Sagittarius Full Moon: Every Which Way But Loose

Deposit Photos Number: 102924962 ©@mandygodbehear
Deposit Photos Number: 102924962 ©@mandygodbehear

The time for loosey goosey intentions has passed darling.

There's too much at stake to keep up the charade of nonchalance. Or to accept into your intimate space another's meager presence for that matter.

Ask me how I know. Go on...Ask me.

Oh, alright...

The Sun in Gemini dear heart.

This is a two faced situation if I ever saw one.

In Egyptian mythology, Gemini is the Sphinx, or more to the point, Akeru. In Akeru lies the setting and the rising sun in the form of two lions, one for the West and one for the East.

This of course begs some questions:

Are we rising or falling? Coming out or going in? Returning to the ways of the past or making a stand for the future?

Akeru stands as the eternal present. In him (as the dual air sign of Gemini) we find the Philosopher's Stone of the mind. In this moment, this exact moment and this one and this one...we stand as the alchemists in possession of the magic formula that can upend the essence of one thing and turn it into another.

The challenge? Aim like you mean it.

Which, of course, brings us to the star of this astrological show: the Full Moon in Sagittarius; Khonsu with a bow and arrow.

In case you have forgotten, Khonsu has two faces as well. He is the exorcist with the power to cleanse and he is the force that draws us to fruitfulness. His bag of tricks consists as much of timing issues as anything else.

Khonsu is the god of the Moon associated with healing and right timing...There are two areas associated with Khonsu. Right timing is one of them. The other revolves around consumption of energies needed for protection and the expulsion of energies associated with attack. Khonsu is the guardian of the gateway of access to our bodies. In this regard, Khonsu holds the energy of a warrior forming a line of protection against invasion, allowing admission only to that which we wish to receive...Khonsu as the Moon opens our heart so we can feel the compassion and love that connects us to the Divine. He helps us commune with--to consume--the divine energy of love that ultimately heals all hurts. It is Khonsu who stands as our protector as we stand open. As the god of right timing, it is he who teaches us how to hold the boundaries between that which it is healthy to receive and that which will cause us harm...He teaches us how not to give ourselves away in a fashion that drains us of our life force energy. As such, he is the god who heals codependency. He utilizes our primary inheritance from our animal nature--our feelings.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

And there's your base metal!

Here we encounter the power of the present moment opposing these timing issues. It is also evoking the kind of transformative boundaries that have the potential to jettison the last vestiges of codependent skullduggery. With the influence of Gemini, this could also go the other way just as easily. We could go deeper into the codependent reality with lax attention. Hence the need for powerful, clear intentions and slam-bang, right-on-target timing in terms of when we let each arrow fly.

While an opposition is inherent in any full moon chart, I think it is important to consider the concept of an opposition more deeply this go-round. It feels like the interplay between Gemini (Akeru) on the solar side and Sagittarius (Sekhmet) on the lunar side. And oh, ho, ho...we have yet to consider Sekhmet herself as the ultimate vehicle of reckoning.

The theme of an opposition is blame or learning from another's actions. This projection can run the gamut from love to hate and will be placed upon some object, person, or group which is outside of us. The key to working with opposition is to realize that the projection is coming from within and the external events are merely a mirror. 

In our stage metaphor, an actor come in and in some way challenges another actor. There is nothing subtle about it; it is the old-fashioned swashbuckling sword-fight of the movies. 

There is always choice with an opposition and this choice places you in the position of having to make a decision. You make this decision because of the actions of another or the actions of a group.
∞ Bernadette Brady

The actions of another...the other is a mirror...the actions of another...the other is a mirror.

I am turning those two ideas over in my mind looking for resolution, integration, common ground. How can it be both?

Best I can come up with...sure as shit people do things. But the way we interpret their actions matters! The lines we draw for our own pleasure matter even more.

Are we seeing what is real or are we seeing a mirage in this illusory silver light?

I think the way through this conundrum might just be to leave the question of motives and intentions entirely to the side and consider whether or not we are having the experiences we desire or not.

Which is a wonderful segue into Sekhmet.

I am pretty sure she is not a lady who sits around minding her p's and q's waiting for the world to penetrate her politeness.

She is a get up and get it kind of gal and she is directing the hand of the exorcist in this Full Moon chart.

Now, let us consider the timing issues.

Semisextiles indicate the importance of right time, right place and there will be three in play as the Moon, replete with light, takes to the sky.

The Moon will be in a semisextile with Saturn. Uranus will be in a semisextile with Chiron. Finally, Saturn will be in a semisextile with the South Node.

I can't help but notice that the mischief maker of the year, Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, is showing up as a heavy factor in terms of the timing issues we are facing.

Let's slow down and really think through this. We have Saturn, which is about structure and fixation, in a formation that is about timing WITH the timing principle itself. The South Node brings up issues of fate and karma also. But the Moon will be sextile the South Node and that suggests an opportunity. Could this be the opportunity to jettison codependent, karma-bound relating from the structures of our lives? To lend credence to this, we have Uranus, the Great Awakener, semisextile Chiron. Chiron's wounded essence is codependency! So, the recent ingress of Chiron into Aries suggests he's doing a new thing. But if we aren't careful, this part of our psyches can slip into old habits and weaponize them with the power of war. This is fully supported by Mars conjunct the South Node and opposing the North Node. If war breaks out before you even notice what is at stake, just come to your senses as fast as you can. Let destiny stand!

All of a sudden I get this image of an erect lady phallus.

Where and when the discharge of Sekhmet's erotic power occurs will make a huge difference. It could mean the difference between bringing down the infrastructure and making an agreeable, precise adjustment to how it gets used.

All that said, it seems to me that the timing issue might come down to before or after you have a good think and about whether you do your thinking in the rubble of a day gone bad or in the bright and shining possibility of infrastructure properly dedicated and redeployed to support a life you really want. Saturn is retrograde at present, which suggests re-everything (reboot, redo, redeploy, renew...).

What "a day gone bad" means is the trick! It isn't that messiness has no place in this moment or that blowing up a few worthless, worn down old buildings, metaphorically speaking, is an unacceptable strategy. It is that remaining in codependent configurations is death to the dreams you desire to fulfill. So, write yourself a liberation manifesto, fill it with the principles of healthy relating, apply the principles with gusto and determination. Then get as messy as you have to in order to break the patterns and arrive at satisfaction's doorway. That's the only ending that can support this new beginning.

Now, let me get down off my soap box and look to the stars for messages that support my preaching.

Let's be a bit orderly about this now that we are underway.

Since we are standing in the place where opposites unite and roads divide, I am anxious to look for plot twists first.

The quincunxes:

The Sun will be almost dead on quincunx Saturn.

Pluto will be quincunx Ceres.

Saturn will be quincunx the North Node.

My, my, Saturn is a busy boy!

The Gemini Sun (the present moment illuminated with the power of shining light) shifts something via Saturn which, in turn, shifts something with the North Node (Destiny).

I am going to go back to this idea of choice and decisions. We are about to make a decision (or several decisions) that will shift the structures of our lives, which will create a turn in the wheel of destiny. This is choice giving rise to structural change which is in turn driving the wheel of destiny. It can turn forward, further into destiny's track or backwards into karmic reckoning. Saturns retrograde motion tells us to be vigilant about losing ground. But ultimately, what goes back must also come forth. So, if we miss the mark, we can aim again.

Interestingly, Gemini and the Sun seem to me natural partners in Egyptian mythology because the Sun has a dual nature always, which is simply being highlighted in a more pronounced way here. Also, with the influence of Akeru, there is a pivot point in the center, the present moment mediating between the two faces of the Sun expressed as "all that we are in our present manifestation and all we have not yet become."

Amun-Ra is a synthesis of two gods. In the myths of ancient Egypt, the stories of both Amun and Ra are complex and sometimes contradictory. Amun is known as the Hidden One...Ra was of perhaps even greater importance, worshipped as the god of the Sun and also as the creator.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer 

As I typed that out, I got a sense that the patterns of codependency brought into play by Khonsu's healing hand have been the concealing factor. They have kept us from being seen in the true glory of who we are simply by keeping us stuck in the wrong questions and mired in relationships that can't possibly support destiny. They have also covered over the faces of our companions with a mirror that makes it impossible to see anything but our own reflection. It is time to break the mirror.

This makes me think that the work at hand is about refusing not just the pain of these relationship patterns, but about doing so as a revelatory act. This is a coming out party! It is a letting IN party.

Pluto (the soul, and Osiris in Egyptian mythology) quincunx Ceres (the harvest, Renenet in Egypt) is an interesting clue about what is crowning as we choose to come forth:

Our souls all decked out in the finery of a harvest...a harvest of self plucked from the obscurity of relational ways that focus on forcing what we want rather than detaching from how we get it. It's okay to let go!

You can hold tight to your desire, turning it "every which way but loose," and still let go of the idea that a square peg has to make love to a round hole.

Renenet is depicted in The Book of Doors, as a woman with two vases, like breasts, pouring out the fertility and riches. This gives me a strong clue that plenitude is the key to the release. There are a million roads that can lead to desire fulfilled and only one that can prevent you ever taking the first step towards what you really want: trying to extract it forcefully from someone or from a situation that just can't give it to you. Or won't!

The problem isn't the strings!

It's a question of where we attach them. Build bonds with your dreams and with the willing collaborators. Make sure you share a vision for a present and a future of pleasure, riches, and purpose.


Now, from the heart of this plenitude, what are the opportunities for fulfillment in this chart? How might we seize them? And what are the energies that are naturally coming together to support HAVING what we truly desire?

Three sextiles (opportunities) appear in this chart:

As already noted, the Moon is sextile the South Node.

The Sun is therefore, sextile the North Node.

And Mercury is sextile Chiron.

OOOH. Sekhmet is wielding the exorcists hand to heal the karmic longing that is arising in the South Node and she is converting it to a healthy hunger, a possibility renewed, hope revived. We can have what we desire. But the key is to let go, as already stated, of having it served on a particular platter in a particular configuration.

The Gemini Sun is asking us to step into destiny's track of freedom in every present moment. Loosen, loosen, loosen your grip on control in every moment and welcome destiny to be fulfilled in you, in your relationships.

Your destiny is love! What other destiny is there?

Mercury sextile Chiron suggests an opportunity to relinquish the last remaining wounds of abandonment stored in our consciousness and shift the deep, unconscious mind into alignment with Divine order.

And what higher order can there be than love?

Love darling.

Love with abandon. Love with understanding. Love with discernment and clarity.

But love without ceasing, first yourself, then with equal vigor, the world, the whole damn world. Let go of parsing right and wrong. Let go of holding others to the account ledger of their sins. There is no need when you have come home to yourself and then broken the mirror to arrive as true presence in the face of another.

Let love loose your tongue and also bind it to silence when your words will bear only nightmares into existence.

The Sun conjunct Mercury brings this loving, magical speech into the Full Moon and also into play regarding the North Node. There is an opportunity to unite your words to destiny and turn the wheel over and over again, deeper and deeper into the pleasure of expression.

Oh, and here comes Saturn again, conjunct Vesta. A new structure is being born (or transformed in utero) to support the new born Destiny's Pleasure Child? Remember her? From the Scorpio Full Moon? She needs a world woven of delight in which to fully realize herself. With both signs retrograde, this will be a slow emergence, one that requires patience and integration. But I can feel the forward movement with each contraction.

OOOOH...even richer. Pluto is retrograde and conjunct the Whore (Black Moon Lilith). This suggests an integration of the rich, magical, wildly erotic feminine energy of connection. What is the Whore, after all, but the vehicle of deep, sensual congress with ourselves, one another, and most importantly, the Divine? It can be terrifying to integrate her. She loves so deeply, she opens her thighs so broadly to receive. She is rich, ripe, succulent, her resplendent hips birthing pleasure without restraint. And she is misunderstood by design. So often, she takes refuge in exile. But mostly, she is seen as a threat to the orderly, button down world of patriarchy. That is because she is! She is the ultimate challenge to its cold, hard, manacles. In her unbridled presence the shackles it places on joy cannot stand, and so we bridle her. We put her away. We fear the implications of her. Yet, today, our souls are taking her in. We are receiving her as much as she is receiving us. Open darling. OPEN! She requires a vessel and you are it.

No more will she live in exile! The RED lady is in the house of the soul and you can be sure some gorgeous love is about to be made.

Now for the actions we are being provoked to take in the service of this love we are making.

Let's start with Chiron (Anubis - the Key)...

Saturn is square Chiron. Jupiter is sesquisquare Chiron. Chiron is square Vesta.

As I look at this, I see a stunning, iterative conversation between the new structures that are coming into place (or the newness that is coming into the structures) and the one they are meant to support. The structures are calling Chiron to upgrade and Chiron is, in turn, calling the structures to upgrade in a gorgeous dance of progress. The required action?


Of course, Chiron is our Destiny's Pleasure Child birthing, midwifing, coming alive in the upgrade of everything inside and out. Grace is also in this conversation, calling Destiny's Pleasure Child to rise into expansion, to go beyond the seed to the flowering and the dropping of new seed, and the flowering...until we have a universe of blossoms unfurling petal by petal in the heart of love. Plant, harvest, repeat!

Mars square Uranus brings the tension of a powerful transformation into the warrior's dynamic. Can he finally deploy as passionate, compassionate action bound in service to the highest orders of love? Maybe just one tiny act in furtherance of this orientation will evoke the lightening bolt of change that will destroy the bonds of a battle driven life.

Vesta sesquisquare Ceres suggests a harvest will also come flowing through the womb just as soon as Destiny's Pleasure Child and the surrounding structures are ready to catch its golden treasure. Not today, but soon! Jupiter square Ceres suggests the abundance will flow with ease and the harvest will be larger than we ever imagined. Such sweet largesse! Get ready. Perhaps this golden treasure will hit just as Jupiter goes direct in July. There isn't much time. Don't waste a second or let your attentions lapse.

Likewise the Sun sesquisquare Black Moon Lilith suggests the Whore will go beyond making love to the soul. She will shine unabated as she becomes all she has the potential to be.

Are your loins tingling yet? How about your heart? An orgasm that remains in the folds of the genitals will fall way short in this new world.

At this moment, I am looking at the trines. There are so many I can hardly take it in. Obstacles are falling so hard and so fast that I can't help but feel the momentum is with us. Gravity is pulling this new reality through.

Rather than me going through every single trine in great detail, I invite you to feel into this momentum, to let it penetrate your soul. We are supported!

Here is a list of openings for your consideration:

Mercury and the Sun trine Mars. To me this supports the shift in the warrior's consciousness I already called out.

Venus is trine Jupiter (retrograde). Such sweet integration of the things we truly value and graceful expansion.

Jupiter and Venus trine Neptune suggests to me that the veil is thin between the hidden realms and the expansion of our values. Maybe spend some time fine tuning your subconscious mind to anticipate and welcome the grand offering that lies before us.

The Moon trine Chiron affirms the last of the cleansing balm is being applied. But it also affirms the rise to blossoming previously referenced.

Uranus trine Vesta suggests immediate structural change coming through with Saturn conjunct Vesta. The change may need time to integrate, however. Take it one contraction at a time.

Chiron and the Moon trine the North Node can't do anything but bode well for Destiny's Pleasure Child, especially with Sekhmet at the helm of this Full Moon.

Mercury trine Black Moon Lilith suggests Divine order is influencing the mind of the Whore, moving her closer to the expression of real love, Divine love, in her bridal suite. All are welcome to imbibe this delightful cocktail of pleasure and play without all the pain of the square peg trying to penetrate the round hole.

And that's about enough of that...

Now scoot. Get on up and get it! Sekhmet will approve, no doubt about it.

Ready to Open the Door to Life in a New Dimension?


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Sag Full Moon Chart
Sag Full Moon Grid

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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