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We are simultaneously possessed, annihilated and forever outside of Time. She is immanent. ∞ Peter Grey

Can you hear the heartbeat of hope cleansing the horizon with every pulsing swell of her passionate presence?

In HER, the drums of War are harmonizing with the sweet melodies of Love. What we once deemed separate, the Cosmos, as a representation of our collective consciousness and evolution, will bring together again later this year.

The resounding question I hear echoing across the night sky:

Why did we (the collective consciousness of humanity) separate Love and War (snatching War out of women and Love out of men in the process) and what new form will they take as you (and we) do the work of recombining them?

To answer this question, we must travel back in time to what was, once upon a lullaby.

How many miles to Babylon,
Three score miles and ten,
Can I get there by candlelight?
Yes, and back again!
If your heals be nimble and light,
You can get there by candlelight.
∞ Traditional

Ishtar rose as the Morning Star of Babylonian society. She held within her the polarities of Love and War. The same unity held true in ancient Egypt where Asthoreth held these dual, seemingly inconsistent qualities.

As a goddess of love and beauty she had close affinities with Het-Hert (Hathor), and the rituals in her honor were said to be ecstatic orgies of love and pleasure.

As a goddess of war she was closely allied with Sekhmet, and her father was identified as either Ra or Ptah--the inseminating fire. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, The Book of Doors

In modern astrology and in the relevant, modern mythologies, we see War expressed as the blood thirsty, aggressive, Mars and Love expressed almost purely as romantic love by Venus. We see War assigned to the world of men and Love relegated, often contemptuously, to the world of women.

But for two transits in 2019 Mars and Venus will be together in the same signs. First they will enter Virgo (August 18th and 21st respectively) and then they will march into Libra (October 4th and November 1st respectively). Love and War will come together again first in the sign of the alchemist, Virgin-Crone and then in the sign of relationships where shadow work demands our full presence.

Shadow work: turning out treasure bound up and obscured in darkness.

To get at the heart of this reunification and its significance, consider the ancient archetypes that predate Virgo and Libra.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Virgo is Nekhbet.

Nekhbet is the great vulture goddess of ancient Egypt, the grande dame of the Egyptian pantheon. She is the mother, crone, the wise one. She is the wisdom keeper and the alchemist who knows what it is that needs to happen on Earth in order for the connection between heaven and heart to open. She is the high crone priestess, the mother superior, the guardian, and the guide...Nekhbet is the gargoyle at the gate of the Great Mystery. She is the elder sage clan grandmother who prepares her children for their journey into the mysteries...She initiates us into an alchemical process that involves all of the great archetypes...Nekhbet alchemically transforms and transmutes the toxins in our body so that they become nourishment to our soul...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Nekhbet is associated with the sign of Virgo. Virgo is the last of the six signs associated with the development of an individual. Virgo's job is that of perfecting individual expression so that the individual might better enter into relationships with others...In the purest sense, Virgo refers to the "virgin"--a woman who is whole and complete unto herself...The virginal woman is the essence of the priestess whose spiritual path is her guiding light in her life. Her spiritual work comes before all else and nothing will deter her from her path. So too, with Mother Nekhbet. As true of all wise crones, she knows what is most important and allows nothing to distract her.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer, Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods

Nekhbet is actually the essence of the Virgin-Crone goddess, completely whole unto herself, androgynous and total.

She was called, 'Father of fathers, the mother of mothers, who hath existed from the beginning, and is the creatrix of the world.'
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, The Book of Doors citing Budge

In Shamanic Egyptian Mythology, Libra is Ma'at.

Ma'at is the archetypal principle representing the unifying cosmic force of ancient Egypt--that of truth, justice, balance, and order. More than any other deity in the Egyptian pantheon, Ma'at demonstrates the truth of the phrase, 'the light, the dark, no difference,' for in Ma'at. The experience of duality is an essential aspect of our humanity, and the resolution of the opposites within is a key step toward the realization of our divinity...

...Ma'at, more than any other deity in the Egyptian pantheon, demonstrates that these Egyptian gods and goddesses are principles more than personalities. In the later Greek and Roman pantheon, the principles upon which the deities were formed were often lost or overwhelmed by the dominance of their personality. Ma'at is the principle of divine order upon which a healthy society must be built. She represents the rising and setting of the Sun, the passing of the seasons--the rhythms of life upon which a healthy society is based, including the yearly inundation of the Nile. When all is right in the world, when order and balance are maintained, ma'at is present. When ma'at is not maintained, quarrels an disruption occur. 

It is Ma'at who balances the oppositional energies within us, so that a third can emerge. Whenever we are torn within ourselves by seemingly conflicting urges--represented in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by the eternal struggle between Sobek (Saturn) and Horus (Jupiter)--it is Ma'at who represents the point of balance...

...Aries, opposite Libra, describes the desire to exist as an individual; Libra expresses the desire to exist in relationship. Libra is the sign of relationships of all sorts...Libra represents the 'I/Thou' exchange between two whole and complete individuals...

Ma'at's consort is Thoth, he who opens the door to enlightenment and wisdom. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Perhaps in this description of Ma'at, we find the true foundations of love!

Ma'at is the ultimate shadow teacher. When we are able to look at another, with all their flaws and weaknesses, and see our own eyes looking back, we can say to them, 'Hello, another myself.' No matter what they have done, we can see ourselves in their actions. We know that we are capable of anything in this world, both the greatest accomplishments as well as the darkest crimes. While this does not absolve us of choice and right action--we must still strive to walk in truth, integrity, and honesty in all our affairs--this ability to identify with others does open our heart to love and compassion. Judgment of others dies within us. 

This does not mean enabling, however. We cannot, as individuals or as a society, allow individuals who act in a way that is harmful to continue their actions. There are consequences for not walking in ma'at. The ancient Egyptians had a word for it--isfet. It meant the disequilibrium in the cosmos that resulted from not following ma'at--strife, anger, enmity, and pain. Those who do not follow ma'at in our society must be held responsible for their actions. And yet this judgment--this weighing of their hearts against the feather of Ma'at--needs to be done with compassion and love. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

As Mars and Venus move into Virgo, they move through a portal to a new kind of mystery, namely the mystery of relationship. Virgo lays a foundation by urging the development of these two principles in a way that can allow them to come into relationship, but not just any relationship. In ancient times, we have to assume that the principles of Love and War were bound together in ancient archetypes by a third factor: the order and divine justice or equilibrium of Ma'at. And they must be again held together in her Truth.

If we look at culture as a continuous evolution of collective consciousness, as already noted, the question arises: Why did we need to separate these two principles. Further, why did we take something that was once held in the unified feminine (goddess) consciousness and partition it into male and female deities?

It is easy to approach this question as though the world is actually devolving rather than evolving. But for a moment, suspend your judgment and consider why shoving these principles into duality was essential. Why did they have to break apart and how might they now come back together on a higher plane of expression? For this is the potential held in these momentary transits. Henceforth, even as they pull apart once again, we could see Mars and Venus as not truly separate, but like a pair of entangled particles forever responsive one to the other.

Take quantum entanglement, for example. You can make two quantum particles interact, then put them at opposite ends of the universe, and measure one. Whatever measurement you get, the other particle takes on a corresponding quality instantaneously, no matter the distance. ∞ Curiosity.Com

Perhaps they have always remained entangled?! From the appearance of literal separation flows an entire universe of beliefs and expositions. Whole understandings, erroneous or not, can be built upon this foundation of farcical separation. Whole worlds or possibility can be destroyed.

Consider all that we have projected onto Love and War as separate entities. Consider how we have changed the expression of both; how we have diminished their true, unified purpose.

The results have been grim. But in the path of the shaman, the magician, the sorceress, or the witch, the wound and the curse are the beginning of power if only you know how to use the crisis. And we know. Deep down we know.

In the words of Beyonce:

There is a curse that will be broken. One thousand girls raise their arms. Now that reconciliation is possible, if we're gonna heal, let it be glorious. ∞ Grammy's 2017

Performance starts at 59 seconds.

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. Genesis 50:20, The New King James Version

Take me seriously! The wound and the curse are the beginning of power.

A thing that has always been as it is cannot know its own true essence.

To know your own true essence is the true meaning of power.

As long as we stood unified, aggression and passion bound together within us, we did not understand. We could not touch our true value because our comprehension was limited.

The tearing apart was the beginning of our journey into genuine, self-conscious gnosis.

War without Love is stale, stagnant, cruel, unhinged from deep purpose. It can be harnessed by the highest bidder. Love without the aggression that holds clear lines is like cotton candy. You can crush it, and its bearer, between your fingers. It loses its shape with so little pressure that it almost does not exist at all.

We had to know this in our bones. To get to this knowing, we had to journey into the stark coldness of a world in which Love has no tangible, lasting form and War has no limits. This has been our threshing floor, our Nekhbet unleashing the black phase of alchemy: dissolution.

The threshing floor is a place where the fragrance of true devotion is unleashed.

It is a place of worship and purification. In this place all that is not Divine within us surfaces. These things call us to the shadows where buried treasure can be disturbed and ultimately harvested from the useless chaff (fixated habits and relationships) that encases and chokes off the supply of nutrients.

Therefore they will be like the morning cloud
And like dew which soon disappears,
Like chaff which is blown away from the threshing floor
And like smoke from a chimney. ∞ Hosea 13:3

Places of true worship are always built on threshing floors. A temple of God is a place of purification for the bride, a place where all the things in us that are not God are brought to the surface, to be dealt with. This is the refining process. This is the work of the Holy Spirit, the Refiner’s Fire. ∞ Benjamin Sealey

But the story does not end in the separation of the wheat from the chaff, or for that matter, the precious elements that become gold from the useless dross!

The threshing floor is also the place of harvest, of the overflowing abundance that comes from renewal.

The threshing floors will be full of grain,
And the vats will overflow with the new wine and oil. ∞ Joel 2:24


But what was not of Divinity in the first place?

Simple stagnation!

We can sit forever in our sameness never daring to venture into new creative avenues. We can forget the value of a good adventure, clinging to the comfort of the familiar. We can lose sight of the many things we are meant to touch and to know in this life.

In our safety we forget who God-Dess is. We forget who we are: the ever changing phenomenal play of Divine expression.

It is not that God-Dess casts us out of our false paradise built of comfort. It is that stagnation of necessity calls forth its own undoing.

We have been undone for a good long while now. We are again stagnating in our separation.

We cannot come back together as simple replicas of what we once were. Ancient Egypt's magic and Babylon's volatile passion can stand like beacons on the horizon of our new world. But they cannot be embodied exactly as they once were. Their time has passed. Here and NOW we must discover anew the significance of Love and War united within us; of Ishtar and Ashtoreth fulfilled in this new age.

What does their presence mean for this eon in which we are emerging from the devastation of our long lived, collective, and equally fixated traumas?

What will break us out of the stagnant vision of our separation?

What device will we use to recognize our Totality once more?

The future is calling to us. Can you hear her tune?

In it, we know deep in our hearts that we are all entangled particles. From this knowing we will build new worlds rooted in the interconnectedness that we never really overcame.

Have you not seen how War has savaged men even as women have paid the price of its isolation?

Have you not seen how the crushing of Love within us has broken the heart of man?

And what of the coldness in women's hearts as we fight for respect like breath, stopping the effort to love until regard is in the room?

The separation was always a farce. Now we are in a position to know this and to deploy the wisdom of our knowing.

In the practice of belonging, we are not seeking prowess or dominion over anyone else, but the ability to live in the conversation between things. This is a deepening movement into relationship with self and otherness. As we make ourselves keepers of each other and the world around us, so too are we kept. When we invite others into the landscape of our lives, giving them influence in our secret places, we are better held in our own becoming. ∞ Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home, Toku-pa Turner

You're the magician. Pull me back together again the way you cut me in half. Make the woman in doubt disappear. Her heaven will be a love without betrayal. ∞ Beyonce, Grammy's 2017

In the end, the separation was about being the magician one to the other. It has been about understanding the significance of giving each other influence in our secret places. What meaning could this ever have in paradise?

None whatsoever.

We had to cut each other apart.

This was the only way that Love could ever have any real teeth. Anyone can love when the hormones are flowing strong and the rivers of desire are overtaking the banks. But it takes real will and strong metal to return to love over and over again when the pain is so deep you don't even know what to do with yourself, when you are stabbing hatefully at your own capacity to love because the betrayal bond you have made runs so deep that you cannot escape your lover's treachery.

But in the treachery rests the doorway to yourself and to a true warrior's love. Will you just shrivel up and blow away in the face of your anguish or will you choose to work with the ambiguity of your own undoing? In this undoing you will find your true identity, you will find your belonging. You are everything that ever was and ever will be. You cannot get to this place of knowing by disowning your pain or by hating the ones who served it to you like the poison of the mystics.

You must stand in the ambiguity until the bitter, glorious end when it renders something deeper than duality; something that goes beyond our search to render pain moot and crown pleasure our false idol.

Ambiguity, or the willingness to hold many perspectives at once, is the core competency of dreamwork. It teaches us that there are many sides to a story, and as we grow more adept with it, we can hold an increasingly diverse number of perspectives at once. ∞ Toku-Pa Turner

Beware. If we list too far to the side of owning our own pain rather than sharing its origin, we also lose the power of the warrior. It is the warrior who knows that learning to hold the ambiguity in the trenches of our pain is not the objective. The true objective is a Love contained within the force and power of purpose.

Eventually, we must move beyond the treachery that threshes all that is not God-Dess and blows it away on the wind. We must get to that heaven Beyonce sang about. We must create it together.

The magical device that unleashes heaven?

The courage to hold one another even in the fire. To insist on the value of a bond in Love that goes beyond betrayal to the fullness of two hearts joined.

We must finally hear the sound of two hearts beating as one and know that we have only ever belonged to one another.

We can fail at this. We can look upon the most fragile parts of another with contempt and then we have lost. Contempt kills love. Our heaven without betrayal comes alive in the work of accepting all that is into our own hearts and with it, all that we and the supposed other are together; in unifying all divided realities as we hold the paradoxes together in one, singular space. We continue this holding until the seeming contradictions render a picture so complete the ambiguities emerge as crystalline reality, transparent, radiant, full of God-Dess.

Are there treacheries too great or dangerous to be engulfed in the Heart of Love? Perhaps! Genocide, rape, murder? I don't know the limits of this loving ambiguity, this accepting and holding the paradox of many sides in every story. I just know that here we must mark our territory and begin.

And when we need the safety of distance, we must take space so that we will live to love another day and to work with new paradoxes. But one thing is for sure: Hatred serves no one save the army of looters who prefer we blame one another for it all. When we eschew this worthless emotion called hatred and its companion, exclusion, we become HER devoted students.

As such, we are disciples of terrible love who have attained such a vision and can through our strength go on to embody it. ∞ Peter Grey

As we come to know HER, we also embody HIM. Pairs of entangled particles, Love and War come together and alive in each of us as ONE. The inseminating fire meets the seed of new life. We are renewed together.

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