Deposit Photos #12294016 © everett225
Deposit Photos #12294016 © everett225

Among the many wild and wooly aspects of this Cancer New Moon, one stands out: Venus conjunct Ceres.

I know. I know. There are like a thousand other things I could start with, but no matter how long I stare at this chart looking for the call of Spirit, this aspect is the most powerfully magnetic. So we will begin our adventure with this and the other conjunctions in the chart as we consider what is coming together on this momentous occasion.

As we begin, consider that Venus is not just our little love bug.

She is also Isis in the Egyptian pantheon and Isis was no wallflower lover. She was a protagonist to be reckoned with in a story about the balance of power between contraction and expansion. Her son, Horus, battled ferociously to avenge his father's death at the hands of Set. She performed magical acts of protection and outright aggression throughout the story. Horus prevailed. But ultimately, she refused to allow Horus (Jupiter, the principle of expansion) to destroy Set (Mars, the principle of contraction). His job was not to destroy Set, but to bring destruction and contraction into balance with expansion and grace. In the end, Horus, ever the warrior in his own right, unable to see the other side for the power it held, cut off Isis' head in anger.

Never fear. The Egyptian mythologies are not really about violence. Violence is a metaphor for transition and transformation.

Thoth gave Isis the head of a cow. In short, she took on the consciousness of Hathor (love, beauty, pleasure, riches). This should tell us all something about what we must do when the battles have been won: transition from a war mindset to a mindset of pleasure and riches.

Can you let the struggle end?

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Isis "challenges us to align our actions with our values." Remember how in the last report I boldly declared that the nature of the harvest could change based on our own alignment with those things we truly value? And now, Isis is conjunct Ceres. Our true values and the call to align with them are conjunct the harvest principle.

In Egyptian mythology, Ceres corresponds to Renenet. Renenet is known as "lady of the fertile land" and "lady of the granaries." She is the goddess of fertility and the harvest. In The Book of Doors, she is shown "holding two vases, like breasts, from which she pours a golden stream indicating the fertility and abundance associated with her name." Her name derives from an Egyptian word that means "nourishment." She is closely linked with Shai, who, in modern astrology corresponds to the North Node of the Moon (Destiny). Renenet is also always very closely associated with Meskhehet.

In the Duat, Meskhenet is shown as funerary goddess--she is the doorway between birth and death, between body and spirit. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

When I pulled the cards from The Book of Doors for this reading, Renenet was the causal principle. Meskhenet and Hapi held the energy of transformation. Hapi is the principle of inundation. He was associated with the yearly flooding of the Nile that brought fertility to Egypt. He was also one of the principles that balanced opposites in harmony.

The next two cards were the cosmic womb (Meh-Urt) and Shai, in that order. Meh-Urt was in position 4, which reflects how energy was used in the past and how it comes from outside. Ah, remember the birth of our Destiny's Pleasure Child not so long ago? Shai was in position 5, which reflects the kind of social and emotional connections we will have. Destiny relationships?!

I am thinking of Meskhenet as the card holding the influence of the partial solar eclipse that is taking place this new moon. I am seeing this eclipse as a doorway through which new life can emerge. Meskhenet is also "the Birthhouse." With Hapi in position 3, we are sure to see an influx of positive, fertile energy as the eclipse doorway (no matter how partial) opens just a crack. Hapi is closely associated with the sign of Aquarius, which tells me this influx, this inundation will be more than personal. It will impact what we can do together in these destiny relationships that are showing up via Shai. We will look more closely at this as we get to the aspects affecting the North Node.

For now, there are a thousand ways I could go with this chart. But that is precisely why we are going to be organized and disciplined moving through this story aspect by aspect, which brings us to the other conjunctions.

What else is coming together in this this moment?

Mars retrograde in the sign of, well, would you look at that, Aquarius, is conjunct the South Node. Be on the lookout for your unfulfilled, karmic longings to rear their heads at this point and try to join forces with Mars in some sort of highly unproductive upheaval affecting your relationships. Do not let this spoil the potential that exists for moving your relationships into destiny space.

Stop, drop, and roll honey.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mars is Set. Specifically consider this challenge that always emanates from Set:

Within our psyche, Set represents two aspects: how we manifest through action and the shadow--the unloved, unacknowledged aspect of self. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Where have we been most unloved and unacknowledged and how can we touch these elements in this moment without stepping on the tripwire?

Pluto will be conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Both will be retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto is the soul. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Pluto is Osiris (the father of Horus dismembered and killed by Set). Black Moon Lilith is Hathor in exile. Hathor is pleasure, riches, beauty as the binding elements within us and in this world. What happens when she goes rogue out of sheer necessity? In her place a rabid, patriarchal presence has replaced pleasure with fear and pain, which, of course, cannot hold us together. It can only keep us apart even if we are occupying the same 3 square feet together. Our hearts will never meet!

The soul retrograde has gone back (returned) to get her!

Osiris can never be complete with Hathor in hiding. Pleasure is as much a part of him as anything else. But boy does this look a little harder than we ever imagined it might be. Pleasure is a scary thing when you have had to put it away, when you have become accustomed to dealing with the terror and the pain of domination. If you have been least loved in your pleasure centers, this is where you are most likely to team up with Set in the raw and drag yourself back into suffering one way or the other.

Destiny's Pleasure Child ("DPC") isn't free of Chiron's painful history. She is simply reborn with new vigor for her intended purpose and with a penchant for pursuing ecstasy in relationships. But Chiron is retrograde right now in the sign of Aries. So, "past life" stuff is likely to come up for DPC and with Mars retrograde...Deep breath in and out...

The Moon and the Sun conjunct in the sign of Cancer suggests this is deep water work we are facing here. As a cardinal water sign, Cancer draws us back to the emotional issues we faced as life began for us (in past lifetimes or simply within past iterations of our present day selves). But it also initiates new emotional experiences. I feel like if we get caught up in the former rather than in initiating what is to come, this will be the foot fault that unleashes the unrefined anger of Set and disrupts our relational potential.

Interestingly, one of the oppositions in this chart is Mars-North Node. Destiny decisions coming right up! But keep in mind that the proper use of aggression is also a way to guard destiny. Discernment is your key to unlocking the insights that will make aggression Destiny's friend. Look closely and breathe. If you knock someone or something out on pure instinct, trust it. Don't panic. Do consider, however, that listening to early, internal warning signs that suggest a need for distance (even if just for comfort) can avoid the automatic take-out dynamic.

Plainly put, don't overload your circuits. Slow and easy. Center in yourself and be still as often as you need to. Don't worry about making other people comfortable or happy right this minute. Just honor that you need to take the space that will allow you to act rather than react. There are no bonus points for relational bravado dearest. The only bonus points come from winning the round, which means preserving potential instead of skidding out sideways and blowing a tire.

Now for the other oppositions:

  • Moon and Sun opposing Pluto;
  • Moon and Sun opposing Black Moon Lilith.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, the Sun (our essence) has a dual nature. The Sun is Amun-Ra.

The great god Amun-Ra is the creator who shines his illuminating life-giving force upon the Earth and all its creatures...He represents all that we are in our present manifestation and all we have have yet to become...Amun was known as the Hidden One...Ra was of perhaps even greater importance, worshipped as the god of the Sun and also as a creator...In their fusion, Amun-Ra is a dual god, representing both solar power at its zenith during the day and the absence of the Sun during the night.

In short, the Sun that is absent at night can only be alluded to by the Moon, by his reflection. In the case of this partial solar eclipse, whatever is about to come through the doorway of Meskhenet (the Birthhouse, the cervix of the great cosmic womb), is a hidden aspect of Amun-Ra, something that has not yet come to pass. It is our potential. It may also be something we have repressed in the way of our karmic longings. But I have a strong sense that with Hapi in the reading for this chart, we are talking about potential slipping through a crack in the door and coming to pass. At the same time, we do have a choice to make here.

Interestingly, the Moon is not feminine in Egyptian mythology. He is the exorcist and he is also that which calls women (or THE WOMAN - Meh-Urt or Vesta) to bring forth. So, I suggest we put him on the night watch to exorcise the demons of our hidden minds and also to evoke the best of what is ready to come forth in us.

As to the decisions, how fascinating! We already decided that Pluto and Black Moon Lilith were in a reunion state. Now we see that we must decide something related to them both. I think it goes something like this:

Will we act with regard to our relationships from a place of wholeness in which our pleasure, our Holy Whore, is fully welcome, fully present at the table?

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Before we jump into the actions we might take, let's consider the opportunities being presented here (sextiles) and the places where obstacles are being removed (trines).

There is only one sextile in this chart. Chiron will be sextile the South Node in Aquarius tempting us to turn the wheel backward as to our collective opportunities (given Chiron's retrograde position). But, let's also consider things we might need to revisit, remove, reintegrate, resolve.

This is a water-fire sextile, which is to say it is a yin-yang sextile between opposites. Something will have to be brought into harmony here. Remember in the last report when I said that Mars was getting Aquarius orders (new paradigm orders) during this retrograde period? I believe there is an opportunity to develop harmony between the highly individualistic Aries and the highly collective Aquarius via Chiron's journey into pleasurable relating and personal power.

But to do this work, we have to admit that we still long to belong. We have to look right at our lingering fear of abandonment. We have to come clean about our tendency to give ourselves away for a taste of something that only looks like love.

Where in your chart does Chiron reside? What karmic longings are present in regards to these wounded healer attributes? How can you bring them into harmony with Destiny's urgings? That is to say, how can you bring them into alignment with pleasure as the glue to loving relationships in which you actively contribute your gifts?

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Chiron is Anubis. He is the key that opens the way.

In Egyptian myths, Anubis was said to be the primary practitioner of the ritual of Opening the Mouth. Traditionally, this ritual is believed to have involved either opening the mouth of the mummy so that the dead could have access to their senses in the afterlife, or opening the mouth of a statue so that it could become animate and experience the energy of life. As has been revealed to Star Wolf, this practice is also part of a tantric ritual in which kundalini energy flows into the fifth chakra, the Mouth of the Goddess, and then down into the womb, as well as the opening of the yoni to the energy of creation. This ritual involves opening the body to the energy of Wadjet (Uranus), the Great Awakener) ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

What is lying like an inanimate object in you that can be awakened now if we bring it to Wadjet (Uranus)?

Uranus will be semi-sextile Chiron this new moon. To me this suggests we had better pay attention to how we might turn up in the right place at the right time for this awakening. Likewise, there are time and place issues between Ceres and the North Node as well as Vesta and Black Moon Lilith.

This is not the time to have lapses of attention regarding purpose. Ceres is clearly indicating that Destiny's manifestation (at least this iteration of it) depends on you being in the right place at the right time. Focus!

As to Vesta and Black Moon Lilith, to understand the timing issue here, we have to consider that Vesta is connected to the Vestal Virgins. Their wombs and their chastity were considered a matter of state welfare. Sound familiar? And here we have a right-time, right place issue between the Virgin and the Whore. I know things look bad right now, but I see the potential for a wilding of the uterus, both cosmically and personally. Don't get wedded to how the collective nightmare looks right now. Consider that you are walking a parallel path of liberation that has very little in common with the last gasps of the patriarchy. Just consider that this is the right time and this is the right place for you to come alive in a new reality! What better time could there be?

Now, let's look at places where obstacles are clearing (AKA trines). There are 10 trines in this chart. This is quite auspicious. There is no zero in Egyptian mythology/numerology. The number one is highly significant. It holds, according to The Book of Doors, "the first impulse of creation that brought everything into existence." I sense that there is great, primal creative power present in these trines. Further, in my reading, the card sitting in the number 10 position is Geb (Earth). So, we have Ceres (Renenet) in the number one position as the causal agent and we have earth as the number 10 card. This harvest will land as a harvest of wholeness and all it implies! Also, Geb stands for loyalty. Be loyal to your true values and to the ones you hold dear. Ask for loyalty in return. You deserve to be held!

The trines supporting this new moon tranformation are as follows:

  • Venus trine Saturn;
  • Venus trine Uranus;
  • Saturn trine Uranus;
  • The Sun trine Neptune;
  • The Moon trine Neptune;
  • Jupiter trine Neptune;
  • Mercury trine Vesta;
  • Uranus trine Ceres;
  • Saturn trine Ceres; and
  • Chiron trine the North Node.

I scarcely know where to start! This is magnificent.

Let's begin by considering the relationship between Neptune and Uranus. For what seems like forever, Uranus has been semisquare Neptune. A semisquare indicates action that will fail to yield results. I have covered this in other reports. But it bears mentioning here as well given how active these two are in the chart.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Neptune is Nephthys.

Sometimes called the "Veiled Isis," Nephthys is the great High Priestess of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Her realm is the hidden world of the hidden mysteries. Nephthys is sensual and alluring, magical and mysterious. She invites each of us into a cosmic dance with ourselves...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Nephthys is the keeper of the mystery of our soul's path. It is she who beckons us into the shadows; it is she who challenges us to trust the process of shamanic death and rebirth; and it is she who holds the key to what it is that we can ultimately be. To work with her magic, we must agree to trust her--which means trusting the unseen world. We must trust our intuition, our dreams, our mystery, and ultimately, our process--wherever it takes us...In Nephthys world of mist and mystery, it is her sister Isis, who is unseen. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

In terms of the relationship between Neptune and Uranus, The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology says it best:

The key to understanding Neptune is to realize that while Uranus breaks into our dimension to allow momentary flashes of insight into other realms of being, Neptune is those other realms of being.∞ Priscilla Costello

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Uranus is Wadjet.

Wadjet is the Great Awakener, she who breaks through the blocks along our spine that prevent the free flow of our life force energy. Wadjet shatters our old constructs and propels us into a new reality...Neptune is slow, gradual, yet immutable change...Uranus represents unpredictable change that manifests as a shattering of the old way of being.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

I think of Neptune as the slow changes that take place in the subconscious mind as we work with the patterns of our lives. Uranus is the lightening strike kind of change that comes through our way of being when the last Neptunian block falls into place on a much larger pattern. In this chart, Neptune is not directly driving Uranian changes due to the semisquare formation. But to be sure it is driving the change through some other aspect, through some other unified influence or influences. Or more to the point, Taurus, who corresponds to Hathor, may reflect the unconscious integration of pleasure and riches that can now manifest via Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Nonetheless, both Uranus and Neptune feature prominently in the primal creative energy of these trines.

Let's consider these four as a unit:

  • Venus trine Saturn;
  • Venus trine Uranus;
  • Saturn trine Uranus; and
  • Uranus trine Ceres.

Trines are very harmonious relationships. Further, just like if your lover takes a new lover, you will feel the influence, the various overlapping trines all reinforce one another. Specifically, the Venus-Saturn-Uranus trines suggest to me that our true values are stabilizing within and being stabilized by Saturn while Uranus continues to bring lightning strike inspiration and insight to the process. In short, this is a dynamic stabilization and destabilization process in which core values are coming into form and being refined.

Likewise, Uranus in Taurus (Hathor) is in a very favorable relationship with the harvest. To me this is further evidence that the obstacles to a harvest of love, pleasure, joy, riches...are falling away. It is harvest time and the harvest will be bountiful and full of delight. But we must focus on reaping the gains from all our hard work. The time is now.

Among the things we are harvesting is our true power.

This is the power to look our circumstances square in the eye, face them down with faith, and insist that heaven bless us with the harvest for which we have worked both internally and in this world. We must not falter. You know whether or not you have done this work. You know whether or not I am talking to you. If I am not, then pick up a shovel and start digging. You have a harvest to plant for later. Now you know what it is all about. If I am talking to you, it is time to reap and for the days to come when the harvest is so large that the plowman is planting again before the reaper is even finished.

"Behold, days are coming," declares the LORD, "When the plowman will overtake the reaper And the treader of grapes him who sows seed; When the mountains will drip sweet wine And all the hills will be dissolved." ∞ Amos 9:13, New American Standard

Which brings us to Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon all trine Neptune. Oh, and let us not forget that Jupiter went direct on the 10th after several months retrograde in Scorpio. Jupiter (Horus) is simply Grace and expansion. He balances the contractive, destructive energy of Set.

Scorpio, in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is Bast. She is our longing, our holy desire. The priestesses of Bast were erotic seductresses. As you contemplate this consider that there are two kinds of seduction, namely the kind we engage in for the purpose of exploiting another and the kind we engage in for the express purpose of giving and amplifying pleasure for the wellbeing of all. Scorpio is a sign of profound relationship. When our seductions are about amplifying passion and inspiring others to reach for their greatest pleasure and purpose, Scorpio is the heart of ecstatic, stable, beautiful relationships.

Pluto (Osiris), who is conjunct Black Moon Lilith this new moon, is the ruler of Scorpio and the alchemy it holds. I can just about see Jupiter embracing this glorious, erotic powerhouse as she comes into soul manifestation, no longer in exile, but Hathor among us.

But what of Neptune's influence in all of this? I think we are back to this doorway opening between the great mysterious realm of Black Isis and our everyday lives. It seems to me this is the point of the inner harvest where all we have worked to create is now surging through as the last little bit of who we were before goes silent and a new reality takes shape, first in the Sun, then in a revision of our reflection via the upcoming lunar eclipse (at the full moon), and then finally, in one last new moon solar eclipse in August.

By the time of the August full moon, who and what we are in the fullest potential of this moment will come shining forth in word, deed, and in the reaping of our grandest harvest. Now of course, if you have planted misery, misery will be your harvest. If you have oppressed others, then oppression will be your harvest. Take a moment to consider where you need to make things right. Take a moment to repent and to release all that is not in accordance with the harvest you desire. But I suspect if you have made it this far in this report, you are in for beauty and riches amplified. So get ready to reap! And reap! And reap!

Speaking of reaping, Saturn trine Ceres suggests I am dead on accurate here. The harvest is stabilizing, coming into form, materializing in this world.

That leaves just two more trines:

Chiron trine the North Node and Mercury trine Vesta...

Destiny's Pleasure Child is a hair's breath away from realization?

I am going with that!

As to Mercury (Thoth) trine Vesta (Meh-Urt), I note that these two figures were card positions 4 and 6 in my Book of Doors spread. They were separated by Shai (Destiny) in card position 5. As already discussed, Meh-Urt in this position alludes to the prior birth of Destiny's Pleasure Child in us. But it also alludes to the way energy comes from outside. This suggests to me that the harvest has been gestating in the cosmic womb for some time now. Perhaps is has been ready all along, simply waiting for us to come into a position where our storehouses were ready? For us to turn the wheel?

The great god Thoth is the Sacred Scribe of Shamanic Egypt. He represents communication in its highest expression, that of illumination. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, he represents the process by which Spirit speaks through us and the words we say, the ideas we express, the memories we hold, the understanding we carry--all are inspired by our connection to the Divine...Thoth describes how effectively we function as a channel to Spirit. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Speak life over the harvest, into the womb of the goddess. Speak life over the whore, into the womb of her desire. Align your words with Ma'at, with the divine order that made you a being of pleasure. Be a channel for her riches and for the purpose of Heaven. And then open your legs! Man or woman, let heaven's river flow.

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Now that we understand the lay of the land, we can consider what to do in this harvest season. In my reading, Kem-T occupied position 7, which tells us how to get a hold on the karmic effect of past actions. I believe Kem-T holds the clue as to exactly what kind of action can free us from another layer of karma and usher in a new level of Destiny. This is how we turn Shai's wheel of fortune. Kem-T is Chaos. Its counterpart is Cosmos. These two must always be in a tussle as they seek balance. So, just as the harvest is coming into manifestation and structure, Kem-T now focusses our attention on "the breaking down of structure." Dissolution is one of Kem-T's divinatory meanings.

I am inclined to look at the following square formations (which provoke action) in light of this guidance:

  • Mercury square Jupitar;
  • Mars square Uranus;
  • Saturn square Chiron;
  • Uranus square the North Node; and
  • Uranus square the South Node.

I am inclined to consider Saturn square Chiron first because I see an epic provocation here. In fact, maybe this is precisely where the proper use of aggression becomes an ally to Destiny, a powerful tool in the arsenal of DPC. Simply put, the structures that stand against the integration of the harvest must go. Putting these structures squarely in front of our Key (Chiron/Anubis) is likely just the provocation we need. Mars square Uranus suggests to me that our warrior can provoke a little support from the Great Awakener. Mercury square Jupiter tells me our words can bring Grace to bear on this destruction. In short, it can be amplified and made powerfully effective in the full wipe-out of the structures that stand against us.

Well, and just look where Uranus is provoking change! Destiny and karma are in a very provocative pose with the Great Awakener. Perhaps we ought to say our prayers that she awakens dissolution in terms of the karmic outcomes that would otherwise damage our harvest and that she provoke us to Destiny as Mars takes aim at corrupt structures.

There are also some actions we can take to create longer range changes as reflected by the sesquisquares in this chart:

  • Venus sesquisquare Pluto;
  • Mercury sesquisquare Chiron; and
  • Pluto sesquisquare Ceres.

Right off the bat, I am thinking of Pluto's rendezvous with Black Moon Lilith. She has been out in the hinterlands unleashing demons for a long time, or so they say! This is not who she truly is! Perhaps we must take a moment to converse with her about what we really value in her, in our connections, in the pleasure of relating. Also, maybe we ought to consider what role rage and wreaking havoc play in the dance of pleasure.

What role does Kem-T's Chaos play in a world anchored in pleasure and fully supported and nourished with the riches of life?

Likewise, Mercury sesquisquare Chiron tells me there are words to be said and ideas to be germinated in the heart of DPC. Maybe there are soulful longings to be held close to the vest as well, in the silence and quiet meditation that allow us to hear heaven's message.

Finally, Pluto retrograde and sesquisquare Ceres is making me think there is something of this harvest to be integrated and grounded by the soul and by the Holy Whore, that will bring fruitfulness later. Pluto and Black Moon Lilith are both in the sign of Capricorn, which is the sign of the builder.

Ah! The harvest must be built, woven, in to the soul, and in particular, into the Holy Whore. She has had a lot of disappointment you know. Bringing her anguish in (as it seems we must do in order to unleash her penchant for pleasure) might otherwise be an unruly process.

Capricorn is cardinal earth. It initiates. We must re-initiate Black Moon Lilith into the harvest principles that are so readily available to Hathor as the goddess of abundance. Her exile has taught her to shun faith, to turn against the very essence of who she is. As she comes into the soul, Ceres (Renenet) can be called upon to minister to her the nourishment she has so long been denied. She must be nursed by the harvest, fed by it, nourished by it, with the tender hand of Renenet's love.

This, of course, brings us back to Venus/Isis conjunct Ceres/Renenet. Lilith needs the head, the consciousness Hathor restored. She needs to know it is okay to surrender into the promise of a better tomorrow. What a treacherous time to receive such a promise! What an historical moment to choose the path of pleasure!

Is this path without danger? Can we be assured the exile and all that prompted it really is at an end?

No! We can only be assured that we are alive right now and that we must dare, we must risk the journey that will take us beyond the exile of pleasure and into the promise of who we were meant to be. In this light, I looked up the word, "promise." I found one definition particularly compelling:

a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right
to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act
∞ Merriam Webster

This promise is not an inert substance lying on the altar of our lives. It requires that we make a demand on it. We must participate in claiming what is ours:

A world that supports the unfolding of our human potential in pleasure and purpose. A world in which Hathor is among us, within us, welcomed as the heroine of this age.

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  • Create a strategy for bringing your vision, your dream, to life.

We have one last aspect to cover: quincunxes.

These are the plot twists of the zodiac. They represent places where the story line is shifting dramatically and this chart is full of them. They are as follows:

  • Mercury quincunx Neptune;
  • Venus quincunx Chiron;
  • The Sun quincunx Vesta;
  • The Moon quincunx Vesta;
  • Saturn quincunx the North Node; and
  • Ceres quincunx the South Node.

I could spend a lot of time going through these in great detail, but one solid theme pretty much knocks the pins down. This is an iterative, interactive process we are in. As we change our words (Mercury) we also change the hidden realms. As we align with our values (Venus), we change, and as we change, what we value changes. The solar eclipse and the influence of Cancer on the Sun and the Moon is also changing the nature of what we are carrying in the womb. As we then change the structures (Saturn), they are shifting Destiny just as Destiny is shifting the structures. Likewise, the harvest itself is shifting our karmic longings.

This process is ALIVE, dynamic, ever shifting and growing, just was we are. Nothing is set in stone or solidified beyond revision.

To be in the interactive flux of this moment will require a lot of still centering, a lot of calibrating as we open and close, expand and contract, destroy and create our way into a world bounded by the gold our alchemy has created. And boy have we been in the lab a good long while!

It's time to let the transition complete and to come on out into a gold-plated life built for love, pleasure, and the fulfillment of Destiny over and over again.

You're so good
Baby there ain't nobody better (Ain't nobody better)
So you should
Never, ever go by the letter (Never ever)
You're so cool (Cool)
Everything you do is success
Make the rules (Rules)
Then break them all 'cause you are the best

Yes you are

Get on top
You will cop
Don't you stop
Sh-boogie bop

Look up in the air, it's your guitar

Do your dance
Why should you wait any longer?
Take a chance
It could only make you stronger
It's your time (It's your time)
You got the horn so why don't you blow it (Go on and blow it)
You're so fine (you're so fine)
You're filthy cute and baby you know it (you know it)

∞ Prince

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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