When the modern mediumistic artist looks into his crystal,
he sees the last
nightmare of mental disintegration and spiritual emptiness ...
But he may see something else ... the vital, somewhat
terrible spirit of natural life, which is new
every second. Even when it is poisoned
to the point of death, its efforts
to be itself are new in
every second.
∞ Peter Grey, Apocalyptic Witchcraft

You need only look at the stillness in her eyes to realize where she has been and to understand that she will never need that sword again. This is how I imagine Inanna rising from the underworld with her pristine passion, her holy desire, well within her command.

Sure, the myth seems full of violence and terror for Dumuzi. But is this not just an explanation of what it looks like when the woman, any woman, lays down all the effort she has put into trying to get her needs met?

Does it not resemble the trip down the rabbit hole any man takes when the woman in his life simply stops asking him to occupy the space she has made for him and decides to occupy it herself? And to leave him to the consequences of his refusal to husband his resources and bring this space to fruition?

Every woman is fully capable to birth expanding universes within herself and then to make sure they touch the ground and grow into all she created them to be. The only thing she is ever really missing is the clarity that comes from facing herself and owning her own karmic longing and her corresponding destiny desire. When she does, the karmic bonds that hold certain longings unfulfilled and mangled by control fall away and she can finally make space for the arrival of

Exactly What She Desires.

The trick? Let go woman. Fall into the nether regions of your own heart and harvest the truth that is waiting for you there in the space of stillness. Find out the true nature of your Dumuzi by simply ceasing to nag, ceasing to beg, plead, cajole, and most importantly, to hunger for him. You cannot by sculptor's chisel or the master's chains create half the powerful impact that will come from simply allowing him to be who he is. You cannot with golden treasure or soft cleavage bring in half the haul in terms of love that you will harvest the moment you just stop filling all the space and let the chips fall where they will.

The end result? The cold, hard presence of Ereshkigal with her refusal to hide her emotions, her unwillingness to play it small, her overwhelming insistence on reality ... feels like a thousand demons chasing down any man who has been coddled by his woman. The shock is overwhelming. But, in truth, in this mythology, cold abandonment of her faithful post opens up his only way through to the kind of becoming that is possible when it becomes clear he is not as essential as he imagined himself to be.

Dumuzi, are there no others waiting in line for the mantel she passed to you? Are you the only hot farm boy with a hard-on she might have made king? Might still make king?

Blind Dumuzi! You have been blind. You thought you could half occupy the territory that is your wife, half invest, half your presence and that she would go on longing forever.

She longs alright, for holy lovemaking that manifests in the form of her hand held at the breaking of the field, the breaking of the dawn, the breaking of her smile, the breaking of her tears cascading over the banks of her eyes.

Look into those eyes Dumuzi and see that her longing for these things has never diminished not even for a moment. The only thing that has disappeared is her willingness to beg you for them.

Occupy her. Take responsibility for filling the space she has made.


She will break ground on the harvest her way, better off alone than loved by half measures.

And from whence comes this new bravery?

She now knows she lacks nothing. She can put her hand to the plow and lay down the seeds of tomorrow without you. She is more than capable of taking dominion over everything she has tried to offer in partnership. But beyond this, she has dared to reckon with her anguish over your absence. In the process, she has lost interest in plying you with treasure and dangling carrots out her window in hopes you will come for her.

She is done asking for investments that never come.

Its all up to you now. Will you meet the demons conjured by her absence now becoming newly visible on the horizon. Oh sure, you thought you could increase your measure when you merely thought she was away. But this. This is something different. It is her refusal to dazzle or to wile away her days pining. You feel it, don't you? This is no visit to aunt Sally's ranch that leaves you free to drink beer and chase starlets. This is a big permanent shift in the dynamics. It's a shake-up of epic proportions.

She's onto something new my friend. The only question for you to answer is how you will participate. Or not?

So familiar now isn't it? The broken hearted woman reclaims herself and the man has to finally grow up or not. It makes no difference to her. She is worn out, haughty with independence, certain she will never again suffer the night, cold and alone with his warmth so nearby.

But of course, this is a broken, tired story rooted in the disintegration of the true partnership that once existed between the masculine and feminine creative principles. This is a rage-filled game that, in other times, and other places might have looked so very different with just a tiny shift in the perspective. For what reason do we need this balancing when equilibrium is the natural state?

So, now, woman, release this haughty anger, suspend the mythology of man and woman in a tug of war in which she wants and he withholds.

Dare to look with me at a different manifestation in the beautiful stars dancing across the sky.

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Before we jump into the recasting of this story, consider that this Scorpio new moon is literally surrounded by momentous astrological occasions as follows:

  • Today, November 6th, Uranus went retrograde in Aries;
  • Today, November 6th, the North Node of the Moon (AKA Destiny) moved into Cancer;
  • Thursday, November 8th, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius;
  • November 15th, Mars moves into Pisces;
  • November 16th, Venus goes direct in the sign of Libra (where she is retrograde now); and
  • November 16th, Mercury goes retrograde.

While I am generally loathe to open one of these stories with the Moon itself, today I can't help myself.

In Egyptian mythology, the Moon is Khonsu. He is both the principle that evokes potential (at the new moon) and the exorcist who banishes disease and madness.

Khonsu as the Moon opens our heart so we can feel the compassion and love that connects us to the Divine. He helps us commune with--to consume--the divine energy of love that ultimately heals all hurts. It is Khonsu who stands as out protector as we stand open. As the god of right timing, it is he who teaches us how to hold the boundaries between that which it is healthy to receive and that which will cause us harm. In this function, he is the warrior and is an aspect of our male pole. He teaches us how to not give ourselves away in a fashion that drains us of our life force energy. As such, he is the god who heals codependency. He utilizes our primary inheritance from our animal nature--our feelings ... Khonsu encourages us to open up and feel it all--our pain, our sorrow, our anger, our joy. Through the free expression of our emotions, through their release in a healthy way, Khonsu opens the pathway to our next revolution on the spiral of life. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods, by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

For a clue to the spiral of life that can open up for us during this New Moon, let's consider Scorpio. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Scorpio is Bast or Bastet.

Bast is the sensuous symbol of our longing, our holy desire ... When two people come together and experience union with each other, whether that is a physical union or the merging together of talents and abilities, a third thing is created. The ecstasy and passion of Scorpio is the catalyst for its expression. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

I also believe that Serqet, a scorpion goddess of ancient Egypt, is profoundly related to Scorpio.

The pronounced physical contraction of the scorpion's body, especially its tail, when threatened and its expansion when relaxed, symbolized the rhythmic, contraction and expansion of the lungs in the process of breathing, and the rhythmic flow of the vital force via breath. It also represents the flow of sexual energies and in this respect Serqet is the goddess of sexuality whose energies can be channeled either positively or negatively. When used for destructive and manipulative purposes these energies work to ensnare one more deeply into the world of appearances, and become poisonous like the scorpion's venom. In this respect Serqet is contraction, preventing the flow of the life force...But her sexuality can also be the power given as a gift by the goddess, an expression of the cosmic female principle. ∞ The Book of Doors, Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

Serqet captures the razor's edge of walking with our holy desire in hand. Oh how we contract when we feel we are about to touch its object and that it might be snatched away from us in the end. But it is in finding the courage to expand again that we can bring it through in richer and more vital expression. In so doing, we release the life flow energy to again contract, taking new form. In this place, the clarity of destiny desire morphs into the shifting shadows of karmic longing and back again.

When Khonsu opens our hearts to the compassion and love that connects us to the divine, we find relief. Expansion and contraction become one graceful movement of breath rising and falling, dreams and babies being born, ecstasy coming through in waves and then contracting to make space for another expansion.

It is this dynamic movement between expansion and contraction that feels so lost in the drama of the Inanna story and its focus on betrayal and reckoning.

But if we look deeper, perhaps Inanna's descent into the underworld is really just her descent into the world of feelings where Khonsu can be found. Maybe her rage-filled rise is just one way of portraying the process by which we find the ways we have sold out when we have failed to love ourselves first followed by the frenzied confusion that arises as we try to find equilibrium and new expression and in the sweet compassion of our loving natures.

Do we find here, metaphors for Serqet's rising and falling breath, and for the courage to leave the world of manipulation where shifting shadows and illusions draw us more deeply into bondage?

Holy desire gone karmic looks a lot like this kind of manipulation, grasping and clinging and hungering for control.

Prayer to Unleash Holy Desire: Oh Holy Khonsu, free us from this desperate bid to avoid risk, control outcomes, place limits on love instead of on behaviors. Oh Sweet Serqet, liberate our breath, and with it, our holy desire. Free them from the clutches of wildly gyrating appearances and the manipulations we undertake to steady ourselves in the chaos of our fear. And as we breathe ourselves into a new kind of magic, dear Khonsu, evoke in us the full expression of our sacred desire.

Luscious Bastet, bring our relationships into the hope and ecstasy of creating the third thing we are meant to hold between us, our collaborative dream.

This is our Destiny! Help us bring it through.

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The North Node in Cancer has something to say about this holding of the third thing!

As a cardinal water sign, Cancer draws us back to the emotional issues we faced as life began for us (in past lifetimes or simply within past iterations of our present day selves). But it also initiates new emotional experiences. I feel like if we get caught up in the former rather than in initiating what is to come, we will be wasting yet another day, or maybe even another decade.

Our way out of waste comes in understanding the symbolism of Cancer as follows:

In the sign of Cancer, we find Nut and Geb, the sky goddess and the earth, the mother and father of all that is. In their union we find the harmony of opposites joined in beautiful loving connection. In their separation, we discover loyalty and hunger for one another; a union that is no less potent because it cannot be re-consummated every moment.

In their love we find the embrace of papa and mama, separated by the air, but united in the project of holding their progeny; joined in shared purpose and mutual affection. Which perhaps means they are not truly separate at all, but custodians of a love that goes beyond sentiment and into purpose; into the work of holding the fullness of what their union created and is creating. Nonetheless, it is a fruitful, fulfilled union that serves to bring things about and to sustain them once they are born.

In Egyptian Mythology, the North Node is Shai. He works the wheel of life with skill, turning it towards destiny.

Could it be that the North Node in the sign of Cancer is calling us into the rich emotional experience of creativity unleashed between us rather than the constant work of healing past wounds? What if we ask ourselves to breathe through the pain of old memories and disappointments as they surface, as we contract, when they arise, and then to refocus on the expansiveness of co-creation. It feels like a risk, doesn't it? What if we choose the wrong partner. What if we get a Dumuzy usurping power and abandoning the glory and chemistry of our marriage bed?

Does it really matter? A dedicated shift into creative expression will reveal the true character of our partnerships. Likewise, our willingness to breathe into and out of our wounds as they arise has true potential in terms of helping us feel our way to setting boundaries that comport with the commitments we have made to one another and to our dreams. Khonsu will help is find the line. He will open up the right timing for everything. If we let him, he will exorcise the limits that no longer serve us and heal us of our past calamities. In this way, we can turn the wheel skillfully towards destiny.

Now of course, all this comes with a massive challenge! Apep is his name. He is the South Node, the phantoms we face in the shadowy places where we fear to shine the light or where light cannot fully touch the scene. In other words, we have here karmic longing, desire bound up in OUCH.

There he sits in the sign of Capricorn, very nearly conjunct both Vesta (the Cosmic Womb) and Pluto (the Soul). Capricorn is cardinal earth. It isn't fixed or fully formed. But karma is doing its best to land. It is working hard to bury itself in the Soul and make its way into the womb. In fact, not too long after the New Moon, Vesta will conjunct the South Node. There is no time to loose! We must slay Apep, overcome these fearful apparitions, and find the true desires lurking under them.

Pluto is also conjunct Vesta, again, in the sign of Capricorn. Our souls are touching down anew. Everything we have been through is coming to bear on the cervix of the cosmos. We are coming.

The question: will we drag the same old unresolved fears and hungers with us or will we bear down on the work of releasing them into oblivion just in the nick of time?

Which brings us to (Venus') Inanna's forebearer, Isis. She is squaring both the North and South Nodes. She is our true desires and our magic. She is the power we have to reconstitute our souls and send them on to deeper destinies. Squares insist on action.


Breathe and go in. Breathe and come out.

Oh my Goddess! Venus is retrograde in the sign of Libra, conjunct Ceres. For months I have talked about revising the nature of the harvest. Well, here we have it. Our true values have blasted backwards into the harvest principle, insisting that the harvest be aligned with our holy longing. No longer must we replay the tapes of paradise lost and regained, of anger and of reckonings, of treasure lost and found. We can break through to the place where holy longing is held, regarded, realized!

Uranus, retrograde in Aries is also square the North and South Nodes.

In Egyptian Mythology, Aries is Khepera. He is the symbol of the resurrection. Uranus is Wadjet. She is the Great Awakener. I can see her hands reaching into the birth canal, revising, reviving, revitalizing, and reimagining who and what we have been. We are the harvest!

This is our time!

Oh! Jupiter is quincunx Uranus. Plot twist! The re-visiting of the harvest is getting an influx of grace and expansion right from the heart of our holy longing as Jupiter is hanging out in Scorpio until just two days after the New Moon. You might say that holy longing is expanding in the harvest as Uranus does its cleansing and remaking, awakening in us all we have worked so hard to become.

Shit, this just keeps building. Ceres is also square the North and South Nodes. This is a wildly iterative process between fateful, karmic patterns and destiny, the harvest and the nature of what is being harvested, true values and all that is set for and against their realization...

Well, and get a load of this! Saturn is trine Uranus.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Saturn is Sobek. He is the resistance to change and the principle of fixation and structure that allows change to materialize. A trine represents the falling of obstacles between two principles. It creates fast movement one way or the other. Saturn (in Capricorn) trine Uranus suggests this lightening strike of resurrection power will take physical form. It will happen more slowly than Jupiter's expansive influence would otherwise provoke. But this is not just mental or emotional change. This has legs. It will manifest. The trine suggests the resistance won't hold for long.

Get ready! Not just in the sense of bracing for change. Get ready as in throw yourself into choosing to be the change. Now is the time!

Your harvest of self and destiny will be a glorious one. But you must be disciplined. You must ride the expansions and the contractions as sensations of birth and avoid the ideology of wild reckonings and holding people accountable. Create darling. Create with all your might. Wherever you are, with whomever you choose to be intimately connected, create.

CREATIVE, NOT CRISIS CONNECTION, those are your watch words.

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Okay, okay, we don't need you to beat us over the head with it, says Rebecka to this chart.

Mars is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, further putting into play this feminine-masculine interplay that we have been dealing with since I fist started talking about Inanna in paragraph one.

I am going to make short shrift of this based on instinct. Black Moon Lilith is the feminine pleasure principle in exile. Mars holds the wounded, patriarchal warrior.

I am going with the feminine pleasure principle rising (reviving, revivifying) and revising the nature and character of the warrior. This is the pure strike of pleasure reincarnated in the heart of our deepest pain, the masculine turned ice cold and unapologetically aggressive.

This meeting is taking place in the sign of Aquarius, so the collective is in play.

It is time to stop screaming like banshees and start living as pleasure incarnate.

We cannot allow ourselves to be forced into crisis relating and out of creative expression rooted in pleasure principles. Not right now anyhow! Too much is at stake. Those of us who can anchor this shift must do so. As we do, we will plant powerful seeds of potential in the collective. And whoa the timing.

Mars is headed into Pisces. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, she is Sothis, the unconditional love of the Divine Mother. Our warrior is going to get a baptism in the endless sea of motherly love. Change is ripe!

Love is the creative and destructive force that will bring it through, wiping away the scourge of patriarchal ideals and opening up new fields of possibility for all who are willing to be transformed in its nutritive and transforming fires. Pleasure is its accomplice!

Which brings us to the upcoming shift of Jupiter from Scorpio into Sagittarius (Sekhmet).

I will leave you with this:

Sekhmet is the agent of change, the force that arises from within use when it is time to make a decision, move out of our internal conflict, and act ... She grabs us by the Sobek [Saturn]--our internal and often fearful resistance to change--and our Horus [Jupiter]--that part of us that longs for the next right thing--and gives them both a good shake ... She forces our internal Sobek and Horus to cooperate so that we can open up willingly to the next right step and move ourselves froward, grounded in the wisdom of our experience. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer



In this way, we access the level at which, no matter how poisoned our lives have been, how poisonous the circumstances in which we now live, we are new every second, making every effort to be ourselves more authentically each moment, love and pleasure incarnate. When all the venom has been sucked out, what else could we be?

When the modern mediumistic artist looks into his crystal,
he sees the last
nightmare of mental disintegration and spiritual emptiness ...
But he may see something else ... the vital, somewhat
terrible spirit of natural life, which is new
every second. Even when it is poisoned
to the point of death, its efforts
to be itself are new in
every second.
∞ Peter Grey, Apocalyptic Witchcraft

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Scorpio New Moon Chart
Scorpio New Moon Grid

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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