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Deposit Photos #144772839 © @ prometeus

Honey, it isn't all that complicated.

There just comes a moment when you don't have anything left to learn from using another person to parse your wounds.

Now is that time! Not in clock time, but in presence.

But don't take my word for it. Let's peer into the dark night sky and ask the silent Sun. It will soon be united with the stillness of its own reflection brought to the point of zero refraction...In other words, the New Moon is upon us!  Don't fear the darkness. Consider it a moment to stop searching in an endless mirror for the finer details of your own face. Cross over instead to touch the true face of another.

This New Moon will be in the sign of Gemini, and that is the perfect portal into this destination called "The Here and Now."

In Egyptian mythology, Gemini corresponds to Akeru.

Standing between the past and the future, he represents the eternal present, a symbol of the alchemical transformation which produces the substance that can turn all matter into gold, and which liberates the spirit from its earthly body.
∞ Athon Veggi & Alison Davidson

Now, of course, we don't want to liberate your spirit entirely because then you would be dead. But it might be nice to take a spin in a world not so fixated into patterns, and therefore, so opposed to potential.

Where shall we begin?

Oh, I know, the Moon will be conjunct Mercury, which draws into question my sense of this as a silent Sun. The Moon is, of course, conjunct the Sun bringing Mercury to bear on them both like a lover's lover necessarily has an impact on you.

So, how could this be a silent Sun if Mercury, and its Egyptian counterpart, Thoth, govern communication?

Do you not think that silence communicates volumes?

I invite you to still your tongue for just a moment and to bring your consciousness to open space. Breathe into this pregnant pause. Know it not as the place between worlds, but as a momentary reframe in a world made of new possibilities. This is the time to change your plans, refine your details, think in a new or different way, shift your focus or perspective, and best of all...


The secret ingredient?


It won't kill you to be rejected, you know! It will only make space for the eventual bliss of resonance. Speak. If you love someone, tell them. If you have desire, express it (without violating anyone's right to consent, of course). If you want it, say it. Own it. Risk losing everything for something you truly yearn to possess.

But also consider that in this moment of silence, you can unite with your own reflection, transcend it, and look again at everything around you. What good is a love that is built only on your narcissistic sense of someone else as a reflection of yourself? I guess it depends on your affinity for autoerotic fantasies.

What worth can we assign to an invitation extended to someone not in a position to accept it? Perhaps the highest value of all so long as you are willing to know, to really hear the other side of the conversation; if you are willing to invite a true answer and to not just receive a negative RSVP, but to love anyway, to allow space and time to do what your demands and your consternation never will. If you do this, you will also live in fidelity to your own dreams. You will refuse to abandon them in codependent wrangling that seeks to force another into your version of their reality.

This my dear reader is what the silence is about. The reframe, should you take it up, is about allowing the Divine order of Thoth's devoted consort, Ma'at to govern your speech and cover your heart with love so that risk and failure don't feel so much like death. Or rather that each death can also form a doorway to another risk, a deeper risk, a truer risk. In turn, risk becomes the gateway to realization.

And what is this Divine order to which I refer?

Your dream dearheart!  What other order could there be?

You jeopardize your dream every time you get lost in the curse of Narcissus searching for what you hunger to see in some half-cocked fantasy about the other as an object of your desire instead of a subject. The people you meet are the protagonists, the heroes in their own stories, with whom you may someday write astounding narratives in brilliant collaboration. Or not!

I say this not to shame you, not to put you down, or put you out, but to help you understand that nothing not truly seen can feed your dream because anything unseen is objectified, rendered an extension of you, oppressed in your presence. Dare to do this work, to work your way beyond the mirror, and you will find collaborative dreamers with whom to shape the gold of your life into the lions at the Ishtar gate of your desire, or a heart-shaped locket, or kisses that don't evaporate in the wind, but linger in the air to affirm an unshakable bond.

When you leave the mirror behind everything is possible. And nothing at all becomes just as acceptable, just as TRUE.

Plain and simple, some things are not for you to touch.

Now, the Moon and the Sun sesquisquare Mars as well as Mars opposing destiny (North Node) and conjunct karma (South Node) has suddenly made me want to sing us all a lullaby to slow us down a bit. The actions taken by the Warrior on this moonless night will have delayed impact, but they will land. So, let us pause to consider our karmic longings and our destiny yearnings together. Just breathe and be soothed. Look to see what surfaces in the arms of love.

There is nothing wrong with your karmic longings. They are just wounded destiny yearnings. Take a moment to consider this in light of Venus (true values) conjunct the North Node and opposing the South Node. A decision must be made to bring these longings through the gateway of love and into the light. They must be freed of the pain, reclaimed, and re-deployed with detachment lest the Warrior go on the rampage reaffirming what you can never have.

Oh no, not that kind of detachment where you pretend not to want what you want.

That is karmic indeed! But with the kind of detachment that imbues every desire with passion and every moment with the freedom to be what it honestly is. This detachment frees your co-tagonists (yes, I made that up) to come and go and to stay according to their own destinies.

Are you willing to undertake this radical kind of detachment?

If you are, the Sun and the Moon sesquisquare the North Node suggest your reframe will eventually get its sea legs and that you will sail into the wild blue yonder of a life you truly love, a life of dreams fulfilled and purpose unleashed.

Interestingly, the Sun and Moon semisquare destiny suggests this isn't a reframe of your dreams. This reframe is, instead, of everything that will impede having what you desire, becoming the person you were born to be, unleashing your potential...So, quit tinkering with your vision and do this deeper work of transforming karmic hunger into destiny fodder.

Speaking of destiny, there is a plot twist afoot in the womb. Venus and Vesta will be almost exactly quincunx. True values and the magic they hold are insisting on a change. Perhaps a radical change in terms of what you will seed and what you will not? We are back to the idea expressed in former reports that conception must be at the will of the womb. But what does she will?

Jupiter is retrograde and semisquare Vesta in this chart. To me this suggests a no go on both conception and birth. Destiny's Pleasure Child and the structure necessary to support her have already been born and a new world is forming. My proof (as if the shifts you are experiencing leave any doubt)? Saturn has been conjunct Vesta for some time and will pull away just after the New Moon. But more than that, three decisions are begging to be made. The Moon, the Sun, and Mercury are opposing Vesta.

If I switch gears here, the Sun is our essence. The Moon is that which makes it fruitful (and or exorcises that which cannot bear fruit). Mercury is the WORD that ultimately becomes flesh.

In Egyptian mythology, the Sun is Amon-Ra. Amon is the great unseen phallus. His erect penis belongs to the world of sex and generation. Note that this is not the time to invite his semen, but to contemplate the WORD you are next prepared to make flesh in your life. What is it's essence? How does it serve your dream? He may be standing near you. He may have unleashed a torrent of desire. Be patient darling. You will know when to take his juices in.

Uranus will be trine Vesta and Chiron will be squaring her. A lightening bolt of change, a great quickening of the womb (not its contents) is ripe! Vis a vis this quickening, Chiron is insisting on some sort of action on Vesta's part. I wonder what it could be?

He's done with the story of abandonment and exclusion, he's off the karmic path, reincarnated as Destiny's Pleasure Child. So it must have something to do with that!

Chiron, in Egyptian mythology is Anubis, the Key, and he is going to be in a trine with Destiny. OOOH, and Destiny (the North Node) will be in the sign of LEO (Leo being Anubis, the Shaman King).

Leo, opposite the ultimate sign of the collective, Aquarius, is the sign of the individual, whole and complete unto him or herself. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Destiny's Pleasure Child is whole and complete. Her future flows from this. Every action, including conception must reflect it. So, what is Chiron asking Vesta to do if not conceive or give birth?

Could it be...maybe...just maybe...

Refuse to ever carry anything that isn't about pleasure and destiny again?

Remain like a rosebud, closed tightly and waiting for the womb cargo of love, joy, pleasure, fulfillment...DESTINY?

There are many false Amons. They come in the form of womb bandits seeking incubation for their particular brand of dream destruction. Refuse them at the gate. Don't drop the cervix until a true seeker, a truly generative phallus comes to evoke the riches of the life you have worked all these years to become free enough to live.

Oooh-ho-ho...You know who else is hanging out in the sign of Leo? Ceres! The harvest goddess come to play with wholeness.

Both the Sun and the Moon will form sextiles with Ceres. Vesta and Uranus will be in trines with her.

Uranus is striking new life into both the harvest and the WOMB.

The harvest is being awakened...its the harvest of wholeness, the wealth of living without soul holes. The fact that the obstacles have come down between Ceres and Vesta suggests to me that the harvest of wholeness is being awakened in the womb, not as a little hitchhiker making its way into a new galaxy, but as essence.

The cervix will never drop and open for fool's gold semen again!

This is fully supported by Vesta retrograde. She has gone IN to be awakened into a new womb-reality.

Oh, and on the subject of semen...

Now that's lovely!

Jupiter is retrograde and sextile Black Moon Lilith (also retrograde) who is also conjunct Saturn (also retrograde).

To me this suggests that the Holy Whore is getting the opportunity to live anew, as she did once upon a time, in a world built for the kind of connections in which she truly shines: pleasurable communion lived out in devotion. These are connections that will foster her growth and the weaving of common dreams in the bed of rose petals she is surely making and in the streets of gold through which she will surely be walking.

Now Grace (Jupiter, retrograde in Scorpio) is putting the moves on her, he is seeking integration of his expansive, easeful qualities. Jupiter trine Neptune suggests this is no ordinary love making we are talking about here. This is coming through from the heavenlies. It will be a passion like no other however it manifests. But all this retrograde motion suggests it might take its sweet time! Wouldn't that be nice for a change?

Recall that Hathor (Taurus) is awakening via the hand of Uranus. As discovered in prior reports, Black Moon Lilith has been Hathor in exile. Jupiter has come to asure she awakens into majesty. He will break her potential open IN us, no doubt about it. But we have to let him, we have to create the favorable conditions.

This is a water, earth sextile which suggests we have a hand to play in creating this romance with Grace. As a woman who has lived her life in the hinterlands, our Lilith will have to choose this with everything she has. It's time to recover that lovin' feeling. It's also time to expect a little down on the knees honoring for our Holy Whore. She doesn't have to just crack her knees open at the first viable overture. Remember the false Amon's? Whose womb do you think we are dealing with when we talk about Vesta?

A few loose ends that definitely fall into the last but not least category:

I return now to Chiron.

Saturn and Mercury will be square Chiron evoking action. Best I can get, it is time to receive the orders from heaven and to start building. Some structures are energetic. Others are showing up by miracle. They have come through and are taking shape and growing around Destiny's Pleasure Child (you, in case you are not clear). Some others will have to be built and there is no time to lose.

Venus trine Chiron suggest that these structures will be infused with our true values or, more to the point, that we must build structures that are in accord with Pleasure Principles, chief among them: deal with reality, which certainly includes other people's dreams and desires, as it comes! No casting spells to alter people's chosen pathways. Note that the worst spells are the ones we cast by accident when we think we are simply asking to be taken into account or averting some horrible disaster. Note also that some of these structures are internal. They pertain to the consciousness of one who has moved beyond abandonment.

Uranus, semisextile Chiron suggests the awakening is still ongoing where our wonder kid is concerned. There is a right time, right place element that is going to support another awakening blow of ecstasy beyond what you have ever felt. Don't try to force anything. Let time open the door. As an aside, I say it will be an ecstasy blow because Destiny's Pleasure Child is not awakening into "blah" or "ouch." When she opens her mouth, only one sound will come out:

Ooh La La!

Uranus square both the North and the South Nodes suggests this lightening strike of ecstasy may form the portal of light and love that transforms the karmic longings to destiny yearnings and brings them to fruition in the full expression of everything you have worked so hard to create.

Now, if you haven't done any work, go back to Start, do not pass Go. You will collect nothing. But if you have been in the trenches. If you have made the sacrifices, this report is your assurance that you will realize.

You have carried a WORD for many years now. Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in the sign of Taurus suggests the door is open to conclude the work and bring the WORD to fruition in your life with a lightening flash of realization and with a fair amount of depth and emotional intensity. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Cancer refers to Nut and Geb. They are the container that creates security, a container of safety. What might you do to shore up the container for this promise?

Keep in mind that water-earth sextiles are not forgone conclusions. You will have to create this opportunity breath by breath, with your own hands. It will a handmade, homemade delight. Which to me, suggests that safety will come from showing up, giving your presence, shoring up structures.

Regardless, everything is in your favor darling. Do not falter now. Focus. Show up!

Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. This suggests to me that what must be built is a much internal as it is external, as much a soul weaving as it is a bit of grunt work to simply get this shit done! Show up to and for yourself. Weave the live you want into, through, and from the very fabric of your soul.

And with that...


I am out. I could go on with a few more aspects, but this feels like a drop the mic moment.

Ready to Open the Door to Life in a New Dimension?


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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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