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Join The Apocalyptic Passion 7-Unit, Self-Paced Challenge

We will face the darkest, heaviest emotions, and from them draw up the Apocalyptic Passion that will rend this world and render a new one.

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time... I think I’ve forgotten this before. ∞ Steven Wright

Did you forget something! Are you sure about that? I know, you really, really don't want to look again. You really just want to MOVE forward already. Enough deep examination of self.

BUT what if this time when you cast your gaze, you did it not as an act of self reflection, but to kickstart a visceral experience of something totally unexpected? As a magical act of FOCUSSED, APOCALYPTIC REVELATION?

Hear me out!

This New Moon in Taurus will take place amidst a cosmic configuration full of provocation and doors between worlds swinging open wildly in the rough and tumble of a change that is begging for you to make this THE MOMENT it comes alive. But, and this is a tricky one, you will have to do it in the face of a grand temptation towards repeating the past without so much as the bat of an eye. Wake up. Pay attention. Bat your eyes just to break the stalemate with who you have been UNTIL NOW.

Here's the lay of the land:

Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct, both retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and both conjunct the South Node. The old karmic yearnings will be calling loud and clear and begging your soul to give in to the perilous nostalgia for the past and for all its various entanglements. It will be asking to inhabit the structures of your life; to strengthen your negative emotions and turn your negative, karmic fantasies into fixated realities AGAIN. But recall, you can re-member something far older than your anguished, unsatisfied yearnings.

Consider this question:

What is also star bursting through the sky and begging for a body to ride around in? A place to be re-membered?

Pleasure! She is literally imploring us to give her a way to come into form and to change everything when she does. Evidence: The Sun, the Moon, and Uranus, all direct and in the sign of Taurus. All moving forward with a full on temptation of another kind. You can become pleasure right now. Pleasure can become your identity. She's even asserting her right to do it.

Now that's a lot of action already. But Venus is no bit player in this show either. She is also playing the part of the provocateur, insisting on a new direction, provoking action, riling up the retrogrades.

Well, and Vesta...Ditto Vesta.

And Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius. Ditto Ceres.

Now you could get a little twisted about that last part. Grace and the harvest gone rogue at exactly the moment you need to break the hold of poverty? I mean poverty and pleasure are not great bed fellows. You can be poor and full of enjoyment all right. I won't dispute it. But there are LIMITS. BIG LIMITS. And I am not keen to live with those limits because they put the breaks on things like influence, purpose, freedom, and most importantly, the joy of spilling over. It is awfully hard to give what you don't have. So, maybe think of this as return on your considerable investment, I mean if you have made one! Think about this as the moment when it comes back to you like a boomerang on a blessing mission.

Now for a bit if explanation about the key players:

In Egyptian mythology, Pluto is Osiris, the Soul on its journey through death to resurrection and reincarnation as the light. Saturn is Sobek. He is the principle of tradition, structure, fixation, resistance to change. Capricorn is Khnemu. He is the builder, not just of structures, but of souls. His name comes from Khnem, which means "To Build" or "To Unite." His essence is creative energy. But that energy and his creations only come alive via the feminine, via the goddess holding the ankh of life.

Which got me to wondering how the Taurus Sun (Taurus being that very ankh wielding goddess of pleasure in Egyptian mythology, Het-Hert, AKA Hathor) might gain some influence on this whole structural set-up (retrograding souls and powers of fixation all tangled up with karmic longing). The answer, the Sun and the Moon trine Saturn.

You could call these trines the ignition point! They are the place at which the obstacles between the Taurean Moon-Sun conjunction (aka the New Moon) on the one hand and Saturn-Pluto-South Node, on the other, collapse bringing swift movement one way or the other. Bat those eyes baby, bat them. Blink hard until you see a new reality in the shadow of the old.

The Sun is Amun-Ra. He is the Sun that shines by day and the Sun hidden at night. In his hidden aspect, he is all the great potential in us that we have yet to manifest. Hidden is the very essence of the New Moon when the Sun's reflection is no longer visible in the night. Amun is also known as the "Lord of the Phallus." He inseminates things.

Welcome to the party sensual Sun, drenched in feminine pleasure, powerful God of ALL WE EVER DREAMED WE COULD BE. Will you stick that erection into the heart of our souls, into the middle of the stodgy, old structures of who we have been and re-invigorate a world made of pleasure?

I think it is highly likely you will!

Uranus is Udjit.

Udjit is the personification of the primordial serpent power that, once uncoiled from her sleep in the root chakra, can rise with lightening speed up the channel of the spine, consuming body and mind with the fire of enlightenment and producing an ecstatic union of human with the divine.
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, The Book of Doors 

Udjit is the life force. And she was sitting in the sign of pleasure and was all snugged up with the Sun when Pluto went retrograde to begin with. But none of that will touch ground, none of it will make contact with the structures of this world, until the Sun, in the sign of Hathor invigorated (by his time with Uranus), comes into these trines with Saturn and Pluto. The Sun itself is not a generative power in Egyptian mythology. That is to say, it is not involved in fertility and procreation. But, the hidden Sun, as already revealed, is another matter and Uranus is life force! Sun, Hathor, life force...

Udjit's divinatory meanings (from the Book of Doors) are spiritual awakening, enlightenment, the flow of creative energy. Magical protection and power; royal power. The Sun will have no doubt benefited from the rush of her power. His erect phallus may just be teeming with the radiant, hidden, but soon to be revealed, kundalini fire that will burn this old place to the ground in a rush of Apocalyptic Passion set free.

But you know what else you might get all twisted up about?

The Sun and The Moon will also be conjunct the South Node. Thankfully not everything is as it appears!

Down and dirty on the Nodes...

South Node = the past, karmic longing, old unconscious fears and equally old, unconscious desires

North Node: destiny, the future, desire liberated from karmic pain.

In Egyptian mythology, karma is contained in the archetype of Apep. Destiny is held in the wheel of Shai where he is actively and skillfully working with the effects of his past actions. In short, Karma and destiny are but a hair's breadth apart. They are not truly separate entities, but complimentary participants in the same dance of life. Apep rises to insist we step to the wheel of destiny and give it a spin. His frightful apparitions also arise as invitations into the power of integrity. His horror hides within it the Apocalyptic Passion that CAN rend the old world and render the new one. He shows up, by the way, as the kind of emotions you would rather avoid, but would be well served engaging instead.


2: an unimpaired condition : SOUNDNESS
3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS

∞ Excerpts from Merriam-Webster

In other words, Destiny is set free only when we learn to work skillfully with the boobytraps set by Apep, and in so doing, realize the power and soundness of our own completeness.

In a magical sense he [Apep] represents the "shadow" of the Fire snake and the period of spiritual darkness an horror that encloses the aspirant before the illumination of Ra penetrates to the deepest levels of consciousness to bring the victory of enlightenment. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, The Book of Doors

Fire snake you say?

Look, I won't understate this. We are going to face some wild apparitions from the past as pleasure is awakened within (and transmitted by) the Sun of our not yet manifest potential. I mean our souls are conjunct our karma and retrograding into both the past and its fixation in the structures of our lives. We could screw around and reinvigorate exactly the reality we don't want. But there is a huge opportunity on the horizon to do something meaningful with the wild gyrations of karmic emotions and I, for one, don't intend to miss it.

There are those who would say that we should get the hell away from all this heavy laden energy of yesteryear and move towards pleasure unimpeded. I am not one of those people. I firmly believe that nothing ever gets left behind, but rather gets revised. And retrogrades are the perfect time of a passionate, provocative revision.

Which brings me to Venus and Vesta and nearly to the end of this report, because I could go on and on and on. There is so much in this chart. But who has time for that? I have a night to myself, Netflix, and a pack of antibiotics to combat my Typhoid Fever (hazards of living in the wild, untamed spaces of a less than fully modern world). So, I am just about spent here.

But before I go, Venus is Isis. Vesta is Meh-Urt, the cosmic womb. Isis is the call of our true values. She is magic. She is polarities in harmony. Her vision is complete. Her purpose is to facilitate the realization of grace and its victory over the old, fixated realities. You might say Isis is the mother and Meh-Urt is her womb.

These intense ladies are doing a lot in the skies.

Isis will be trine Jupiter, square Saturn, square Pluto, conjunct Vesta, trine Ceres, and square both destiny AND Karma. Vesta will also be square destiny and karma and trine ceres.

Isis first! Trine Jupiter (Horus) means the obstacles between her and the son she miraculously birthed from the dead body of our old souls will fall. Her influence will be felt, perhaps re-integrated, re-invigorated, re-focussed...within the principle of grace. Maybe she will call him INto alignment with who we are truly meant to be and into alignment with that return on investments I mentioned earlier.

As to those squares, consider them provocations to action. She will be provoking the manifestation, the building of a new reality, in both our souls and in the structures that emanate from who we are. Likewise, her influence will be felt upon the harvest. Ceres is Renenet. She is the reap what you sow principle. A revision along the lines of our true values couldn't hurt. There is a reason the harvest turned inside out. It is so we can manifest something new even if we planted according to something old. We can change what we reap. There is time. NOW is the time.

Many times in prior reports, I have talked about seeding according to the womb's desire to manifest. Vesta will be provoking action from destiny and from karma. She will be seeding and birthing according to her will. She stands ready to act as a portal for something new. NEW to us anyhow! The old pleasure of the feminine is upon us. She is no longer interested in being your vessel for karmic suffering.

Saturn will be in a square with her. All those shifts in the structures will need more than an inseminating dose of Amun's phallus and Saturn is insisting. The new has to come into this world through the vessel of the womb. It cannot really be otherwise, can it? But she has her will as well and she is provoking something in regards to destiny and karma. Conjunct Isis (Venus) no doubt this provocation is about turning the wheel in accordance with who we were truly meant to be: beings of pleasure, free, rich with opportunity and supportive resources, ready to build, to unite the strands of pleasure's DNA as they begin to shimmer in the moonlight of darkness giving way to new light.

Well, and speaking of the Moon, he is Khonsu, the exorcist who restores health and happiness to the sufferer. In the sign of Taurus, I imagine him doing CPR on the pleasure goddess, reviving her, exorcising the patriarchal stranglehold that sent her into Lilith's fiery, angry, much maligned exile.

Well, and speaking of Lilith, there is an interesting plot twist in this chart: North Node quincunx Lilith.

It is time she came out or hiding and returned as the pleasure Goddess fulfilled in us.

The time is NOW. Let the Shakti IN! Open to the kind of Apocalyptic Passion that dances as the fire when we cannot escape its flames.

Then look anew at your own face and see the glow of your life force alive, moving, revealed by your willingness to see.

Join The Apocalyptic Passion 7-Unit, Self-Paced Challenge

We will face the darkest, heaviest emotions, and from them draw up the Apocalyptic Passion that will rend this world and render a new one.

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Taurus New Moon Chart
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