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For my sweet beloved. May you find your way HOME.

There is only one thing on this earth worth doing:

To know one another intimately and to love what we discover in the deepest recesses of that knowing.

If we never find one another in the misty corners and wild edges of what so often seems like a bad dream then we may as well have skipped being human altogether.

We are wired for love, made for community. We become desperately unhinged without one another.

Yet there is a wickedness on the face of this planet that seems utterly intent on ensuring we remain scattered, unknown to one another. It is our life's work to engage the bevy of lies issuing from its forked tongue. But more importantly, we must become the kind of truth that nullifies everything else.

The truth serum?

Admit we need one another and that the faux-fur warmth of any world built on pure rugged individualism comes at a steep price: we die in the cold even as we imagine we are warm.

Put another way: You are my holy desire and I am yours.

Say it with me! Sing it from the rooftops. Even if you are desperately afraid I will not come, that no one will come, you must let your desire pass over your lips and into this world as the antidote to malfeasance. It is the only way.

Do it as the Moon turns to blood and disappears at 11:12 PM CST tomorrow evening. Do it as the Moon grows to its fullest just a few short minutes later (11:16 PM CST). Trust that he will hear you and that he will cleanse your lips (and your Soul) with the hot, burning coal of holy splendor. From the embers it brings to life in you will leap the flaming passion of a whole new world if you will only choose it unambiguously.

And who is he? The Moon himself!

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, the Moon is masculine and plays dual roles that differ very much from the common Western perception of the Moon symbolically speaking.

Khonsu is a god of the Moon associated with healing and right timing. The ancient Egyptians believed he had the ability to expel the demons that cause illness and disease...Khonsu as the Moon opens our heart so we can feel the compassion and love that connects us to the Divine. He helps us to commune with--to consume--the divine energy of love that ultimately heals all hurts...As the god of right timing, it is he who teaches us how to hold boundaries between that which it is healthy to receive and that which will cause us harm...He teaches us how not to give ourselves away in a fashion that drains us of our life force energy. As such, he is the god who heals codependency. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

He makes the sap rise in the budding plants of spring and helps fertilization with the energies of the new moon; in this aspect he is described as the fiery bull.  As the light-bearer he makes 'women fruitful, and makes the human germ to grow in his mother's womb.'

He possesses absolute power over all hostile spirts in the earth, air, and sea. As a great healer, he banishes disease and madness...
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

In short, he pushes us to uphold boundaries and he cleanses that which is not in accord with our health and wellness. But he also calls potential to fruition.

He is the perfect ally for this momentous occasion. As he grows full, he will be in the sign of Leo and conjunct the North Node in the sign of Cancer. How appropriate.

The North Node is destiny. Cancer, in Egyptian Mythology, is Nut and Geb, the Sky and the Earth. They are separated only by the beautiful creations they hold between them: US.

Nut and Geb symbolize the power of a collaborative dream, a shared purpose, an unshakeable intimacy that gives itself completely to the task of holding its beloved handiwork with steadfast devotion.

Leo, for his part, is the end product of healing our individual wounds. He stands as the place holder for the Shaman King or Queen who has passed the test of the wound, harvested its power and truth, and come out the other side as Divinity swathed in skin tight YOU.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Oh, and what of that harvest?

As Moon shines in darkness, Ceres will be in the sign of Scorpio. In Egyptian mythology, Scorpio is associated with Bast. She is our holy desire. But she is also associated with the power of the Scorpion goddess Serqet, "She Who Liberates the Breath."

The pronounced physical contraction of the scorpion's body, especially its tail, when threatened and its expansion when relaxed, symbolizes the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the lungs in the process of breathing, and the rhythmic flow of the vital force via the breath. It also represents the flow of sexual energies and in this respect Serqet is the goddess of sexuality whose energies and in this respect Serqet is the goddess of sexuality whose energies can be channeled either positively or negatively. When used for destructive and manipulative purposes these energies work to ensnare one more deeply into the world of appearances, and become poisonous like the scorpion's venom. In this respect Serqet is contraction, preventing the free flow of the life force symbolized by the ankh she holds in her left hand.

But her sexuality can also be a power given as a gift by the goddess, an expression of the cosmic female principle, and it is in this way that the scorpion was considered sacred to Auset [Isis], imparting her protection, magical knowledge, and power...

...Serqet is a goddess of high magic, and a powerful 'keeper of the threshold.' In some of her aspects she can be identified with Hecate...
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

She tells us a bit about the work at hand. Expansion, contraction, expansion, contraction...Dare I say an orgasm or two? Don't be startled darling. Breath, birth, pleasure...They live a whisper's width apart.

In any event, we will harvest this holy desire with the power of our breath, with hips that crack open to deliver whole new universes, with the pleasure we dare to unleash in the hour of our most fervent longing.

But make no mistake, we must begin with the words of power, with the admission of need, with the confirmation that beyond need there is a ravenous, lusty fervor for connection.

Come now darling, tell the truth!

The Moon is trine Ceres after all. There's bound to be an exorcism of these useless lies of our independence and an equally powerful evocation of a harvest richer and more vivid than we have ever imagined. Of course, the work won't end on this night. To call forth the new universe is not the same as learning to live there, learning to live by the confession of your humanity.

For that you will need to do a bit of manifesting into reality with fussy old Saturnian determination. But for now, it is enough that you dare to utter the truth. You can get to discipline at daybreak (at the very latest).

In the meantime, there are a few more morsels of support you might want to gobble up. Venus is going to be conjunct Jupiter both in the sign of Sagittarius. Venus (aka as Isis) represents the magic of your true values and Jupiter (Horus) is the next generation Sun god. He is the grace you need to bring this dream through.

It's worth elaborating a bit on Venus here. She is a penetrative force capable of bringing new life out of dead things (Horus out of Osiris minus the penis of the latter)! You might call her the power of En-Light-enment.

She pierces through all denial and illuminates our soul's longing...She holds the vision of who we are and who we are meant to be and calls us toward our higher self. In her, we find the courage to walk our soul's path...In Western astrology, Venus represents the principle of values...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Isis challenges us to align our actions with our values...How willing are we to change--to open to a shamanic death--in order to receive love? ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

And what of Sagittarius besides the power of the archer's bow lit with passion, shiny with power, and ready to hit its mark? Sagittarius is Sekhmet. She is the Shakti, the life force. I can here her screaming that you are gonna have to put a fair bit of you into this night time crawl out of misery. No more selfless sacrifice. When you scream out the name of your beloved, you better do it with all that you are. Whether you scream the name of God, your forlorn lover, your desperately critical mother...You better put some spirit in it or who knows what might come up from the bowels of this beast-filled lie of isolated sovereignty.

I could go on and on with maddening detail about the supports and challenges in this chart, but expending so much passion has already left me spent. The first sacrifice of self was mine tonight. It came through the power of my words leaping off my fingertips and my determination not to leave you in this all alone.

But before I go, consider that the Sun will be sitting in Aquarius. When the Earth blocks its access to the Moon, all that darkness will be holding a little secret. This primal scream is not just about you. We are all counting on you. The more voices that go up with the creation sound of Ptah, the greater our shot at bending the ugly untruth and making something new for ourselves. Aquarius is, of course, another name for Ptah. He spoke the world into existence and he stands as the ultimate sign of the collective.

Invite him to ignite a fire in your throat chakra (not just your loins). Vesta (aka Meh-Urt), the cosmic womb will be waiting (also in Aquarius) for your holy word seeds to blossom and when your hips come hurtling open, it will be from her that your womb receives the tribute of heaven.

Shout sister. Call it out with conviction brother. This is a creative fire that was made to ricochet through heaven and earth.

Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Matthew 18:18, the NIV

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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