What if pleasure is your true nature? How would that change...


Those are the stakes my darling star gazer. I simply cannot overstate the significance of this moment.

To help you understand, allow me to construct the scene on the left of center stage (where the left-hand path opens up, with gusto, of course).

Neptune is retrograde in the sign of Libra and Venus (in the sign of Leo) is plotting a shake-up (quincunx Neptune).

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Libra is Ma'at. In her we "find the balance of opposites." And what, pray tell does the balancing? Pleasure if you please. No surprise that its essence is contained within the physical symbolism of a black pussy (Bastet).

"A new religion that will bring you to your knees. Black velvet if you please."

...Bastet is the combination of the sun and moon. She is the magnetic attraction that draws opposites together to create a new 'child,' a new dimension of awareness. ∞ Athon Veggi and Allison Davidson

Bastet is, of course, Scorpio, and who do we find chilling in this watery cauldron of seething passion and play? Jupiter, also still retrograde. Venus is egging him on though. She has taken up the square position and sure enough, retrograde or not, he is bound to come out swinging his pleasure wand.  Gasp! Did I say that out loud? Oh, and he is trine Neptune. Hmmm. Which doors are opening here; what are the obstacles that are falling down between Jupiter (Horus) and Neptune (Nephthys)?

Okay, let's back up and take this thing slow and easy, at least while we are warming up.


While Libra represents the desire to relate, Scorpio is the result of relationship. Scorpio is, therefore, associated with the union of two people through sex, marriage, and partnership...When two people come together and experience union with each other, whether that is a physical union or the merging together of talents and abilities, a third thing is created. The ecstasy and passion of Scorpio is the catalyst for its expression.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Have you yet considered that Jupiter is hanging out with Scorpio in order to bring grace, transformation, and expansion to our relationships?

Consider that if I am right, it might matter a whole damn lot whether that happens in the passionate connections that Scorpio can bring about or if it takes place in something ugly that feels a bit more like the flick of the Scorpion's tale.

Neptune in Libra under the quincunx influence of Venus might have something to say about exactly how this plays out. Our secret, mysterious, even shadowy hopes and fears regarding the desire to relate are in play. How that desire plays out is another matter!

Toward that determination, I keep seeing Neptune open up and swallow Venus like an egg dropping through the fallopian tubes and into the womb in order to meet the open cervix of a woman who is ready to give life to something new.

So, let's consider Neptune and Venus a little more deeply.

Venus is Isis.

She pierces through all denial and illuminates our soul's longing...She holds the vision of who we are and who we are meant to be and calls us toward our higher self. In her, we find the courage to walk our soul's path...In western astrology, Venus represents the principle of values...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Isis challenges us to align our actions with our values...How willing are we to change--to open to a shamanic death--in order to receive love? ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Neptune is Isis' dark sister Nephthys, sometimes called the "Veiled Isis."

Nephthys is the great High Priestess of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Her realm is the shadow world of the hidden mysteries. Nephthys is sensual and alluring, magical and mysteries. She invites each of us into the cosmic dance with our own shadow self...It is she who mixes the elixers necessary for renewal of the is her voice we hear when we we are called to walk empty-handed into the unknown...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Nephthys is the keeper of the mystery of our soul's path. It is she who beckons us into the shadows; it is she who challenges us to trust the process of shamanic death and rebirth; and it is she who holds the key to what it is that ultimately can be. In Nephthys's world of mist and mystery, it is her sister Isis, who is unseen. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Could it be that the invisible is becoming visible in Nephthys' dark, mysterious world as our true values are being made explicit in the otherwise confusing, veiled shadowland that she is? This is quite something to ponder!

What would it mean if suddenly all that we have held in secret, hidden places, were expertly aligned with our desire to give and receive love in pure, unadulterated pleasure?

Perhaps this is where the Grace of Jupiter gets integrated?! The Divine seed is evoking the potential in the egg that encapsulates our true yearnings?

Venus is in the sign of Leo. What an interesting combination!

...Leos are known for their leadership abilities. It is also an extremely creative sign with a strong desire for acknowledgement and recognition. Leos are the leaders of the Zodiac--and their fiery, powerful, sometimes demanding natures, lead the way...In his association with the sign of Leo, Anubis describes our path. Rather than ascending to the Divine, we must bring the Divine to the Earth. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

The North Node is also in Leo and is one of the more actively aspected elements of this chart. Most notably, Uranus is square the North Node (i.e., square destiny). But how do we get all this activity that is playing out in the hidden, mysterious realms down to earth and into a destiny formation? How do we take the desire for love lived out in pleasure from the dark, heavenly spaces and bring it down to earth as our desire manifested?

As you likely have already pondered, Uranus is in the sign of Taurus. That's pretty earthy if you ask me!

Taurus equates to Hathor. So, let's consider her as the vessel for a lightning bolt of transformation that actually touches ground.

Hathor is the goddess of sensuality and sexuality and is the antecedent of Bast, Aphrodite and Venus. Hathor reveals in the senses the pure pleasure of embodiment and earthly love in all its expressions...She is not only the ultimate goddess of the Earth; she is also a Sky goddess, associated with another Egyptian goddess, Nut. The Milky Way was said to be the milk exuding from her breasts and the nurturance bestowed upon Earth and all if its creatures...Her kundalini energy is the force that catalyzes male phallic energy and is the source of all creativity...Held within Hathor are Isis, Nephthys, Sekhmet, and Bast...Over the centuries, Isis took on the characteristics of the solar expression of Hathor, while Nephthys took on the expression of the lunar. In the emergence of the twin goddesses, Isis and Nephthys, from the Great Mother Hathor, we see the shattering of the feminine divine from the all encompassing whole into the many faces of the feminine. The true strength of Hathor is her wholeness. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer 

Now that gives some context to this image of Isis being swallowed like the egg moving through the fallopian tubes: WHOLENESS...Integration.

The plot twist is the coming back together of Isis and Nephthys. This is the lightening strike of transformation that Uranus in Taurus bespeaks. Uranus is Wadjet. She is the great awakener. Venus square Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio suggests our true values (Venus-Isis) are provoking grace (Jupiter-Horus) to act, to inseminate this egg of wholeness. In this egg rests the potential of the Great Mother awakened and reunited in a plot twist between Venus and Nephthys.

No longer does the shadow realm have to be the harbinger of confusion and disintegration within ourselves (our inner relationships) or externally, in our interactions with others. It can come together with our true values to bring us into our original, essential natures as love and pleasure manifest. We can realize our essence, the essence of what we were created to be.

I am about to turn to the sun and the moon for additional clarity. But there is one more planet in Leo: Ceres. She, like Isis, is leading the way here and she is benefiting from a whole series of trines:

  • Vesta trine Ceres;
  • Uranus trine Ceres;
  • Saturn trine Ceres; and
  • The Capricorn Full Moon trine Ceres.

Oh, and Chiron, aka in this series, as Destiny's Pleasure Child, is quincunx Ceres suggesting that the pleasure child we birthed some months ago is about to have huge, life altering impact on the harvest. Could it be that as we grow into this manifestation of the once abandoned and wounded healer, we can actually impact the harvest long after the seeds were planted?

Ceres is Renenet in Egyptian Mythology. Her divinatory meaning via the Book for Doors is "Good fortune, wealth, plenty. Nourishment for the body and the spirit." But generally speaking, any harvest principle stands for the reaping of what we sow. If we plant weeds, then we harvest weeds...or so, perhaps, it was before the very nature and character of the seeds sources themselves (us) underwent a transformation?

Vesta trine Ceres makes me think we are still carrying something in the great Cosmic Womb that has not yet followed Destiny's Pleasure Child into the new digs of a life centered on destiny's path of illuminated choices (instead of fate's unfulfilled yearning and autopilot mistakes that make themselves). Likewise, Uranus trine Ceres suggests a massive transformation (or awakening within the harvest is possible). Finally, Saturn Trine Ceres suggests an opportunity to bring this altered harvest together with the structures of our lives to finally achieve that good fortune and nourishment in a lasting fashion.

But what must we do to reap the opportunities strewn along our harvest paths?

I suspect the answer might be contained in one little seed word: LOVE.

Figuring out exactly what that looks like in any given situation might be a bit of a challenge. With Venus square Jupiter, it might look as much like provocation as anything else. Then again, it might look like an unyielding desire for the shared purpose of mutual care and enjoyment. Maybe that is what she is provoking? The expansion of relationship dynamics designed to heal, hold, care for, evoke pleasure and potential...AKA nourishing relationship patterns.

I sense we might just face the temptation of the opposite! But will we walk away? Perhaps not unless we know what we are walking towards and can muster enough faith to invest ourselves entirely in the outcome we desire.

I wonder what the Capricorn Full Moon has to say about that? And the Sun in Cancer is bound to have a role to play too.

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The Capricorn Moon will be conjunct Saturn in Capricorn.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Capricorn is Khnum.

Khnum is a creator god, who creates the bodies of all living things...Khnum is a potter who shapes the bodies of all earthlings upon his wheel. In the symbolism of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Khnum continually creates new forms so that we might have the means to proceed with our earthly tasks after each process of transformation and change...Capricorn represents not only the ever changing structure of society but also, in its shadow form, the fearful resistance to change that can be a mark of the patriarchy...When planets emanate through Khnum, both individuals and societies are challenged to allow new forms to be created and expressed. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Just as we said about the harvest, the builder principle invested in Khnum doesn't specify what we build or tell us which new forms can be created. It simply manifests through the ways in which our own hands are applied. Will we apply our hands to build out love in this world or will we follow the poisonous call of this age towards hatred, division, and the new structures and systems that support them?

With the Moon emanating through Capricorn, conjunct Saturan, we open up the potential for two things (1) the exorcism of that which is not love and that which countermands pleasure and (2) the blossoming of the richness which is ready to flower in us. Saturn and Capricorn both insist that this is not some pie in the sky affair. Whatever it is, we are going to have to build this, or better yet, embody it.

Toward that end, to be clear, the Moon (aka Khonsu) plays these dual roles. He cleanses what no longer serves and he brings, specifically the feminine, to fruitfulness. He carries the menet of Hathor, which symbolizes male and female joined in harmony.

He makes the sap to rise in the budding plants of spring and helps fertilization with the energies of the new moon; in this aspect he is described as a fiery bull. As the light bearer, he makes women fruitful and the human germ to grow in the mother's womb. ∞ Athon Veggie and Allison Davidson

I sense he will be right there along side Jupiter when the time comes to meet the unified feminine in harmonious union and evocation of the potential contained in this wholeness. Once the shadow realms are brought into alignment with our true values, there won't be anything left behind with the power to create broken unions rooted in suffering and disappointment. Then we will have to ask ourselves what we will build together in shared purpose and pleasure.

Maybe in order to get to this point, we don't so much have to get past the temptation to settle for less as make it irrelevant by mending the division that raises the specter in the first dang place.

Clear, unified intentions will affect the harvest. That is my sense.

The Capricorn Moon in a trine with Uranus, square Destiny's Pleasure Child (Chiron), and quincunx destiny suggests I am onto something. Uranus and Khonsu make excellent exorcism and awakening partners if you ask me. Likewise, the Capricorn Moon square Destiny's Pleasure Child is insisting on action here. But what will allow the mending to fully take place, first between the divided Isis and Nephthys, and then with the expansive, graceful masculine of Jupiter?

Let's call this the builder moon for clarity and consider that the plot twist inherent in the quincunx might hold the key that unlocks true, pleasurable, loving unity between the shadow and the light, the masculine and the feminine, the old and fateful longings and the new path of fulfillment. To understand this, perhaps we need to remember that destiny's path is not a forgone conclusion. It is simply a path of choice. Moment by moment, stroke of the brush by stroke of the brush, we paint the visions of our lives.

This brings us to the Sun in Cancer, quincunx fate.

Ah fate! It revels in unfulfilled longing, doesn't it?

But Cancer doesn't! In the sign of Cancer, we find Nut and Geb, the sky goddess and the earth, the mother and father of all that is. In their union we find the harmony of opposites joined in beautiful loving connection. In their separation, we discover loyalty and hunger for one another; a union that is no less potent because it cannot be re-consummated every moment.

In their love we find the embrace of papa and mama, separated by the air, but united in the project of holding their progeny; joined in shared purpose and mutual affection. Which perhaps means they are not truly separate at all, but custodians of a love that goes beyond sentiment and into purpose; into the work of holding the fullness of what their union created and is creating. Nonetheless, it is a fruitful, fulfilled union that serves to bring things about and to sustain them once they are born. This full moon, our essence represented by the Sun will be shining through this beautiful union as the belly of our mother Nut, the undivided feminine at peace with her counterpart.

I could stop this report right there honestly, and shortly I will be done. But first, a few more aspects and applications are calling me.

Interestingly, Mars is retrograde and conjunct the South Node in the sign of Aquarius and Uranus is squaring our harbinger of fate's unholy hunger. What might this mean?

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mars is Set, "the great Warrior King of Egypt."

Within our psyche, Set represents two aspects: how we manifest through action and the shadow--the unloved, unacknowledged aspect of self...he reflects our darkest, most primitive urge towards aggression and domination. Yet he is also more complex, and in this complexity, he speaks to us of the proper use of anger and aggression in our psyche. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Betrothed to a divided feminine (a divided being), he is obligated to our anguish and our self protection. But when this divide is healed, he can be deployed in service of love and pleasure. His anger and aggression can be harnessed and set to the task of carrying out destiny level choices that align with this new experience of our essence radiating through beautiful union. In short, he won't go looking for monsters to fight. He will search diligently for lovers with whom to unite and opportunities for purpose to come into the light. The terrible damage done to him in the endless battles of what Carlos Castaneda calls, "self importance," can be healed.

I see this retrograde moment in Aquarius, the sign of the collective, as a time of infusing new orders, Graceful orders. Mars square Jupiter suggests to me a beautiful integration of this grace as the shifts in Mars call Jupiter to rise in him. The battle between Set and Horus can come to a peaceful end as the forces of aggression align with the forces of expansion and ease of movement. Finally we can do something together! Collectively!

I know it seems a strange time in history for all this emphasis on pleasure and joyful co-creation. But we can't drink the Jonestown Gin of this moment and ever expect to realize our true potential. With that deadly Kool-Aid all we can do is kill our futures. We must stand in this world, and stake our claim to it. Donald Trump isn't my leader and he shouldn't be yours!

Finally, Mars opposing the North Node implies a choice here. It pertains to the turning of destiny's wheel. All I can see here is the call to envision the future we desire and to decide with all that we are to invest in it. Perhaps we need a ceremony to wed Mars to destiny's cause in the vein of peace, harmony, love, powerful works, and pleasurable interludes.

Oh my! Ecstasy Rising?!

I have been wondering about this title. It didn't seem to come through the report and yet I felt so certain it was right. Now I see it. When Mars again goes direct, he will rise out of this integration as ecstasy itself, quietly moving about to upend suffering and unleash exquisite enjoyment. Jupiter will be his twin, rising out of Scorpio utterly wedded to LOVE. Oh...And the twins become like Geb and Nut, united in balanced service to destiny. Can you feel the sweet, delicious peace? The soft kundalini fire not so much rushing through your spine, but percolating gently in sweet surrender?

What a lovely vision to lead our way into the upcoming partial solar eclipses in July and August. For the first time in a long time, I have hope for humanity. But someone has to do this integrative work. Someone has to show up and lead the way.

Will you be one of those leaders? Are you willing?

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I think we have looked at almost everything now but Mercury and Chiron.

Chiron, our Destiny's Pleasure Child, is busy this full moon.

He is quincunx Ceres and in a trine with Destiny. I remain committed to the idea that the harvest is changed by who we are!

Work on your being then on your doing?

Saturn, the Sun and the Moon are all square Chiron. This suggests that there are some steps for Destiny's Pleasure Child to take once the inside overhaul is done.

Build with grace? Do in spaces that are welcoming and open to what you desire to create and in alignment with your essence? Work where potential can be brought to flourishing?

I accept!

Which brings us to Mercury, trine Chiron. OOOH also in the sign of Cancer!

Destiny's Pleasure Child can now speak, think, exist in the consciousness of a togetherness that is only ever parted enough to sustain the things it is creating in union.

Mercury is also square Uranus. We get to think and speak this new world, this awakening, into existence.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node: Destiny will naturally come through our mouths if we open them and let it.

Mercury is opposing the South Node: provoking the choice to stop speaking in accordance with what we yearn for but cannot have.

Which brings us to...

OOOH...AHHH...Lilith...our Hathor in exile.

Mercury is opposing her. I wonder if this is one of those moments where maybe, just maybe, we ought to decide to pass the microphone to this Holy Whore in exile? Or more to the point, the artist formerly known as "in exile." The bitch is back as far as I am concerned and she is ready for some GLORIOUS receptions.

Pluto is still in a conjunction with her. Maybe Lilith knows what the soul wants to say!

And with that I will leave you, dear star gazer, in hopes you will open your mouth and speak love and pleasure wherever you go.

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Capricorn Full Moon Chart
Capricorn Full Moon Grid

Cited Sources

Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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