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Scorpio Full Moon: Destiny’s Pleasure Child

Deposit Photos # 111129230, Copyright: OlgaOsa
Deposit Photos # 111129230, Copyright: OlgaOsa

True love obliterates everything that is not aligned with the Pleasure Principles.

This love is not soft like spun silk in your hands. Nor is it tolerant.

Tolerance is about putting up with things. True love will have no more of that.

During this upcoming full moon, Venus has very few aspects. She will be in the sign of Gemini sesquisquare Mars and Pluto. So, there is some action she is provoking in the present moment of this Full Moon that will bring something to fruition in the future. This makes sense because she will be in the sign of Gemini. In Egyptian mythology, Gemini is associated with Akeru (the Sphynx).

Standing between the past and the future, he [Akeru] represents the eternal present, a symbol of the alchemical transformation which produces the substance that can turn all matter into gold, and which liberates the spirit from its earthly body. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

This suggests to me the flux of energy that is always present as we choose how to move into the future: via the same methods and means we used in the past or in a new way.

Venus (Isis), who represents our true values, expressing through Gemini, suggests that what we choose to do in this present moment has great significance for the future and that the consequences are going to be far reaching, not just delayed. As I typed that, I also briefly glimpsed a backward reaching significance like time is going to collapse and a revision will move up and down the continuum through past and present. The whole ancestral line is implicated?

As I contemplate this dynamic, two words come to mind for these sesquisquares:




Venus is bringing the warrior to bear on the soul's business. This is not the broken-hearted, fragmented soul of the abandoned and abused child. This is wholeness baptized in the fire of love insisting on concomitant action, precise action, ruthless action.

Destiny's Pleasure Child is about to be brought to fruitfulness and we can't have anymore tomfoolery in this house.

I will back this up with Mars tightly conjunct Pluto after a full rendezvous on the 24th. In this chart, the warrior is so tightly conjunct the soul that barely a whisker's width of distance separates them. In fact, as I write, as I touch this dynamic, an eery, expectant silence hangs dramatically over this day like a pregnant pause. You could hear a pin drop reverberate for 1,000 miles. That kind of silence precedes death. And, as far as I am concerned, it is welcome to arrive with its sickle in hand. It will demand to know what you are willing to sacrifice in the name of this child.

Your answer had better be: everything and anything that sows discord in the midst of your soul plans.

Now, of course, Pluto (Osiris) is going to be retrograde during this Full Moon, which might have you asking how this could possibly be about birth. I will only ask you this: What else might symbolize the reincarnation of the resurrected soul, reconstituted and refined by the journey through the Duat?

I understand that it goes against convention because we like to think of retrograde planets as regressive. But what if it is a repossession? A time to possess life anew?

If you look deeply at the Egyptian mythology, you will see that it makes perfect sense. Mars is Set. In relation to Osiris (Pluto - the Soul) he serves dual functions: to break apart and to reconstitute. So, perhaps if you have not yet had your time in the Duat, you are meeting him again as a disassembly of self. But it is very possible to see this moment as the fullness of coming together and re-emerging. Either way, Set and his henchmen work for your true purpose if they are at work in your life at all.

In any case, from here on out, it is my purpose to consider the reincarnation path and in that regard, I see our rebirth as massive force breaking the crust of the earth, not so much a calm arrival as a violent (though not necessarily painful) bursting through.

Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith suggests that this repossession will unleash a warpath into this stillness and it won't likely leave much unchanged. Consider that a warpath can simply be a path that is very clearcut, very tightly woven together with purpose. This is what love and war working in unison, entrained to soul, produce.

Uranus in ARIES square Lilith suggests that "had enough" is highly likely to play out with a vengeance. Had enough exclusion, had enough exile, had enough interference, had enough domination, had enough wailing in the night, had enough unfruitful, one-sided compromise, had enough of other people's expectations, had enough time in the hinterlands over other people's fucked up expectations...

Chiron sextile Lilith (as she is provoked by the Great Awakener and conjunct the Great Warrior) suggests one hell of an opportunity for our newly minted creator, as well. Perhaps a moment to prove his mettle as new wine poured into the new wineskins of Aries?

But what is in this sextile for the LADY?

Interestingly, Lilith represents the once rebellious banshee unwilling to submit and Chiron represents the once abandoned, anguished, wounded healer with his tireless commitment to indifferent others.

Running to the edges of society because your selfhood is not respected is no less effective in the long run than all that simpering submission.

If we think of these two as being past their fateful tracks and making headway on Destiny Road, we can imagine Lilith at home in the garden, reclaiming her place, no longer in resistance, but sure-footed in the journey and surely looking for a new dynamic. In short, she isn't going to come back and suddenly take the penis laying flat on her back, at least not every time. What? Sometimes vanilla is nice! When it's a choice!

We can also, similarly, envision Chiron possessed of all his creative power and liberated from the compulsion to care. I am imagining him happily mixing concoctions and conjuring tomorrow's joy FOR HIMSELF and for the willing, for the desirous, for those who can see his power. But he no longer cares if you can't.

Chiron is doing a new thing!

That said, all this heat and aggressive energy aside for a moment, I think we had better hold up and consider what we might do now (in this space between) that will come from outside the usual patterns and prescriptions for our behavior so that we can set up a future that looks radically different from our past and so that we are not mesmerized by a deadly nostalgia for a past that wasn't nearly as interesting or satisfying as we imagine it to have been. Hell, it might have just been familiar, resonant to who we were yesterday and not very will associated with tomorrow.

With all that in mind, what is the shared opportunity between Chiron and Lilith?

Up until now, I haven't really been clear about Lilith's relationship to Egyptian mythology. But it felt really important to know. So, in the absence of any other information, I used divination. The answer was stunning. It brought me to tears. Lilith is Hathor in exile, un-embodied, lost to us and estranged from her own natural physicality.

Chiron, of course, is Anubis. When he is not busy trying to redeem his place in society as the wounded healer, he becomes the Key, the Opener of the Way. He can open the way for our pleasure, our joy, our fertility to come home and to be fully embodied. He has the power to do it!

What else in this chart supports this shift?

I note that as I pose the question, it feels utterly impossible. The garden is invested with aiders and abetters in patriarchy's death march. All the reasons Lilith went into exile have multiplied a 1,000 fold.

It was so comparatively easy to imagine the soul jumping the tracks from karma to destiny when we were talking about Chiron, a masculine figure. But the idea that pleasure could exist in feminine form feels remote, impractical, dangerous...

Yet, having touched this potentiality, I can't lay the query down. By faith alone, I will march into this line of thought!

Having no idea where else to turn, I look now to the Saturnian plot twist that is unfolding as I write.

In this regard, we have Saturn quincunx the North Node (Destiny) and Ceres (the Harvest). They remain in a tight conjunction (almost zero degrees spot on). There is a plot twist afoot here that is playing out in the structures of our lives. It will affect both our path of destiny and our harvest. This is serious, or maybe I should say, significant, business and it is playing with the energy of cardinal earth in the sign of Capricorn.

This is a dirt initiative! Which does not support fast, impetuous action.

But it does support embodiment! Or the mercurial  beginnings of it anyhow.

We have Lilith, Mars, Vesta, Saturn, and Pluto all in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is all about construction and deconstruction. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology:

When planets emanate through Khnum, both individuals and societies are challenged to allow new forms to be created and expressed...Anytime a planet moves into Capricorn, Khnum is being called forth to create a new form through which new energies can be integrated and ultimately expressed. It is the elder god Khnum who provides the container through which transformation and change can be activated here on Earth. ∞ Linda Star Wolf & Ruby Falconer

Okay, so major shifts are coming via this stellium in Capricorn.

The aim is to bring our pleasure back from exile and into the structures of our lives, into the very heart of our bones, manifest in the flesh.

There is definitely a container for this transformation through Khnum's energy. We are being held in the process. This is grounded change, or rather change that must be grounded in action that is calculated and consolidated. But no doubt about it. This change has legs! This dog will hunt so to speak. In that regard, we can, nay, we must relax and stop to think about what will release (once and for all) the lingering effects of the patterns we have been stuck in and what will bring through a world in which Destiny's Pleasure Child can flourish:

Innocent, Free, Unfettered, and Most of All, Revered.

So let's start someplace simple or at least relatively quiet! Let's look at the one choice being presented in this chart via the Full Moon itself. The Moon is coming into a conjunction with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio. The Sun is standing alone in the sign of Taurus (not in any conjunction, though it has other powerful aspects, mostly squares).

As we covered last week, Taurus is Hathor and she is pleasure and love embodied, Lilith returned happily to her Huluppu Tree, or perhaps never evicted. So let's consider the Sun in this light.

The great god Amun-Ra is the creator who shines forth his illuminating life-giving force upon Earth and all its creatures. He is the power of our illuminated soul shining through our personality. He represents all that we are in our present manifestation and all we are yet to become.  He is both a description of us as we are and the potential of who we may be. He is the center of our being, the source of our power, and the shining light we cast upon the world around us...Amun-Ra is a synthesis of two gods...Amun was known as the Hidden One...In their fusion, Amun-Ra is a dual god, representing both solar power at its zenith during the day and the absence of the Sun during the night.∞ Linda Star Wolf & Ruby Falconer

There is a hidden aspect of us, a night shade, a potential still coming to fruition. A dark Lilith seeking full reintegration and keeping company with the Key? I said last week that the arduous work of becoming was complete. But now that I am reflecting upon this, I see that the arduous work of becoming ready is complete. Now we are touching upon the first wobbly moments of a new work in becoming. One step at a time, we must come fully alive, fully into fruitfulness in a new dimension.

I can't tell you why yet, but I feel certain that this suggests a shift in our attention. It is as if we are being told to take our warrior's focus off of wrongs that need to be set right, off of all pathways to revenge, and for sure off of taking care of others in ways they should be taking care of themselves.

In short, we are to focus with a vengeance (but not in revenge) on this new apple of our eye.

We have only one aim: break through to pleasurable ground and possess it.

Let the rubble of where we have been crumble to dust. We must not look back or to and fro. We must set our sights with will upon the destination. All that has existed in the old dimension is finished unless we keep staring at it, fixating on it. In that case, we can make it the next iteration simply by engaging it.

Aha! I've got it! Mercury is square Saturn.

This is consciousness and the power of voice evoking shifts in the structures.

Where we put our focus, our thoughts, our attention, will come to manifestation. What we say matters.

Saturn conjunct Vesta, the Cosmic Womb seems to support this interpretation. Interestingly, while Saturn and Jupiter have broken out of the semisquare formation that made expansion and manifestation hard, they share no aspects in this upcoming Full Moon. Of equal interest is the action blocking semisquare that is holding back the influence of Jupiter upon the Womb and her eager passenger until May 8th when that block is removed. Hmmm. All I see when I imagine this is the cervix opening to permit the passage in due time.

With that in mind, let us consider the Moon in Scorpio moving into and out of a brief conjunction with Jupiter retrograde.

In prior reports, we have explored Khonsu (the Moon) as both the exorcist and that which brings things to fruitfulness. But he is also connected to the warrior.

Khonsu is the guardian of the gateway of access to our bodies. In this regard, Khonsu holds the energy of a warrior forming a line of protection against invasion, allowing admission only to that which we wish to receive. ∞ Linda Star Wolf & Ruby Falconer

The Moon conjunct Jupiter (retrograde) in this capacity suggests the integration of grace into the protective mechanisms of the body. Suddenly grace, expansion, newness determines what gets in and what must remain apart. The Moon will also be in a sextile with Saturn. This suggests the opportunity to make this shift permanent. Beyond that, the Moon sextile Saturn also suggests an opportunity to create a new immune system not just within, but in the outward manifestations of our lives. This is a way for the grace of Jupiter to find its way into those structures even absent a direct aspect between Jupiter and Saturn.

A trine with Neptune suggests the removal of obstacles, an opening between the Moon in its conjunction with Jupiter and the dark, mysterious realms of consciousness as well. Perhaps the presence or absence of graceful consciousness in these dark realms is of paramount importance. This idea is supported by Jupiter in its own trine with Neptune.

Could it be that there is a chance to shift the way our unconscious minds filter what is to be fostered in our lives and what is to be left to the side?

In what ways are we seeing the wrong things simply by virtue of what is in our minds? And therefore including and excluding the wrong things simply by misunderstanding?

At this point, I am VERY curious about areas where action can't be fruitful because this will inform which movements we can make with grace and which will just amount to the pounding of our heads against an impenetrable wall. It may also tell us where we are seeing things through rose-colored or soot-covered glasses.

There are three semi-squares in this chart. Uranus is still in a semi-square with Neptune. Jupiter is almost exactly semi-square Vesta. Finally, Neptune is semi-square Lilith. Interestingly, there are two openings for Neptune in this chart and two places that appear closed off, at least in terms of action. Jupiter and the Moon are both (as already mentioned) in trines with Neptune.

So, let's pause for just a moment and really consider Neptune. She is the opposite of fertile. She is the barren womb. Where Isis is the solar goddess, she is the lunar mother of Anubis. She represents dissolution.

There is our first clue! Uranus is not carrying the action of dissolution, but rather, by virtue of her lingering trine with Vesta is still transforming something in utero. Vesta, as the Cosmic Womb, is about bringing something through, bringing something into manifestation. There are changes happening to the manifestation in the liminal space of the Great Mother's womb, of our own wombs. So, whatever death is after in this chart, it is not after it via the tower-like powers of Uranus. It also, apparently hasn't anything to do with Lilith.

So, what is death up to in the stillness and the awkward, penetrating silence of this moment?

To better understand what is being dissolved, let's consider the trines between Neptune on the one hand, and Jupiter and the Moon, on the other.

I feel compelled to be with Neptune, to listen to her more deeply as she touches upon these two powerful netters.

I find that I too am coming into the stillness of this moment and into silence as I open to know her more deeply.

I am thinking now of how she lay with the soul, our beloved Osiris (Pluto), and how she consummated that union with the generative power he held. I am imagining the moment of divine orgasm when he filled her barren womb with life, dear Anubis (Chiron, the Opener of the Way), born of the unity between life and death. I am considering how she must have looked in the moonlight as the immortality shot out of him, as she ushered him into his fallen destiny, made him subject to destruction, took from him life and returned death to his loins. They say a simple garland of flowers fell from his head during their lovemaking. This is what gave him away, betrayed his newly imparted humanity to Set.

How did she manage to disguise herself as Isis, the epitome of love and light with pure magic streaming down her thighs?

Haven't you ever had one of those relationships you just can't explain? You didn't even exactly want it. You just somehow felt compelled to enter it. You saw in it a thousand perils that you could not name, but still, you could also not believe your eyes? Something came over you in that moment, something of an illusion that forced passion's hand. Bewitched, ensnared, trapped in a destiny flare, you too entered death's bed chamber. Was it for the best? Certainly it made you who you are now, didn't it?

And so it was with Osiris. He became an alive thing in a dead place. He trod the path of the Duat, not as the sun god assured his rebirth, but as a mere mortal, opening the path of death for resurrection, calling each of us to it, fashioning a way for us to remake ourselves in his image. What a grand and glorious moment of Divine provision!

With that in mind, a trine is the removal of obstacles. It opens up a path of rapid failure or success. What might it mean to tear down the barriers between life and death once more in the moment of reincarnation (as our pleasure and its principles possess us anew)?

Perhaps we find here a clue:

She also assists at the resurrection of Ausar [Osiris] and together with Auset [Isis] chants the magical words to bring the dead back to life...As with the shifting shape of the moon, so Nebt-Het [Nephthys - Neptune] is surrounded by deception and confusion, but even this has its own form of clarity--Nebt-Het knew exactly what she was doing, she new her power in the cycle of transformation. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson 

Why, if it was an illusion, not praise the catastrophe, whatever it was, that destroyed illusion and put truth in it's place?” 
∞ Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Oh mother of darkness, side by side with our mother of light and magic, sing over me as I rise.

Oh, sweet Khonsu, bring the fruit of pleasure from the marrow of my bones. Make me fruitful, exorcise everything that has made its stand against my Hathor. Let Lilith come to inhabit me, Destiny's Pleasure Child.

Jupiter, fierce Horus, lord of expansion and grace. When the moment comes, don't stand by, come inside, crack the cervix open into orgasmic plenitude. As your grace I rise.

Which, at long last, brings us to the action points of this wild, unruly chart...the remaining squares...

The Sun and the Moon are square Ceres (Renenet - the Harvest), the North Node, and the South Node. And oops, I missed a choice point: Ceres is opposing the South Node. She is also still conjunct the North Node. In fact that conjunction is almost exact bringing that Saturnian plot twist into play again!

Even though the South Node corresponds to karma, it's longing can be fulfilled through the North Node of Destiny.

In Egyptian mythology, the North Node corresponds to Shai, "Luck" or "Destiny."

Together with Meskhenet and Renenet, Shai is present at the birth chamber and at the judgment of the deceased. These three Neteru are always working together,  and they are concerned with the individual's destiny from birth to death.

Shai stands on a stairway leading up to a wheel that is in motion. This is the wheel of life, the circle of birth and death, growth and decay, with which we merge in order to have a physical existence...The seed of the individual's destiny is in the brick of Meskhenet. Shai has transformed this stone into the symbol of the wheel; he is actively and consciously working with the results of his actions from the past. Having penetrated the mystery of transmutation he now uses this knowledge to transform human consciousness.
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson 

Our longings are karmic because their unfulfilled state places us in bondage to them. They seem to have no means of expression, no path to realization. As a result, we might often wish we could wrench them from our hearts. Perhaps that we could send them into exile with our insistence that they lie beneath?

But might they have a place in destiny's wheel after all? If we could strip them of the disappointment that binds us in servitude and hunger, could they not then be called dreams? Would our pursuit of them and the changes we must make to become (in this new place) not then simply be the inner alchemy of becoming?

One of Shai's divinatory meaning is "freedom from bondage."

Let go dear one! Release your anguish. Dare to possess your hunger and to step up to the wheel. The quality and the quantity of the harvest are in your mighty hands.

Be free! Be pleased! Be at peace in the pursuit of your dreams.

Lilith has come home to you, her Huluppu Tree. Open darling. She needs a vessel. Let her in.

Then, when the way opens, rise up out of the womb, cleansed of an anguished past, prepared for the path of delight. As grace personified, rise, Destiny's Pleasure Child...

Innocent, Free, Unfettered, and Most of All, Revered.

And dare I say it aloud?


Ready to Open the Door to Life in a New Dimension?


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Scorpio Full Moon Wheel
Scorpio Full Moon Chart

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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