposing Jupiter who is still retrograde and still in Scorpio. This is incidentally, one of only two oppositions in the chart. So, there aren't many decisions on the horizon making these two aspects take on real weight as they become focal points in our analysis.

Well, and our girl is also in a trine with Pluto, so we will also get to that.

Why all the focus on Venus?

She recently moved into her home sign of Taurus, which makes me want to go a bit deeper with her before we consider what must be decided and what these trines are opening up.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Venus is Isis.

Her animal form is the hawk that soars high in the sky and can see the smallest details on the surface of the Earth. Isis uses her laser vision to see to the heart of the matter; she sees the truth in every person and in every situation. She pierces through all denial and illuminates the soul's longing...She holds the vision of who we are and who we are meant to be and calls us toward our higher self. In her we find the courage to walk our soul's path...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Isis challenges us to align our actions with our values...Isis represents the true strength of the feminine--to stand in vulnerability...How willing are we to change--to open to a shamanic death--in order to receive love? ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Well now we have gone and done it. We have put love on the table, which makes for an interesting soup considering that Venus (Isis) is in Taurus and Taurus is Hathor and Hathor is all about love and pleasure.

Did it ever occur to you that so-called love without pleasure isn't really love at all? It might be duty. It might be convenient. It might be common. But none of that makes it real. Anyhow...

Hathor is about the embodiment of those values and soul longings contained in Isis, including our desire to be loved.

Taurus is about embodiment. In Taurus the 'desire to be' expressed in Aries, is grounded in a body and attuned to the senses. It is a sensual sign, glorifying the body and its inherent beauty and sensitivity...She...represents the life force that animates our bodies. This force is the source of all creativity, be it the act of procreation or creative acts that flow from our heart. In Hathor, we find the duality of Planet Earth resolved by love. She is the goddess of opposites...This is love that moves beyond blame, beyond projection, beyond duality and polarity. This is love that finds the balance of the extremes in the center, and the center is located in the heart...When Hathor emanates through a particular neter, that neter is suffused with her absolute and sensual love for all that is in form on Earth...It is Hathor who can lead us towards healthy self-love...She reconciles the extremes within us, the balance point of the reconciliation being the heart. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Well that went deep fast.

Let's see what happens when the obstacles come down between love and pleasure that honors our soul longings and integrates our extremes on the one hand and Mars on the other.

Could it be that the obstacles normally standing between love and war have fallen to the wayside under the great integrating function of pleasure? Might love and aggression come together in service of our soul longings?

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mars is Set.

Set is the great Warrior King of shamanic Egypt. His association in the myths and stories of ancient Egypt is with tumult and chaos. He is the god of the storms and the desert and a figure often feared for his fierce anger and fierceness...he reflects our darkest, most primitive urge toward aggression and domination. Yet he is also more complex, and in this complexity, he speaks to us of anger and aggression in our psyche. Set holds the archetype of the Sacred Warrior...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Set provides the means by which each of us may examine the expression of anger, aggression, and creative action in our lives. He invites us to a personal exploration of the right use of anger in our personality. He also describes how we use phallic energy in our lives. How do we manifest that which we value, and how do we protect ourselves from that which we do not want?
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Here we have the chance to dance with anger and aggression as the embodiment of self-love, pleasure, and true values (soul longings), which, incidentally is the gateway to really loving others.

What happens to anger when hands enamored with the sensual pleasure of life wield it?

What does the Sacred Warrior do when pleasure principles govern his actions and when shared values and shared vision really matter to us as the foundation of collective dreams?

Pleasure Principles: True-north principles emanating from the ultimate Pleasure Principle that apply all the time, in all places and which are rooted in soul desires and pleasure.

The Ultimate Pleasure Principle: Divinity.

Now, perhaps those decision points will give us some clues about how to move forward through the rest of this chart. In the meantime, it suddenly doesn't feel so much like a choice between hurling the fire of destruction on the one hand and sustaining what is at all cost on the other. Suddenly, that fiery Aries energy seems like it just might be about starting something new and bringing it through. I don't know about you, but I feel a visceral sense of relief.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Venus is opposing Jupiter and Ceres in Leo is opposing the South Node of the Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Ceres is also conjunct the North Node of the Moon.

Venus first! Did I just make a new Pleasure Principle? Or recognize one that has been there all along? Give that some thought.

I think of Jupiter, who corresponds to Horus, as grace and expansion as well as the next generation. Isis (true values and holy longing) is his mother. Hathor (holy longing embodied) is his lover. Horus is also always naturally opposing Set as their relationship is one of intense conflict between two forces that both want power, one through unchecked aggression tied to the past and one through rightful inheritance and lineage. Horus is the future empowered by Source.

The creative grace of Horus and the unchecked aggression of Set balance one another. Don't look at me that way. That's how the mythology is written!

I still don't know what this decision is. But I do note that the sextile between Jupiter and Pluto is going to be EXACT and that Venus will also be in a trine with Pluto as previously mentioned. Well shoot, Pluto is starting to look pretty important in all of this! Mars will be conjunct Pluto and the Moon and the Sun will also be square Pluto who is going to be sitting in the sign of Capricorn. In evolutionary astrology, Pluto is the soul. Ditto Shamanic Egyptian Astrology in which he is Osiris.

Let's start with that trine between Venus (Isis) and Pluto (Osiris). In Egyptian mythology, Isis conceives Horus when she brings the parts of Osiris dismembered and dispersed by Set back together. Her magic overcomes the obstacle inherent in the fact that she couldn't find his penis. Then, once the god of generation, he becomes the god of death and of the resurrection in the Duat (underworld), separated from his wife by form, function, and positioning. Come the New Moon, these obstacles will stand down (via the trine) right at the moment when jumping the tracks between the fateful, karmic loop and the destiny line is a spot on golden opportunity.

Could this mean that a resurrection has occurred?

Some of us have been down in the Duat doing the dance of death for resurrection a long time now. You know, maybe about as long as Chiron has been in Pisces (but bracket that for now), maybe since birth! Anyhow, the way this building momentum comes together for you on Sunday at 8:57 CDT somewhat depends on where you are in your own personal story of death, reclamation, and resurrection.

Have you done this work or are you just beginning? If you have done it, take note that you have finally become the risen one and you are coming up top now (into a world you can't even recognize). You will finally come into a very favorable relationship with your true soul longings at last.

If, by contrast, you are just beginning this journey, you might be entering the magic moment of recollecting and reanimating the missing pieces. Either way, whether you are about to enter the liminal space of the Duat or coming out of a long INward reconstruction of self, your soul longings are running the show (especially when it doesn't feel like it).

Now for those of us who are rising...

Jupiter will be in an exact sextile with Pluto. It is almost like he's shouting: "All aboard the Grace Train." The fact that Jupiter is retrograde makes this all the more powerful. You have the chance now to fully integrate GRACE into your soul. The opportunity is arriving with some thrust behind it, if you know what I mean.

Mars is, as I mentioned, going to be conjunct Pluto. I see this conjunction as the ultimate joining of two other contrary principles: Osiris with the brother who dismembered him in the first place. But really, this is not so shocking. Just as Nephthys is the dark side of Isis, Set and Osiris may be opposite principles. But they are not really separate. For that reason, this strikes me as the moment when we realize that the destructive forces that broke our soul apart in the first instance were as in touch with our destiny and deepest soul longings as anything else.

These are not the same forces that served as perpetrators in our lives! These are the forces in our psyche that, when faced with trauma, preserved us through disintegration. Set is a disintegrating archetype. But, I will say, that some of us arrived on this planet TO ENGAGE the shit because in our presence, with our understanding, the patterns will be broken; are being broken; were broken yesterday. If you are one of the Way Showers, your anguish has been the fodder for your destiny. You can now let the pain and the problems go. You are ready to move into showing the way from within a new reality rather than as someone working with the patterns of trauma.

In any case, at the moment of the resurrection, death and life are revealed as complimentary forces as are disintegration and integration.

This speaks to the heart of the decision really. As Venus opposes Jupiter we are called to decide on GRACE (and expansion)...Grace in letting go (disintegration), Grace in coming together (integration), and most importantly, Grace in moving forward. Just because we are rising does not mean there is nothing left to release and nothing left to integrate. On the contrary. New life must be integrated and that which pertains to the old must be released.

With Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn, (along with Vesta and Saturn also conjunct in Capricorn), I am feeling the need to go deeper with this builder's energy.

Capricorn represents not only the ever-changing structure of society but also...the fearful resistance to change that can be a mark of the patriarchy. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Well, and Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn as well. This brings Sobek (as Saturn) into this dynamic hardcore.

But before we go straight down that path, let's stop and consider who Capricorn is in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer propose that Capricorn is Khnum. I think that is a fair assessment, though I also see the great architect, Sesheta, at work (even if she is more of a cosmic principle).

Khnum is a creator god, who creates the bodies of all living things. He is portrayed as a human man with the head of a ram, his huge horns spiraling outward from his head. Khnum is a potter who shapes the bodies of all earthlings upon his wheel. The ancient Egyptians believed that Khnum kept the body of the king healthy, as he continually repaired and reinvented the human body of the king...In the sumbolism of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Khnum continually creates new forms so that we might have the means to proceed with our earthly tasks after each process of transformation and change. As we move through each death/rebirth it is Khnum who weaves the new DNA into our ka body so we can integrate and open to the demands of the change that is occurring--not only within us but upon our planet...He loves us and gently molds our bodies so that we can withstand the new energies that Khepera has determined we can now hold and sustain. It is Khnum who reinvents and repairs our bodies as our heart is renewed...Without the support of Khnum, we cannot do our work here on Earth.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer (emphasis added)

In terms of Sesheta, you might say that she is the architect of our work here on earth. She is the cosmic principle that stands as the genesis, the author of our true soul longings.

This brings up the question I first posed in my year end Dreamer's Oracle, The Alchemical Builder: What will we build and what is Sesheta building.

At the time, I concluded that the answer to both is pretty much the same:


Jumping the tracks between a life built on karmic loops and a life built on destiny doesn't come pre-packaged and neither do we as the intrepid explorers hell bent on not just approaching the threshold, but entering, overtaking, and building a spectacular, alternate domain right smack in the middle of this new terrain.

This makes Saturn conjunct Vesta all that much more relevant and thereby implicates two trines and two squares as well. The Moon and the Sun are, of course, conjunct in the sign of Aries, square Pluto and in trines with Vesta.

With that, let us once again, review Saturn's role as Sobek (another, more ancient, expression of Set).

According to the Book of Doors, Sobek is "He Who Reunites" and also "To Make Pregnant Again."

He was thought to unite the elements separated by Seth and to restore life to the elements dispersed by death. It may be that his powers of bringing together the separate parts was a reflection of Neith, the weaver-goddess who was his mother. In the Book of the Dead, he helped in the rebirth of Heru and he assisted the dead by giving them sight, by opening the doors of heaven and leading them along the treacherous byways so they, like Heru may be born into new life. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

In the Book of Doors, one of Sobek's divinatory meanings is "material power." To make this new world a reality, we are going to need some of that!

Consider that Sobek will, at the moment of the New Moon, be conjunct Vesta, the cosmic womb. Could it be that Sobek is the power Isis called upon with her magic in order to become pregnant with Heru in the first place? Is Heru merely Osiris about to be born into the next generation? Is her womb the Duat in which the cobbled together, dead Osiris fully reconstitutes himself and then rises as Heru? Heru is Horus is Jupiter in case you are losing track.

Let's consider this in light of the Moon and Sun, in Aries, square Pluto. Recall that the Moon is Khonsu (as explained in previous oracles). Khonsu is the exorcist. But he is also that which makes the women fruitful. Fruitful means more than conception! Just like Sobek means more than the early stages of pregnancy. He refers to the moment when Grace is born as well. So, I am guessing Vesta (Meh-Urt) conjunct Saturn (Sobek) isn't about insemination (at least not in the traditional sense). It is about fruition. We are in the birth canal between worlds! Khonsu is provoking Osiris to rise and shine as Horus, the next generation, the expansion. This is supported by Chiron's soon-to-occur move into Aries.

This is a really interesting scenario for a New Moon, which is normally about seeding or about the dark space of brand new possibilities. This strikes me as the first labor pangs in a birth that will come to fruition over time, perhaps by the next Full Moon (in Scorpio, April 30th). It also seems relevantly connected to this line from the Virgo New Moon report:

Conceive yourself, whole, free of your trauma mask, reunited, at peace within yourself.

You could re-write this as "conceive of yourself" because the cosmic womb is not the place of physical births necessarily. It is the subconscious brain. If you can get this idea into your cerebellum and your thalamus, you can also get it into your life via the choices your logical brain makes. If you can inseminate your mind with this new idea, your rebirth will not be into another karmic loop of reckoning and reclamation.

Now, what about the Sun also conjunct Pluto, insisting on action? The Sun is Amun-Ra.

The great god Amun-Ra is the creator who shines forth his illuminating life-giving force upon the Earth and all its creatures. He represents all that we are in our present manifestation and all we have not yet become.  He is both a description of us as we are and the potential of who we may be. He is the center of our being, the source of our power, and the shining light we cast upon the world around us. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

The Sun is provoking Pluto to become, to rise, to shine as everything the soul can be in this moment, as the soul's longing embodied.

This provocation is supported by the Sun and the Moon both in trines with Vesta in the sign of Aries. Finally there is movement. Finally we are in labor. Finally we are being called to fruitfulness and to shining.

But there is still one decision to be made! Ceres is conjunct the North Node (in Leo), in opposition with the South Node (in Aquarius). So, destiny and the harvest are one. The wheel is turning into the energy of the harvest. But what about this decision concerning fate?

Fate and karma contain our longing. What longing have we tried really hard to forget? What hunger have we tried really hard to ignore? Think of a collective desire - one that must be fulfilled in relationship because Aquarius is not the sign of the individual, but of the individual in the context of the collective.

Can this longing become part of the harvest? Is there a destiny expression of this old hunger?

Chiron square Vesta makes me think there is! But why?

The fact that I can't yet tell you coincides with my urgent need to now turn towards the fact that the Sun, the Moon, and Uranus will all be conjunct in Aries. Plus Mercury will be sitting there as well, though not in the conjunction.

Oh, and remember how Uranus, which usually brings through the will of the higher realms was sitting in a semi-square with Neptune last report. Well, ditto this one. So, where, pray tell, is the will of the higher realms coming through and what does it mean for this report that action (by us) spurred via the Neptune-Uranus dynamic is as likely to fall flat as a day-old, open bottle of Coke.

Hmmm. Through the trine between Jupiter and Neptune and via the sextile between Mars and Neptune is my guess - the two warriors are getting orders from the realm of the Pleasure Principle on opportunities to pursue and openings for fulfillment.

So, what is up with Uranus snuggled up to the Sun and the Moon (who are both square Pluto)?

Lightening strike in utero? A sudden jolt of transformation in the birth canal?

I can buy that! But what is it?

Let's think about the plot twist in this chart: Saturn quincunx Ceres.

This suggests structural change, like we are getting new bones on the eve of birth. Or the structure of the harvest, wealth, riches, abundance...are being revised?

Saturn brings in the DNA shift of the Potter (Khnum). We are being restructured here. The nature of the harvest is being shifted. Ceres is in Leo. Leo is Anubis the Shaman King (a more advanced iteration of Chiron-Anubis).

Just as is common in the Christian tradition where reversals of order often occur, Leo carries this energy of upside down hierarchies in the Egyptian pantheon. Further, destiny in the sign of Leo is suggesting to me, at least, that the collaborative dreams (shared purpose and vision) we want to open up in the collective must come alive in the individual first. Anyhow, Anubis is the "illegitimate" son of Nephthys and Osiris, the product of their destructive union, and as such, he cannot claim the throne under normal circumstances.

Yet if we probe deeper in the mysteries, we find that it is Anubis who holds the key to our evolution into who it is that we have come here to be, for Anubis is the Wounded Shaman. He who was abandoned finds his way to a place of great power and trust. [But] Anubis was never truly abandoned--his wounding was part of a great design. Leo, opposite from the ultimate sign of the collective, Aquarius, is the sign of the individual, whole and complete unto him or herself...The challenge Anubis presents to us in his form as Chiron is to recognize that these wounds are the fodder for our lives--they are what it is that we need to chew on...In his association with the sign of Leo, Anubis describes our path. Rather than ascending to the Divine, we must bring the Divine to Earth...The danger--as always with the sign of Leo--is becoming caught in the cycle of wounding, descending over and over again into pain and suffering, feeling unacknowledged and unrecognized without any ability to take meaning from the experience. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Plant those brain seeds baby!

If I join Uranus with Khonsu and consider that we are not exorcising anything, but rather are calling something into fruitfulness, Uranus is awakening, quickening a harvest that is not according to the expectations we held when we entered into this bargain in the first place. If something is to be exorcised, it is our expectations! What we imagined when we were preparing for the descent is not quite what we are about to bring through. Our old longing is still here. But it is being transformed into something that matches a new level so we can avoid the karmic loop of simply doing this old dance one more (or 1,000 more) times.

Honestly, how could we have conceived of the magic that is truly afoot here?

From the heart of our suffering, we might have glimpsed it. But we could not have fully imagined it.

But there is one who knows! As mate to the cosmic architect, Sesheta, we find Thoth (aka Mercury). Perhaps his presence in the sign of Aries (Khepera) can tell us something.

When Khepera emanates through a planet in a chart, the Spiritual Warrior nature of that individual is activated...Individuals with Khepera emanating through several neteru are particularly attuned to the process of continually reinventing themselves...When Khepera emanates through transiting neteru, new energy blossoms upon the earth and within the psyches of individuals touched by this energy. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

With Khepera emanating through the sign of language and consciousness, I sense a reinvention of our psyches and their expression through our words - word seeds. Rather than effecting an outward expression, I sense this shift is an inner revision of our thoughts and of our subconscious minds where the seeds of manifestation are laid down in the darkest hour of our dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul can simply a place where very little is visible or known, by the way.

Before we can be born anew, our minds must make a shift! This makes total sense with Thoth conjunct Chiron and Chiron about to move into Aries. We must not be born out of these many years in the womb of Pisces and into the realm of Aries with something left to prove, with the wounds of our "abandonment" still dictating our expression. We need a new name that matches this new realm. We are in luck! Sesheta names everything. She is the one with the word seed and our minds are Khepera's mound of earth. Once she passes the name to us, in the heart of the darkest hour, we must, with the help of the Potter (Khnum) plant it.

In this darkest time the seed of new life is buried in the sand of Sokar and it is in this respect that Sokar is identified with Ptah who is also in the form of a mummified god. Ptah-Sokar unites the primeval creative power with the inert powers of darkness, and joined together with Ausar he becomes the 'triune god of the resurrection.' ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

In other words, Uranus (the Great Awakener, Wadjet) must do her work in utero!

This awakening work and the accompanying upgrade of the structures, the bones of our lives...will determine into which world we are born, into which realm we are reincarnated. Will we spend another decade striking deals in hell, or will we rise into purpose and into the fulfillment of our soul longings?

How much pleasure can we hold?!

The nature of the shift is contained in this quote:

The third and final face of Aries swims with images of radiant Queens, divine bards and skillful craftsmen. It provides a glimpse not of divine strength or sovereignty, but of creativity and glory. To create is indeed a royal power, for what is the point of dominion if not to shape the space one resides within?

Creative power can be emanated directly through the performance of song, dance and speech. Yet we can also see it made permanent in craft. Crafts glow with the radiance of their creators, while the performer embodies it. The mother of fire dwells here, she who incubates the animating and transforming flame within matter, and gives birth to it dance and song.
Austin Coppock

Of course, we must leave behind our sense of ourselves as needlessly abandoned and we must conceive of ourselves as creators free from the effects of trauma so that we can finally become the sovereigns and artists who shape the space in which we reside. In other words...

Chiron the Creator must be born!

We cannot allow any more of this outworn dynamic: wounded healer trying to overcome abandonment in tireless service to the community (whose members cannot see or hear him anyway).

Who has time for that!?

With that, I ask you: Are Anubis and Horus so different after all? One was born of the light side of Isis and one was born of the dark mysteries held in her sister. But, as we know, Isis and Nephthys are not separate. How in the world do you think Osiris mistook one for the other? At long last he had the courage to face his wife's dark mysteries and to be launched into his true destiny by that which he had not looked upon before? That could be like a PhD level dissertation, so I will just leave the idea hanging.

In any event, it is only through Chiron's wound, Anubis' exclusion from the throne, that Horus can truly be made king. What can we know of expansion if we have never met contraction? What can we know of Grace, if we have never fallen apart?

Perhaps everything if we are born into a world made of Grace. But that was not our original state. Can Grace be our path now?

I am a tiny bit torn about where to look next. But I am going to dance with the one who brung me and that means continuing to examine Thoth's role in all of this. He is sesquisquare Jupiter suggesting action with delayed results and he is square Saturn suggesting immediate action via this polarity.

Let's look more deeply at Thoth here:

The great god Thoth is the Sacred Scribe of Shamanic Egypt. He represents communication in its highest expression, that of illumination. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, he represents the process by which Spirit speaks through us and the words we say, the ideas we express, the memories we hold, the understanding we carry--all are inspired by our connection to the Divine...Thoth describes how effectively we function as a channel for Spirit. Thoth represents the quality of communication illuminated by a larger perspective. He reminds us that--through the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the perspective we carry--we create our reality. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

I would say that we create from our reality via these things. In short, the opportunities we perceive and take up within a particular option-set are determined by what we think, believe, say, and see; by who we believe we are and in which world we believe we reside.

This gives me two ideas about the sesquisquare with Jupiter retrograde. First off, let Grace cascade back through every memory we hold, recasting each one through the lens of Grace (which if done properly, will take some time to fully manifest). Let Grace overtake our consciousness and show us things in our own stories we never understood, at least not from this angle. Speak blessings over our lives. Let this process remake our identities.

Sometimes all the Devil has to do to win is get us thinking of ourselves as losers, abandoned at the craps table of life. Ya feel me?!

Now, back to those central disagreements we discussed at the outset. Suddenly the deep release of necessity is coming through. By proclaiming rich opportunities to find exactly what we want (and for our dance partners to do the same), and with the revisionist hand of Grace at work in our consciousness, something new is opening up.

Maybe we do share a collaborative dream! We just can't agree on the means of achieving it. Each of us is set in our own fixed ideas about what the vision looks like, where, when, how, and with whom it can be realized. We think we know sooo much. Look again at all these conflict zones. Find the collaborative dream. Start working on defining that in an inclusive manner. Revise your VISION. I mean, come on, Capricorn has goat horns in Western Astrology, but in Egyptian Astrology, Khnum has ram horns - same sign, different kind of horns, still good for poking stuff. Maybe it isn't either-or. Maybe it is both-and.

Behold Both!

Which, of course, is where Jupiter square Saturn is such an opportunity! The tension between fixation and expansion has got to break one way or the other. Choose the harvest of what you actually want: to share a collaborative dream with the people you love and with the people on whom you depend for that matter. Don't get all high and mighty on me. We all NEED.

You want pleasure in your relationships. Let go of your fixed perspective and consider how you might, with a tiny tweak to your approach, and a tiny bend towards an expansive inclusive mindset, actually have, as in right now, what you want, like a bird in your hand. If that is the case, there is no need to go hunting again in the bush dear. Imagine all the free time you might wind up with if you just allowed yourself to have without delay.

Also imagine what life could be like if you didn't have to keep detonating pyrotechnics and running for your life.

You might settle in and get some shit done.

Well, and speaking of running...

We have one more prominent visitor to consider: Black Moon Lilith.

Vesta is conjunct our whore in self proclaimed exile. What the heck is that about?

I'll tell you what?! Vesta and Lilith are finally reunited.

The Virgin's womb, whose power comes from her autonomy, her self contained power, her self determined will to create, was lost to myths of purity and she was enslaved to the whims of man. The Whore's womb, with its hunger for shared pleasure and collaborative dreaming, was lost to the patriarchy's intention to hold her in its preferred position - not in collaboration, but in subjugations. She has spent aeons in exile, refused the one thing she wants most: shared pleasure and joyful, sensual co-creation. The Virgin was turned against the Whore and vice versa. Well, these two sisters are back together, the rift has been healed. With our power to be self-contained joined to our power to co-create, we might just wind up building a life of shared purpose, birthing vision after vision together.

Chiron square Lilith is practically screaming for her to come along on this release of the past. With nothing left to prove, Chiron the Creator might just hook-up with our ladies in red and white and makes some gold.

To that end, Uranus, the Sun, and the Moon are all in trines with Lilith AND Vesta.

It's bound to be a fruitful time. A good time can finally be had by all.

And with that, we have reached the end of this Dreamer's Oracle. May it find you tight-lipped and busy revising your consciousness and conceiving OF yourself and your life anew. Your head is threatening to crown in one hell of an orgasmic reincarnation of YOU. The arduous work of becoming is done now, with just a few nips and tucks to make sure we have what we need and nothing extra.

As Austin Coppock put it:

Soon, by the time the next New Moon arrives, Uranus will have moved into Taurus and begun plowing the fields to sow a new 7-year round.

Together Sun, Moon and Uranus fertilize an Orphic egg. Developing, coalescing, concretizing in latent darkness — the egg is a seed, an infectious alchemical stone. Once hatched or sprouted, it will mutate the world around it and gives birth to a new pattern of reality. The moment of emergence is a glorious one, for out of the Orphic egg emerges first-born, all encompassing and brilliant Eros. In Orphism, quite literally the first light. This is a time for hatching new creations. ∞ Austin Coppock

And that ought to tell you what we are going to be building in this next round: Pleasure by Principles.

Its an ending and a new beginning. For all these years of Chiron in Pisces, we have been remaking and rebirthing ourselves free, liberated, as blank but fertile ground. In this next round, we will be planting and tending the seeds of Eros in and all around us. Get your plow ready. It's just about time to break ground on the heart fields of that new world we keep talking about.

Will everyone make it across the scarlet rubicon?

Some are just beginning the journey. But others of us are arriving now as the first fruits of a Scarlet Evolution.

You are the unadulterated, raw, ripe, delectable first fruit of a Scarlet Evolution.

Behind you flows a burgundy river.

Desire is washing across the land.

In the days to come, you will walk with your head held high and your back straight.

You will eat crops nourished beneath a sanguine sky.

Yours will be an immense life filled with the extravagance of love and delight.

Whether or not you can see it, I know.

Your soul is swathed in the rich, red velvet robes of luxury.

∞ Rebecka Eggers, A Love Letter to the Scarlet Women Whose Spirits Refuse to Break

Ready to Open the Door to Life in a New Dimension?


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Aries New Moon Chart 2018
Aries New Moon Wheel 2018

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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