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You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? ∞ Rumi

2020 holds the potential for radical transformation as three key planets (Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter) end and begin new cycles with one another.

Not much in this life leaves me speechless. But I stand, mouth gaping open, humbled before the immensity contained in 2020. I feel the weight of the pen in my hand. I am profoundly aware of its significance. Its mighty capacity for impact is impressing itself upon me as a warning and an invitation (as though Thoth is whispering over my shoulder). I am struggling insistently against the temptation to write from habit and to live from rote. The same old story wants to write itself, without nuance, without innovation. My pen must stand firm against repetition! It is my only chance. It is your only chance.

In point of fact, I think that sums up 2020 on the whole: a warning against complacency and an invitation to unprecedented focus and determination; a warning against retreating into the familiar when chaos strikes and an invitation to unleash newness and unprecedented largesse. From within these joint warnings and invitations heralds a call to hold and to wield great influence and creative power.

In summary (from the perspective of Egyptian mythology to be explained and explored more fully in the body of this report)...

2020 ends with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. This is the joining of grace, expansion, and victory with the structures of our lives (and with the agent that binds the immaterial into form). 2020 is grace and victory manifesting into form and expanding, unfurling its mighty wings.

Thus 2020 is a year filled to the brim with the influence of grace upon our power to build and to expand all that is necessary to support our dreams. 2020 is calling us to birth our dreams into form like never before and to create new structures that will support and expand upon the dreams manifested. 2020 is calling us to create victory.

2020 is also a year in which, the old order will come into direct contact with its obliteration. Right at the beginning, on the 12th of January, Saturn (structure, resistance to change, constriction and contraction) will conjunct Pluto (the breakdown and reformation of the Soul and the concomitant destruction of the old reality). Thereafter, these two planets will remain very close throughout 2020 (though not in an exact conjunction).

Finally, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto three times between April and November. This is the joining together of grace, victory, and expansion with the Soul and its journey through destruction, death, remembering, and rebirth. It is the the breakdown of the old and the birth of the new conjoined. It is the past and the future united to deliver the present.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto is the seeding of grace, expansion, and victory into the Soul's DNA (especially since this will occur in the sign of Capricorn). Nothing about this change will be cosmetic in nature. It will require and command deep revisions to the very core of who we are.

Don't imagine that you can rest on your laurels in terms of the massive shifts you have already undertaken.

2020 will insist you thoroughly consider the lies of defeat and devaluation that has stood within you and against your own victory. You will be asked to dismantle these things, and with them, the influence of the systems, relationships, and experiences that planted the lies of defeat and devaluation in the first place. If you have not already undertaken the journey, this year will call you deep into the Osirian Mysteries and into a reckoning with yourself.

Wherever you are in the journey, consider that some of what is actually hidden in shadow is our capacity for riches and richness. Not everything in the depths is against you. In fact, you may have hidden away (probably beneath those lies of devaluation and defeat) the things you most need in order to heed the call of 2020.

Greatness is on offer. Will you accept it? Even if you have to work for it?

No matter how brilliant the potential of 2020, don't imagine that we will not have to confront tremendous calamity and chaos collectively. We certainly will! Just look at what has already happened with Iran so early in this decade that some are already calling, "The Roaring 20s." Yeah. I'll say! Roaring right out of the gate.

We must stand ready.

We must enter the fray over and over again with intentions that are ironclad and a vision as clear as the highest quality diamonds. We must be the vessels of tomorrow steadfastly standing firm for a future bright and brilliant with glory. Aligned action counts for 2020!

If we do this, the battle will not really be ours. Grace will undergird our intentions, our dedication, and of utmost importance, our actions. Grace and expansion will create movement in places that seemed immovable. They will also form new strongholds made of victory in the structures of our lives. But not if we remain inert! Victory's cost? Involvement, Investment, Inclusion.

Victory for what? Revolutionary, next generation change. This is the essence of Jupiter (Horus in Egyptian mythology). So, put away your concerns that totalitarianism is our future. Domination and exploitation of the many by the few is so yesterday, so overdone, so not fresh or novel or even slightly original.

The challenge? Face these totalitarian illusions of grandeur and change who we have been within the existing traumatic systems.

As you enter THE CONTEST, know this: the obstacles set against this change, though they appear mighty, will fall like paper tigers - no matter how loud they roar.

Do not underestimate your task! Working with such malleable chaos (as results from the breakdown of one reality for another) and such unfettered creative power, means you must know when to slow things down and when to go full throttle. You must develop a keen sense of timing and a tremendous wisdom about what is real and what is tedious, time-wasting, temptation. You damn well better pay attention like a driver taking a curve on a narrow mountain road with no guardrails.

As an aside, I know Saturn is deeply involved and that it carries that natural slow-down energy. But that's not how I am seeing it. When I look at this I just see grace and expansion revising everything and I see it happening so fast, so powerfully, so dramatically. Sure, Saturn is here putting on the brakes, slowing things down incrementally. The resistance is simply not enough to hold back the change.

In light of all this, it's also time to learn new uses for your "weapons" of "warfare."

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ∞ Ephesians 6:12

We will use the shields of our true identities and our unwavering sense of our own value to deflect what we do not want. We will use the swords of our discernment and our clear intentions to cut through the illusions that imbue weakness with the appearance of strength.

Believe me, there are, and will be, many illusions casting about in this dark hour, thick and opaque with the metaphorical blindness, the uselessness, of our physical sight. The principalities and powers embodied as spiritual wickedness in the halls of our personal and collective power will dance like angry clowns. We must remember to laugh and laugh and laugh at their disjointed routines. And we must, no matter what, step up to hold and to wield power. We must claim a new kind of creative, constructive, and creatively destructive power. Hence we must also address and cleanse our relationship to power.

For now is our time!

We are about to break the cervix on a newly dawning era; an era of tremendous, transcendent, sometimes perilous change.

We are about to be reborn as Passionate Warriors.

When we were in the Domination System we were clenched tight, fearing life, dreading death, dreading one another, even dreading the truth about ourselves. Now we have faced the dread. We have faced death and seen it for what it is--a doorway into transformation. Now we are free of our dread. 

The Passionate Warrior, by contrast, lives with life force flowing, embracing life, cultivating joy and human potential, safe guarding his/her life and desires with wisdom and skillful action. The Passionate Warrior is literally alive and overflowing with passion and desire.
∞ Rebecka Eggers, Coming Alive!

Ultimately, this will also be a time of dance and of song, sometimes somber, sometimes filled with rage, but at least as often, boisterous and rich, teeming with life. If we choose it; if we dare to learn these new ways!

Of course, this is where the choice in the Rumi quote comes into play:

Do you still prefer to crawl?

We have been crawling, have we not? Through the dark, low, labyrinthine corridors of 2019? The fearful apparitions of the fire snake have seemed so real (and have had such real consequences for so many). Their desperate extinction bursts have looked and felt so terrifying. We have felt so small in comparison to the vast shadows they cast (and the damage the "true believers" have done).

Where we allowed the karmic loops to hold sway over us, we were soundly defeated in round after round after round of our own causes and their effects. Where we failed to notice an invitation to loosen the strictures of seemingly fixated reality, we went down by the hands of our own mindless repetition.

But ultimately, those of us who had been training for this moment did get the job done. We did begin to see that reality isn't such unassailable truth after all.

In the process, we have come to know the weight of our hearts and we have discovered the means for lightening the load.  In 2019, we were forced to relinquish our right to hardness, and finally to find ourselves, our beloveds, and even a few enemies, innocent and deserving. Of course, in the case of our enemies (those who mean to hold captive and to harm in service of their own interests), deserving is a matter of compassionate holding and not of license and permission to go on lording over us. We do not consent to our own despoiling.

In 2019, we also had to end all questions of worth and value. We had to prepare ourselves to FINALLY accept largesse (no matter how unlikely it seems).

2019 gave us no cover for our sorrows.

It gave us no quarter against the tumult.

And so we learned that we are not half as wobbly as we imagined we were back when cushions broke our falls. Oh how we learned the importance of self-generated balance with nothing soft to catch our wayward falls.

Ultimately, in 2019, we had to courageously choose LIFE from within the chaotic, terrifying arrhythmias of a dream in dire distress. When it seemed most like the dream would perish, we had to stand up. We had to stand strong.

We can now see that these experiences and challenges were the Apocalypse beating, wildly, savagely, beautifully, within us.


All along, we have really been tilting at windmills. But we sure couldn't see it; just as we may not consistently see it now. Our inner sight is not yet fully reformed.

Regardless, in 2019, we grew strong as we fought to live; as we fought to survive, and ultimately, to thrive.

We were often weary and distrusting, mostly of our own power, but that power did come alive in us, even if we cannot fully feel how ripe it has grown in our bellies.

In all honesty, it was impotency, the crippling impact of hope nearly extinguished, that we battled in 2019. Things looked so bleak! But truthfully, it was our own sense of ineptitude and weakness against which we learned to make our stand.

Now there is a torchlight of promise on the horizon and we are emerging as its standard bearers. We are coming forth from within our craven crevices where we folded in on ourselves in an unimaginable show of impotency.

We are realizing the fruits of our grand harvest, for even as we folded, we also remembered to flex and to expand, over and over again.

Remember or die.

Claim your agency or perish.

Recognize and live by your true value or be consumed as dross.

This was the message of 2019, and it delivered this message without mercy and yet, as the kind of blessing only true sacrament (communion with TRUTH) can merit. This message nearly drove us mad with anguish, crazy with fear, psycho with hopelessness. And yet it blessed us with discipline and potency. It made us hopeful. It gave us an identity of hope. By the end of 2019, hope was not something we attempted to do. We came into 2020 as hope! The hope of rebirth!

Now, as 2020 begins to unfold, we are the womb-treasure preparing to drop.

We are the dream about to be born and we are the dreamers preparing for birth.

We are beginning to stretch into our full stature. No more slouching! Our eyes are fixed on our destination and we must not be swayed. Our wings unfurling are unfurling and we must break the habit of crawling.

2019 held the numerology of Set (who was born, according to The Book of Doors, on the third day, "neither at the proper time, nor by the right place but forcing his way through a wound which he had made in his mother's side. (Budge 1969, 2:187)".

He, as promised in my 2019 report, brought opposition. But it was not fruitless opposition, no matter how it felt. It was (as I predicted in The Apocalyptic Heartbeat of a Dream Yearning to be Born), windmills or real dragons, the opposition of weight that made us strong.

And truthfully, was it not the Magnus Opus of a decade-long process of decomposition; of dissolving the very nature of reality? Or perhaps, if you have only just begun, it was the pressure that insisted you look more deeply at who you are, who you have been, and who you mean to become.

So that we could be re-membered and reborn, fresh as daisies, ripe and RED in a world made to nurture our blossoming?

It was a long, long process. But the Red Sun Morning is upon us! One last death is calling us! This is the death that accompanies rebirth. What was can no longer stand! In 2019, we finally began to see that reality is not something out there, standing separate from us, acting upon us. Reality is something like a mishmash of who we are, what we see, how we react. Reality, to a very large extent, rests firmly within our own grasp.

We must enlarge our portion!

We must finally reduce to rubble the last semblances of the fixated reality in which we have lived until now. And then we must bring a new reality into being within and around us. We do not do this in denial of the very real challenges the world faces. We do it because of them. We do it because the future requires it!

It is time!

2020, in contrast to 2019, holds the numerology of four.

Number Four is the number of manifestation, of becoming, of the body's creation ...
∞ The Book of Doors

In other words, if the decade culminating in 2019 tore reality to shreds and burned it to ashes, this is the year of concretization. It is the year of reality's ultimate revision and our rebirth. Or at the very least it holds the promise! It's not too late to begin this journey I am describing. This is true no matter where the collective decides to go. We must be in this world, but not of it.

This new dream requires more than a mere glance backwards to make sure we don't repeat the same things over again. It requires unprecedented, disciplined, self awareness, critical inquiry, and above all else, steadfast creativity. It requires a full concentration of self, a full clarity of intentions, and steadfast ACTION.

Hear me! Nothing I have said relieves you of the responsibility to really understand, at a whole knew level of depth, the foot faults that left your past in disarray. You cannot choose something new if you do not understand what created the old, what held it in place, what made it feel like such entrenched reality. Get ready for this!

We are entering a VERY dark hour. We will have to be, to generate, the light of revelation.

And we can't do that if we are not willing to see, to really know, the wickedness of the paper tigers hidden in this present darkness, in these heavenly places (namely our own minds, our consciousness, and in the consciousness of the collective). But likewise, we cannot do this if we are unwilling to reveal the unimaginable glory of ourselves as buried treasure and to bring it through. We cannot do it if we cannot believe that within this almost shadowless darkness also rests, among the demons of our past distress, our capacity to LIVE and to LOVE and to experiences all the riches of this life.

The number Four is associated with Kheper-Ra, from Kheper, "To Make," "To Take Form," "Become." Also, Keper means four.

In the journey through the Duat, the beetle, Kheper-Ra rides the Boat of Ra and during the Twelfth Hour, the darkest hour of the night, Kheper-Ra takes the place of the solar disk in the boat. He is the forerunner of the dawn, appearing from the darkness in his brilliance - the old sun made young again. ∞ The Book of Doors

Now you get why 2019 had to be so hard on you! Had you continued on with your karmic (lock-step, habitual) mindset and emotions, you would have been ripe and ready to WHOOPS your way into another karmic manifestation; to be reborn, again, into the same old story. You would have called it unavoidable. Many will call it unavoidable! (Now, if you are just hearing the call into this process, please understand that you no longer need to live the unavoidable life. This is the path of change. You can choose it.)

Had you not been forced to challenge the nature of "fixed" reality, breaking it apart and reforming it again, you would not have come to this moment ready to fully incarnate your creative power, to fully own it. The paper tigers, which will take down the masses not yet prepared, can no longer roar through your life unless you give into the illusion of their power.

Now, after unprecedented struggle within yourself and with the circumstances you/we have faced, you have the strength, the focus, the determination, to turn the wheel and to finally and forever, put a new spin on your life. It is time.

The planets are totally in agreement!

Here are the MAJOR events I will cover from the perspective of Egyptian mythology and archetypes:

  1. Pluto in Capricorn: Pluto entered Capricorn on December 3, 2019 and will remain in Capricorn until December 19, 2020;
  2. Saturn in Capricorn Ends: Saturn entered Capricorn December 19, 2017 and will finally be in Aquarius for good starting on December 17, 2020;
  3. Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: 22 degrees Capricorn, January 12, 2020 at 10:59 AM CST;
  4. Saturn moves into Aquarius, March 21, 2020 returning to Capricorn July 1 and then moving back to Aquarius on December 17th;
  5. Venus move into Gemini, April 3, 2020 at 11:11 AM CST, stations retrograde on May 13th, and then stations direct and eventually moves forward and into Libra on August 7th;
  6. Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions (1st of 3): 24 degrees of Capricorn, April 4, 2020 at 7:48 PM CST;
  7. Mars moves into Aries on June 27th at 7:46 PM CST, stations retrograde on retrograde, and then stations direct and moves forward and into Taurus in January of 2021;
  8. Jupiter moves into Aquarius, December 19th, 2020;
  9. Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 00 degrees of Aquarius, December 21, 2020 at 10:14 AM CST;
  10. Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycle: 34 year cycle begins January 10, 2020;
  11. Jupiter-Pluto Synodic Cycle: 12.5 year cycle begins July 31, 2020; and
  12. Jupiter-Saturn Synodic Cycle: 20 year cycle begins November 2, 2020.

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Part I: The Order of Operations & the Primary Cast of Characters

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and Saturn has been in the same sign since December 2017.

This year, Saturn and Pluto come into a rare conjunction. Then the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions begin. Finally, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs.

This order is highly significant as a matter of symbolizing what time it is in the collective consciousness of this world! To understand why, consider the cast of characters.


Pluto correlates to the Soul and evolution.
∞ Pluto Volume 1: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

Pluto is modern astrology's counterpart to Osiris (Ausar) in Egyptian mythology.

Osiris was the husband of Auset (Isis). He was the god of generation, growth, and blossoming. But when he accidentally made love to his wife's sister, who was the power of degeneration, he essentially became human, subject to the laws of life and death, decidedly mortal. His brother, Set(h) (remember him?) dismembered Osiris and cast his body parts far and wide. Isis reassembled him, except for his penis, which remained at large (if anyone wants to begin a new search). Isis then used her own magical powers to draw the generative power out of him, and to conceive his son, Heru (Horus aka Jupiter, the principle of grace, expansion, and victory).

The great god Osiris is at the heart of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, for it is he who guides us onto the path of wholeness. Osiris represents the essential duality found upon the Earth--the immutability of the ever present dance of death and rebirth...
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Osiris stands in contrast to his later representation as Pluto. Pluto's realm is death and shadows from which no one emerges. It is the place where Persephone was held captive and raped. What terrible character assassination!

...Osiris needs to be re-membered within our psyches, not as the perpetrator who through his actions kidnaps and holds prisoner the feminine energies upon our planet but as the ever present symbol of the rebirth and the regeneration that comes after death. We must open willingly to the arms of Osiris. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Like Osiris, we must be re-membered. We must re-member and embrace ourselves in totality. We must cast off the character assassination!

...The position of Osiris in our chart speaks to how deeply we have been wounded, not just in this lifetime bit in all the lifetimes we carry within our psyche. How deeply do we carry the wounds of the past ages--and, therefore, how strongly do we fear and resist change? A visit from the great god Osiris, through a transit of Pluto in our chart, gives us the opportunity to heal these wounds...This is the great gift of Osiris as he helps us remember who we really are. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Saturn is Sobek (an aspect of Set(h)).

The planet Saturn has long been feared as the representative of our most difficult experiences. Saturn is the principle of constriction. To be born with Saturn prominent in your chart guarantees as sense of limitation in some area of your life. Likewise, transits of Saturn bring times of limitation, loss, and feelings of oppression...Saturn has long represented the patriarchal masculine--resistant, oppressive, even cruel...Change is dangerous and so he resists it. He is the constant opposition to the new--always questioning, resisting. He is the wise defender and protector, grounded in practical reality, and yet also can be oppressive and restricting, smothering new life with his fear of change. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Of course, when approaching Sobek, it pays to recall that constriction is actually the only way things can come into form metaphysically speaking. The great universe of infinite potential must be bound, fixed into form. So, Saturn is not only resistant to change, he is the only means by which it can take shape.

You might say that Saturn makes sure change manifests into physical form, but that he also puts the brakes on so that the shifts cannot happen too fast or in the wrong circumstances. According to The Book of Doors, Sobek means "He Who Reunites" and "To Make Pregnant Again."

He was thought to unite the elements separated by Seth and to restore life to the elements dispersed by death. ∞ The Book of Doors

One of his divinatory meanings is, "Material power." Saturn, is that which binds matter into form, he is structure itself. He rules Capricorn (Khnum) "who creates the bodies of all living things...In the symbolism of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Khnum continually creates new forms..."


In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Jupiter is Horus. Recall that when Set(h) dismembered Osiris, his true wife, Isis, found all of his body parts (except his penis) and used her magic to extract his generative power. She became pregnant with the next generation sun god, Horus. I think of Horus as very simply, the energy of success, victory, grace, and expansion.

He carries the energy of the new generation--the new king, eager to seize the reigns of power and create new visions for the realm. He resists restraints and wants to charge eagerly forward--soaring through the skies, enacting change, and creating new visions...As a solar deity, Horus is a creature of light. He represents the force within that wishes to bring our creative aspect to fruition, to manifest our desires in reality...Horus expands whatever he comes in contact with. Horus in aspect to other planets in an astrological chart intensifies the expression of those planets. Horus in transit through an area of a chart expands the experience of that house or aspect. ∞ Linda Star Wolf & Ruby Falconer

The Sign of Capricorn

Khnum is one of the oldest gods of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, his origins stemming from predynastic times. Khnum is a creator god who creates the bodies of all living things...Khnum is the potter who shapes the bodies of all earthlings upon his wheel. In the symbolism of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Khnum continually creates new forms so that we might have the means to proceed with our earthly tasks after each process of transformation and change. As we move through each death/rebirth experience, it is Khnum who weaves new DNA into our ka body so that we can integrate and open to the demands of the change that is occurring--not only within us but upon our planet. It is Khnum who supports us as we open to that which next needs to be done here on earth...

...In traditional astrology, Khnum is associated with the earth sign Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the elder and the authority. Capricorn represents the laws and rules that give form to society...Capricorn represents not only the ever-changing structure of society but also, in its shadow form, the fearful resistance to change that can be a mark of the patriarchy. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

The Sign of Aquarius

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Aquarius is Ptah.

Ptah represents the power of the Divine upon the Earth...Ptah is the power of the Divine manifest here on Earth. The ancient Egyptians believed that the mind resided in the heart. Ptah is a loving, compassionate creator who gives form to his creations by the thoughts he thinks and the words he speaks...The world was formed from his loving thoughts and words. 

Ptah is the sign of Aquarius in the Western astrological language. Aquarius is an air sign concerned with the growth, development, and expression of the collective. While Capricorn (Khnum) is concerned with rules upon which the collective is run, Aquarius is the collective. Aquarian individuals are visionaries looking to the future--where are we going; what do we need; what do we next need to create? These are the questions that concern them...Aquarians think in terms of the collective, the planet, the cosmos. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Aquarius opens the possibility of balancing the polarity between masculine and feminine, among other opposites, like human and divine.

Part II: Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

First let's consider what it has meant to have Pluto in Capricorn (where it will remain until 2024). Pluto moves through the Zodiac over a 248 year cycle. Here's what happened the last time Pluto was in Capricorn:

The last time Pluto was moving through Capricorn spanned the years 1762-1778 when the American Revolution took place, then came their Declaration of Independence.

In France, Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI in 1770. Coming to the throne in 1774, the French King and Queen were highly unpopular because of their extravagance and lack of skill in managing the French economy. The stark divisions between rich and poor would lead to the French Revolution.

Meanwhile, European colonial power reached new heights. Britain took control of India by means of the East India Company, and marched into Canada in 1763. The French seized much of Polynesia and Captain Cook’s arrival in Australia would lead to the destruction of another indigenous population by invading Europeans. Though slavery was outlawed in Britain in 1772, the African slave trade increased dramatically in this era, particularly throughout the southern states of the US. Africa was relentlessly plundered, as white people projected their own unseen dark side onto the so-named “dark continent”.

Industrial Revolution

In the same year that the world witnessed a rare transit of Venus within a few hours of a solar eclipse (1769), James Watt’s new steam engine escalated the pace of the Industrial Revolution. The burning of coal began on a massive scale. Now we are set for a new kind of Industrial Revolution, as obsolete and environmentally damaging technologies are overhauled and replaced by new systems that are sustainable.

With the Industrial Revolution came massive growth in business and banking. Important developments in the business world included the first building society in the Midlands in 1775 and in 1773, London’s first dedicated stock exchange. A new system of corporate ownership meant there was less government regulation in business. This led to increased competition. In 1776, Scottish economist, Adam Smith published his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, which was the first attempt to study industry and commerce. This work laid the foundation for modern day economics. ∞ Cosmic Intelligence Agency

From an individual, soul perspective, this is essentially the death and rebirth of our inner structures. It is the dismembering and re-membering of self. Practically speaking, this means taking a well-considered look at who we have been in relation to the things that have shaped our lives and then ultimately, taking on a sense of agency in terms of reshaping our minds, our emotions, and our sense of ourselves in the world. It also means taking ownership of what we call "reality" and seeing just how far we can go in the work of shifting it. The inner shifts in terms of our identities must produce consistent external realities.

You might think of Pluto in Capricorn as the soul's transformation and its direct influence upon the very nature of reality as manifested in the rules, laws, and norms that have shaped society and our lives. You might also think of it as the awakening of Khnum's editorial power within us. We can change the rules etc.

During this time of Pluto in Capricorn, for instance, we have seen science begin to question the solidity of who we are as humans in interesting ways that are making it possible for us to move beyond the idea of a fixed self via concrete tools (rather than simply through vague and mysterious spiritual practices). For example, this is the description from the cover of a fascinating book called, How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain:

Emotions feel automatic, like uncontrollable reactions to things we think we experience. Scientists have long supported this assumption by claiming that emotions are hardwired in the body or the brain. Today, however, the science of emotion is in the midst of a revolution on par with the discovery of relativity in physics and natural selection of biology--and this paradigm shift has far-reaching implications for us all. 

The net impact of this research (and other similar discoveries) is astonishing. It means we have unimaginable ability to construct and reconstruct ourselves, and therefore, our world. The means to do so are becoming more and more widely available through works like, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Well, and if you consider the science of physically editing genes, the meaning of fate is being radically altered in every way!

Much of what we once considered the capital M, capital E, ME of fixed personality and identity (or even biology) are being brought into the kind of question that means we are capable of far more astonishing applications of our creative power than we ever imagined. The same is likely to be true on a societal level. What has, since the last transit of Pluto in Capricorn, seemed like an irrefutable way of life, is facing incredible scrutiny and dissatisfaction as huge numbers of people want more than the Adam-Smith way of life can offer.

Who we are as individuals, and who we are collectively, are up for grabs. Thank heavens!

Oh, and here's an interesting note:

In 2023-2024 Pluto will return to the location it occupied when the US was founded. ∞ Cosmic Intelligence Agency

Now for Saturn in Capricorn...

Are we having fun yet? Holy hell!

This is like setting off a massive blockade against the very evolution Pluto in Capricorn is signaling. Saturnian (Sobek) energy has been propping up the old guard with tremendous material resistance. The outer form of material reality has been particularly hard to transform. Haven't you felt it? How many times have you thrown out some magic only to have it go splat against the very wall you were hoping to tear down? How long have you felt like you were plodding along in a trench full of quick sand?

But, at the same time, have you noticed that more real, permanent, embodied change is possible? When you release truly transformative, truly revolutionary, game-changing magic, haven't you noticed that its effects are astounding in terms of revising yourself and your life? Ditto the inner changes you are trying to make. Once you do finally come up with a truly revolutionary manifestation of self, kaboom.

Haven't you seen how much stronger you and your character have become?

Sobek wants change to be meaningful, well-timed, properly seeded. Or else the old guard stands.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Saturn/Sobek represents the glue that makes manifestation possible and that Sobek gathers and reassembles the soul parts scattered by the work of Set(h). This conjunction represents an ideal opportunity to use the reconstructive power represented by Saturn/Sobek to gather yourself in. Perhaps, in 2019, you experienced some new soul loss from all the distress and resistance you have already faced. Perhaps there are lingering aspects of self that you have not fully integrated. Or maybe it is time to FINALLY begin this work of gathering in?!

Likewise, this will be an amazing time for integrating and concretizing new aspects of self.

Finally, it is a great time for conceiving new dreams as Sobek is the power to make pregnant again.

On a broader, more collective basis, historically speaking, amazing advances, tragedies, and transformations have occurred during Saturn conjunctions with Pluto.

 In the past, during the periods when Saturn has conjoined Pluto, we have seen things like world wars and economic bursts, such as the Australian gold rush. We have also seen great progress on creative and technological fronts as with photographic advancements: the first daguerreotype of a Solar Eclipse, for instance, or the first telephone call across the United States, or the creation of the first solar cell to collect solar power. We also see great advancements in thought as with Einstein's theory of relativity or the Pangea theory. And, that's just since 1851! In those cycles, the conjunction happened in other signs (Aries in 1851, Taurus in 1883, Cancer in 1915, Leo in 1951, and Libra in 1982). The last time the two met in Capricorn (in 1518), we saw religious reformations, à la Martin Luther, alongside medical oddities such as the so-called "Dancing Plague" in what is now France. Every time is different, though certain themes may recur. ∞

Oh, and as Pluto (the Soul) in Capricorn has gained more and more editorial control from the influence of Khnum, our souls are now ripe to have a big impact upon the structures of our own lives and upon the structures and manifestations of the collective. As Saturn and Pluto come together, we will enter a time where testing the limits of this power will be a magnificent endeavor. As will the constrictions and resistance of the material form itself! Right up until Saturn slips out of earthy Capricorn and into airy Aquarius (with its created, fixed, and stabilizing influence). That is going to open up something entirely, well, let's don't define it just yet!

Finally, when you really think about Osiris and the Soul's journey through death for resurrection, you can't ignore the symbolic truth that structure and fixated reality are coming into direct contact with the journey of death for resurrection.

This is the obliteration of what has been and it is a rebirth into new form, especially in the sign of Capricorn. Remember, it doesn't all need to happen in one day!

If you view Sobek as an aspect of Set(h), you realize something critical: the very thing that fought against the new order represented by Horus (the son of Isis and Osiris) also created the events that destroyed the old order it wished to protect. Set(h)'s fight against Osiris (the source of generative power) unleashed the new generation it wished to destroy (by killing Osiris). That which broke the old order apart also made the world pregnant again with the new order.

Like I said at the beginning of this article. Saturn conjunct Pluto is the old order joining with its obliteration. A new order, a new structure, a new generation is on its way.

So let me ask you...

If you dared to dream a new dream, a dream that knows nothing of the old, traumatic order by which you once lived, what would that dream look like?

If you could conceive of a new self that has no reference point for your suffering at all, what would you be like?

Dare to Dream a New Dream!

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The old is passing away. A new reality is coming alive. All that stands against it only hastens its arrival.

Now let's add some flavor!

At the moment of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, several other notable conjunctions will be present in the sign of Capricorn: The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto will all conjunct Ceres (and each other).

Jupiter will also be trine Vesta.

Who Have We Here?

Ceres is the harvest principle. She corresponds to Renenet. In The Book of Doors, she is depicted with two vases, "like breasts, from which she pours a golden stream indicating the fertility and abundance associated with her name." She is know as "lady of the fertile land."

This all sounds lovely, but it pays to consider that the harvest principle works based on the idea that we reap what we sow. The quality of the land matters also.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, the Sun has a dual meaning.

The great god Amun-Ra is the creator who shines forth his illuminating life giving force upon the Earth and all its creatures. He is the power of our illuminated soul shining through our personality. He represents all we are in our present manifestation and all we have not yet become...Amun was known as the Hidden One...Ra was of perhaps even greater importance, worshipped as the god of the Sun and also as a creator...In their fusion, Amun-Ra is a dual god, representing both solar power at its zenith during the day and the absence of the Sun during the night. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Ra is the Sun as he shows himself to us; Amun is the Sun at night, when we cannot see him.
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

In traditional Western astrology, the Sun is our essence, our basic personality as expressed through the ego. It paints a picture of what happens to our light when it is taken over by the struggle to survive.

Within our Sun sign, we find both our greatest potential as well as our most severe pitfalls. If we hang on to our need for survival as expressed by our ego, we slip more and more into acting out the shadow side of our Sun sign. In this regard, the shadow only means that which is hidden from view by our inability to face it. Since the hidden realm also holds our greatest potential, the elements can express as potential bound up in pain.

Transits from other planets to our Sun, emanations as we call them...describe a period in our lives when we go through ego death. During these periods...our ego identity as it currently exists is slowly chipped away. New aspects of our ego, described by the shadow side of our personality--Amun, the Hidden On--come into being and are integrated into our psyche. These are times when we must journey through our own private underworld, re-emerge, and allow the solar life force of Amun-Ra to shine upon us and illuminate that which we are meant to be. The challenge is to let go of that which we have been and open to the life giving rays of source...the Sun as represented by Amun-Ra describes the attributes of our personality that we can most rely on to assist us in manifesting our true selves. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mercury is Thoth.

The great god Thoth is the Sacred Scribe of Shamanic  Egypt. He represents communication in its highest expression, that of illumination. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, he represents the process by which Spirit speaks through us and the words we say, the ideas we express, the memories we hold, the understanding we carry--are we inspired by our connection to the Divine? 

[Thoth] was the god of magic, and his followers were considered to have access to the most secret of mysteries...Thoth describes how effectively we function as a channel to Spirit. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Thoth always carries a challenge for us:

Will our wounds and our unmet longings keep us from hearing and effectively channeling Spirit's will and messages in our lives?

The Apocalyptic Water Breaking

As noted, the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn will all be conjunct Ceres during these pivotal early days of 2020.

This is tremendous!

Ceres represents a culmination, a reaping of what we have sown (no matter its character). This backs up my sense that the dream we have held for ourselves through all the hard work of 2010-2019 will finally be born.

These conjunctions with Ceres indicate to me that we will harvest, in material form, in structural shifts and changes, the effects of the inner work we have been doing FOR YEARS (for the duration of Pluto in Capricorn).

It also backs up the idea that this is the time to consider conceiving new dreams or aspects of the dream we are already bringing to fruition.

Finally, it also suggests another, deeper reckoning. Or, if you have never done this work, the kind of reckoning that will change everything!

The Sun's presence in this dynamic, with its dual meaning (hidden and revealed, greatest potential and greatest pitfalls), suggests that there are hidden forces affecting the structures we see; the forms that have already manifested. For better or for worse, the causes of the effects we are experiencing may not be entirely known to us.

With this in mind, consider the scripture I used earlier from Ephesians.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ∞ Ephesians 6:12

In regards to this scripture, I think of the many things implanted in our brains, memories, sense of self, and our bodies, by trauma - as well as embodied in our institutions, cultures, and societies.

I also think of the hidden fragmentation and confusion created by soul loss (generally from trauma). I also imagine all the potential (our greatest potential) that is so often hidden in the unexplored places we think might hurt too much and in the things we never knew we could allow ourselves to experience, such as vast riches and a rich life. I can practically see all the grand and glorious lives that are lost to the spiritual wickedness implanted in us. I can also see them being set free!

Spiritual wickedness in this context means the vast array of lies, illusions, confusions, misperceptions, poor habits etc. set off by exploitative dynamics and the relational traumas that are endemic to our institutions from families to businesses to churches to governments.

The more I look at 2020, the more I see an opportunity to shift COMPLETELY out of our habitual selves and into more and more pleasurable expressions - along with the structures, both internal and external, that support these expressions.

Notice that I didn't say "true" or "authentic" here! At a certain point, you are no longer looking for a truer expression of who you are in the sense of one that can be unearthed.

But rather, you are fashioning an expression of self that is TRUE to a new standard. This new standard is explicitly tied to what you want to accomplish and the kind of experiences you want to have. You are no longer digging for your lost self (though elements of self may still need to be liberated and reintegrated).

In the place of the old habit of searching for who we could have, would have, should have been, we construct a new habit of simply becoming and fully expressing who we choose to be right now.

The presence of the Sun and Ceres suggests that many of these hidden causes (internalized, embodied trauma and fragmentation) may throw off some full blown effects this year as consciousness manifests and the hidden drivers are revealed personally and collectively. Some of these effects will be from the powerful inner work so many have already been doing. They will be glorious.

But these effects may also reveal tremendous corruption and abuses of power. We cannot go forward without addressing this corruption.

Saturn–Pluto reflects a lesson about the right use of power, so this cycle is also associated with corruption and abuse. Since it holds the key to the “bank coffers,” it also describes the temptation to disregard moral standards and use global resources to satisfy one’s greed. Sooner or later, corruption is exposed, for Saturn represents the karmic consequences of misaligned actions; however, “later” is more often the case, because exposing corruption can take time. ∞ Maurice Fernandez

These effects and exposures will show up as an invitation to continue (or begin)

  1. The soul retrieval (gathering of self) work that is inherent in Osiris/Pluto;
  2. Weaving new things into our souls and into embodiment (as Sobek suggests); and
  3. Boldly challenging all notions of who we are and what is "fixed reality" by claiming our creative power (both Thoth and Ptah (Aquarius) support this).

Get Support with this Process!

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In short, this is an invitation to hold and wield profound influence as the chaos of change ensues.

The central tenets and institutions emanating from who we have been can no longer hold us together as societies and other collective groups. As I look at this, I see the restraints bursting, the surface exploding and blowing apart.

In this place of chaos, we must be the balance, equilibrium, and conscious organizing forces that bring new order to our own lives, to our destinies, and to this age. The unprepared may be lost in the maelstrom (though, perhaps grace will carry us all along together).

Thoth's presence (as Mercury) confirms this. It makes so clear the need for us to continue claiming our agency by exercising influence and living in alignment. Thoth stands as an invitation to really align with the Divine (our power to create) and not with the "spiritual wickedness" in high places (our impotence and the illusions and lies that are still alive within us and bursting into awareness).

As we set out to fashion an expression of ourselves and our lives that is TRUE to the new standard, Thoth calls upon us to expand and channel our creative power rigorously and according to the standard (of who we want to be and what we want to experience; the standard of the Passionate Warrior and of The World of the Red Sun Morning). Specifically, he brings into focus the words we speak, the ideas and beliefs we hold, and the memories that we allow to influence our present reality.

As we go through these heavy-laden times, we must let go of our need to respond according to the darkness of the outer reality. We must think, speak, and act, magically and otherwise, according to our insight (our inner sight) and the vision we hold. Note that darkness does not denote evil. Darkness denotes a lack of visibility, a lack of light's revealing quality. By becoming the revelatory light, we have our own part to play in bringing the effects to fruition so that we might discover and address the causes.

At this point, we must finally recall, in each and every moment, exactly how powerful we truly are and then employ the advances in science (like the ones highlighted at the beginning of this section) to actually make our remembering more than symbolic or aspirational. Concrete tools are available to us. Now is the time to use them. RIGOROUSLY!

Finally, Jupiter trine Vesta, who is the principle of the cosmic womb, suggests that the time is truly ripe for us to seed a new dream, a bigger dream, a clearer dream that reflects all of what we have been through.

Grace will be upon our seeding.

Likewise, it suggests that Grace and expansion will accompany the release of our Mighty Fullness (also known as the dream we have been carrying). In Egyptian mythology, Vesta is Meh-Urt. Her name means "Mighty Fullness."

As I reflect on this, I am aware that the dream we are carrying was conceived in patriarchal reality. But it was conceived FOR The World of the Red Sun Morning: the world in which we are reborn as Passionate Warriors, no longer bound by patriarchal norms of domination, but bound passionately, by blood and spirit, to a world built for the realization of our highest human potential and to the realization of our vision.

In my book, Coming Alive!, I described patriarchy as the Domination System (a phrase I took from Walter Wink's work). The World of the Red Sun Morning is the reality that matches the transition out of the traumatic systems wrought by the norms of domination and into a whole new way of being.

What we are rising into then isn't somewhere in the sky in some far off place called heaven. We are rising into a passionate way of being that celebrates life and supports the unfolding of its potential and its passion...
∞ Rebecka Eggers, Coming Alive!

This dream cannot be born without the Apocalyptic destruction of everything that holds the old world together. This Apocalypse is the water breaking on a brand new age. It is the water breaking on our labor. It is the revolution (not just resistance) that always accompanies birth. 2020 is the death and destruction of everything that is not aligned with the dream. Imagine how many new structures we will need to build!

And I am not the only one who thinks so!

The Saturn-Pluto and other synodic cycles that begin this year are really well beyond the scope of this article. But the title of the article I found discussing them backs me up!

The 2020 ”Societal Reset” & “The Great Transformation“ 2020-2030 ∞ The Lunar Cycle

Get ready!

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Part III: Saturn in Aquarius - A Preview of Things to Come

Just before the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions begin, Saturn moves temporarily into the sign of the collective. Ptah (Aquarius) is also, according to The Book of Doors "the living spirit in the house of human flesh."

This brings a decided shift in terms of what will be influencing the structures and manifestations of our lives and societies. It brings in a definite aliveness (like Kundalini fire) to bear upon "reality" and all the forms that support it. Sekhmet is the female counterpart of Ptah.

Ptah is literally the act of creation. He represents the power of the Divine upon the earth. He is concerned with the growth, development, and expression of the collective...When Ptah emanates through other planets, both within our own charts and for the collective, a time of great creativity is upon us. ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Ptah is empowered by Sekhmet. Without her enlivening influence, he can't create anything. Accordingly, to invoke Ptah is to invoke the Kundalini fire of Sekhmet.

This will be a time of great creativity in terms of the structures and manifestations that affect the collective. Ptah is associated with compassion also. Could it be that we will finally create harmoniously, compassionately, with aliveness?

I think that answer depends on ALL the work I have outlined as essential in previous parts of this report.

Creativity requires both constriction and dynamic aliveness. Saturn in Aquarius will bring these principles together explicitly. Where Saturn in Capricorn challenged us to examine the structures, manifestations, rules, and norms by which we live and to create anew, Saturn in Aquarius will invigorate the change and enliven the new creations. It will bring the change alive in the structures and in the governing principles.

As the living spirit in human flesh (and all manifestation), Ptah in the sign of Sobek holds the potential for our true power and Divine natures to actually manifest on this planet, maybe not for all, but for those who have been diligently working to revise themselves and to claim their creative power. If you are new to this type of transformation, get with the program!

I have a good feeling about this!

Saturn will move in and out and back into Aquarius before finally transitioning into this new sign in December just before the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Part IV: Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions

Last December, Jupiter moved into Capricorn, where it will conjunct Pluto for the first of three exact conjunctions beginning on April 4th.

Let's consider what Jupiter in Capricorn signifies.

New Rules Baby!

Jupiter will hang around Saturn all year, but not actually form an exact conjunction until December when both planets are in Aquarius (finally!).

Nonetheless, Jupiter (Horus) is all about grace, expansion, victory. He's next generation all the way. Jupiter wants nothing to do with the established order.

Capricorn (Khnum) is the god who is all up in there, mucking around in our DNA, spiritual and actual. He wants to ensure that who we are matches our destinies. But he is also the holder of the norms (at least in modern astrology).

Jupiter in Capricorn is like filling the legislature with impatient 18 to 30 year olds.

Sure, it's an historic, traditional body concerned with law and order. But it's also the institution invested with the power of change. And what kind of change do we want?

Radical change.

Is it fully seasoned? Totally planned out? Really well considered change?

Maybe if you have some type A legislators. But youth is still a limitation!

So, Jupiter in Capricorn (the builder) is revolutionary, young, novel, insistent, powerful change that we will have to build, perhaps more slowly than we would like. Thankfully, we have some existing structures and some stayed traditions and norms in place to slow down the transformation and give us all a moment to consider what we actually need to do in order to support it.

Thankfully, Saturn (Sobek) in Capricorn will still be nearby with some restrictive, resistance to the new forms he will ultimately spin into being, at least for part of the year.

Well, and for many of us, thank heavens, we can fall back on the Soul transformation we have been working on for so long. It may just be coming to fruition, but it has been deep. We have been through hell and come back to tell you about it. So, whatever "trouble" Jupiter stirs up, it will at least have the benefit of these many years of Pluto in Capricorn.

I am thoroughly excited!

Now for those conjunctions...

Jupiter and Pluto, Horus and Osiris, the new generation and the old generation, life and death, father and son...

When I think of Osiris, I think of a troubled soul's journey of reclamation and, ultimately, maturity. I think of Jesus on the cross carrying the sins of the world through the underworld confrontation with the human shadow. When I think of Horus, I think of someone born into victory, alive with expansion, filled with grace. I see someone born into the very victory that the Osirian Mysteries deliver with such arduous effort, such devotion, such unrepentant faith in the darkest hours.

Now allow me begin this analysis with a question:

For whom do the Osirian Mysteries exist?

This is not the path of Ra or even Horus on which victory is assured. It is not the way of the unblemished life.

Osiris calls us to the path of star formation. Stars are born of debris, of the junk floating in the darkness, the womb of space.

The debris of who we have been, floating motionless, almost frozen in the obscurity (the darkness) of what has happened to us, is disturbed and broken apart. In the disturbance rests the action necessary to move us towards the nuclear fusion by which the star in us is born.

This is the arduous path of the Soul's symbolic death and rebirth. It is a mystery path of re-membering who we really are under the pain and the stagnation of traumatic conditioning. In the breaking, a re-collection of self becomes possible. As the debris blows apart, those parts of us that were bound are also liberated and must be returned to the center, to the heart and core of who we are. The gravity generated by our hunger for wholeness draws them in. From the point of re-centering begins the even more arduous work of becoming something new.

This is where we need our inner Capricorn (Khnum) to do the work of editing our essence. Though the initial disturbance liberates us and allows movement, those soul parts we have uncovered and recovered have a kind of cellular memory. They naturally seek to replicate what was because that is what we know.

The journey through the Duat (Egyptian underworld) is the opportunity to see clearly and to confront who we have been in trauma. It is the opportunity to rid ourselves of what was and to weave into our souls the stuff of our dreams. In the Duat, we release the cellular memory and we weave destiny into our spiritual and our actual DNA.

On the Osirian path, success is not assured. Ammit is the goddess who consumes the lost souls as dross. It is possible to enter into these mysteries and never return, to never turn the base metal of your soul into gold. It is possible to be destroyed by the very hope of your reclamation. The nuances of this are too deep for this already extended report. All I can tell you is that the risk is real.

Make Sure Ammit Doesn't Get You!

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So, if the risk is real, what does it mean for Horus (victory assured) to join together with this journey?

I believe it is incredibly auspicious. It brings the Soul's deep journey of reclamation together with the grace, expansion, and assured victory held within Horus.

If you are being called to take the Soul's journey through the Duat (the underworld and the halls of self assessment) now is an excellent time to begin.

If you have been on this journey, victory does now seem almost assured. Victory is being offered. But you still have to do the work of integrating the essence of assured victory.

Beyond this, I see something more!

The privilege of royalty is represented in the sun gods of Ra and Horus. It is a privilege to sail through the dark corridors of the Duat knowing that true risk will never touch you. You will always slay the fire snake and rise. You will always defeat Set(h). You are the Sun. This is your job!

Bringing Osiris into union with Horus is a kind of yin-yang blending that assures a bit of privilege touches the death walkers who seek new life and that a bit of death and personal reckoning will touch the privileged.

We are all, in some way, all of these archetypes. So, there is an unusually strong hope of integration and balance both within the collective Soul and within each of us.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions are sure to open up new degrees of depth and also of graceful expansion.

I see the hard won identity of hope we achieved in 2019 emerge as the wings in the Rumi quote. We were born with them. But they had not yet grown in (or were clipped by trauma). Our rebirth as the Passionate Warriors reveals or restores them!

I see the wisdom of weathered souls offering direction and significance to our flight.

The First Conjunction: April 4, 2020, 7:48 PM CST: Both Jupiter and Pluto will within a few degrees (less than 5) of Saturn and (less than 10) of Mars which are both in Aquarius.

Ah, the presence of Mars, of Set(h) himself.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mars is Set(h).

Set is the great Warrior King of shamanic Egypt...Set is also the murderer of his brother Osiris...he reflects our darkest, most primitive urge towards aggression and domination. Yet he is also more complex, and in this complexity, he speaks to us of the proper use of anger and aggression in our psyche. 

Set holds the archetype of the Sacred Warrior. Great damage was done to this archetype during five thousand years of domination by patriarchy. While certainly the aggressive actions of the patriarchy have done harm to the feminine, the essential integrity of the Sacred Warrior has suffered dramatically as well...In indigenous cultures, it is the warrior who guards the perimeter around his village...

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Set provides the means by which each of us may examine the expression of anger, aggression, and creative action in our lives. He invites us into a personal exploration of the right use of anger in our personality. He also describes how we use phallic energy in our lives. How do we manifest that which we value, and how do we protect ourselves from that which we do not want?
∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Mars will just be completing a series of conjunctions with Jupiter and then Pluto, in Capricorn, as well as an exact conjunction with Saturn at 00 degrees of Aquarius. Well, and Saturn will have just transitioned into Aquarius. Also, Venus, a very important part of this story, will have just (the day before) entered Gemini.

Here we are looking at the influence of Mars/Set(h) on the soul's journey towards victory. This sums it up for me:

For the living fire to be liberated from its terrestrial prison, the inertia and fixation fo Seth first have to be overcome and dispersed. For Ausar [Osiris] to experience resurrection, he must first experience death at the hand of his brother. Seth dismembers Ausar in order for the god to be reconstituted; alchemically the elements have first to be separated in order to form a new conjunction, and this renewal is the resurrection at the Coming Forth by Day. ∞ The Book of Doors

Here we have the destructive, warrior element of Set(h) coming into conjunction with the Soul, Horus, and then the fixative quality of Saturn (in quick succession). On April 4th, both will still be in union (though not in exact conjunctions) with Jupiter and Pluto as they come together.

Horus is light and life and Set(h) is darkness and death. Here we have the union of these qualities, all acting upon the Soul and its existing structures.

This portends a great union of opposites within the Soul. It heralds tremendous changes to the existing structures emanating from the Soul's essence.

But this is not purely an individual shift. With Mars and Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, this suggests a profound overthrow of the existing norms by which we live and an incredible revision of the structures (nature of embodiment /fixation). It will not be a superficial shift. It will be deep, profound change emanating from incredible transformations of consciousness within us and within the collective.

Anger may have a part to play in stoking change. But conscious, intentional use of creative destruction and creative action will be essential.

Saturn and Mars will both benefit from the powerful influence of Ptah. His compassion and his aliveness (and that of Sekhmet, his consort, who is anger personified as the Kundalini fire of enlightenment) will create, create, create a new, more passionate, compassionate reality. This is the liberation of the creative fire from fixated realities, norms, rules, and structures. But it is also the reformation of everything according to the new ideal of pleasurable, fulfillment, and the development of our highest human potential. Anger might fuel the initiative, at least initially. But ILLUMINATION will sustain it.

Naturally, these things will not be achieved in a day. But they will be unleashed in this time frame.

Where you are in your journey will say a lot about the role you are about to play and about the options opening up for you.

Venus in Gemini will have incredible influence on the unfolding of this story. So much so that I will reserve her influence for a separate section of this report.

In general, I cannot overstate the significance of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions or of the astrology contained in 2020.

A minister I follow, in his New Year's Eve sermon, declared that this is the "Decade of Destiny." For those who have done the inner work, made the sacrifices, offered themselves to the refining fires, faced the Duat...I believe this is true. And it isn't too late to start!

I also believe it is true for those who are willing to step onto this path.

For the former, this will be the decade of bringing dreams to fruition in an entirely new dynamic, the very dynamic we have been painstakingly, meticulously creating in our own souls. For the latter, it is an invitation to do this work and a rare, almost ironclad promise that the work will pay dividends.

The Second Conjunction: June 29, 2020 11:17 PM CDT Retrograde: 6 degrees of separation from good old Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (still close enough to technically be considered a conjunction). Note that Mars will move into Aries on June 27th.

All you really need to do is a little bit of a retrospective. Consider where you have been. Revise your intentions for the journeys these conjunctions represent. Revisit the progress you have made. And then onward towards revolution. If you need to reintegrate something you let go of or lost, now's a good time.

November 11, 1:38 PM CST: 4 degrees of separation from good old Saturn now back in Capricorn (still close enough to technically be considered a conjunction).

Between June 29th and November 11th, some notable things happen. Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn all station direct. Venus goes retrograde in Gemini May 13th through late June. Mars goes retrograde in Aries from September 9 through mid November.

Rather than try to incorporate the Mars in Aries and Venus in Gemini symbolism here, let's consider them in the context of the entire, unfolding story.

In the Meantime, Get Ready!

Let's find out if I am the right person to guide you through these challenging transitions and into your rebirth.

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Part V: Venus in Gemini

Venis is Isis. In Greek mythology, her essence was vastly restricted as she became associated mostly with sensual and erotic love. In Egyptian times, Isis was central to the soul's alignment with destiny.

She pierces through all denial and illuminates our soul's longing...She holds the vision of who we are and who we are meant to be and calls us toward our higher self. In her, we find the courage to walk our soul's path...In Western astrology, Venus represents the principle of values...In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Isis challenges us to align our actions with our values...How willing are we to change--to open to a shamanic death--in order to receive love? ∞ Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Gemini is associated with Akeru or the Sphinx.

Standing between the past and the future, he represents the eternal present, a symbol of alchemical transformation which produces the substance that can turn all matter into gold, and which liberates the spirit from its earthly body...He is the continuity of time, the memory of all cycles that have turned and will return until consciousness is no longer bound by the limitations of time. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

His divinatory meaning is, "Remembering the past in order to know how to act in the present. Unconscious memories surfacing. The continuity of time."

I believe the present moment is the substance that can turn all the matter of our lives into gold. Venus/Isis in the sign of the present moment, is a call to align ourselves (our souls) and our actions with our values, with our vision, with the dream we hold so dear.

This puts a particularly interesting spin on everything we have discovered until now. Whether retrograde (where we might find our values challenged or that we struggle to align) or direct, Venus in Gemini, stands as the call of our destinies urging this entire year of transformation into alignment with our true values in the present moment.

This reminds me of an earlier observation: At some point, we are no longer unearthing who we could have been. We are developing into who we desire and feel called to be now. We are becoming equal to the dream we hold in our hearts. We are aligning not with what happened to us, but fully and completely with destiny.

If we have soul retrieval to do, Venus/Isis is the part of us who can pull those parts back to the center. She can bring them into alignment. She is also the part of us that can pull the generative power out of what is passing and use it to create our future. This is, in essence what happens when a star is formed. The disturbance and the gravity it creates pulls the fuel necessary to make light out of the debris. What once appeared to be useless dross floating in obscurity suddenly unleashes its star power.

We don't achieve this by endlessly processing our pasts.

We do this by endlessly aligning to our futures as we release, release, release and as we construct, interweave, new elements into ourselves.

This shift in orientation is critical. We cannot receive the full benefit of what 2020 and this next decade are offering unless we put our focus on where we are going, shifting it away from where we have been. Sure, we may need to remember something from the past in order to know how to achieve and work with this new focus. But we cannot spend all our effort searching through the annals of history for some indication of who we are or even for the sources of our pain. We will only find who we are not, because who we are is a present moment construction project that begins with breaking the habit of being who we have always been in a world made of betrayal.

In short, the World of the Red Sun Morning is upon us. We are due to be born into it imminently. Or to begin the journey that will make that rebirth possible!

On the Passion Path, we are blazing a trail in the The World of the Red Sun Morning. We are blazing a trail towards intrinsic joy and authentic happiness...The simple act of rising into The World of the Red Sun Morning is a radical act. ∞ Rebecka Eggers, Coming Alive!

Don't lose sight of the destination.

You can discern the wickedness of a world that is passing away long after it should be gone. But when you withdraw your focus on the past and return it to the present, and to the future you wish to create, you kill that world. You destroy its structure. You unleash a new world. And you step into it.


Don't go any further without taking the time to align with the new standard of where you are going.

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Part VI: Mars In Aries

In Egyptian mythology, Aries is Khepera. Remember him? Khepera-Ra, denoted by the number 4, just like this year. His name comes from Kheper, "To Make," "Take Form," "Become."

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Aries is Khepera.

Khepera holds tremendous importance in the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, and nowhere is the spiral path of change more evident than in his influence in our astrological charts. He is the cosmic timekeeper who orchestrates the movements of the planets and controls their influence upon Earth and upon us. Khepera is portrayed as a scarab beetle, a powerful symbol in Ancient Egypt...Khepera was the god of the morning sun...Khepera was a symbol of resurrection and the new beginnings brought by the dawning of each day. His name is translated as 'to become' or 'to develop.' Held within his archetypal symbolism is the undiluted potential of all possibilities. ∞ Linda Star Wolf & Ruby Falconer 

In case you have forgotten, here we have Aries (Khepera) bringing to bear an interesting concept!

During the passage through Amenta, the only light emitted is from Ra himself...In the fourth and fifth hours of the night, however, the darkness is so thick that even his light is unable to penetrate it...In the fifth hour the seed of life was planted in the mound of sand marked by a figure of Kheper-Ra, and when the Boat of Ra finally reached the end of this hour a star was seen, the star of the 'living god, who journeyth, and journeyeth and passeth.'
∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson 

Now pretty much everyone in modern astrology has their knickers in a twist about Mars turning retrograde in Aries. Everyone is predicting the out-of-control warrior will burn the world to the ground (or damn near). This is the only way modern astrology can view a retrograde period involving the warrior archetype.

It is true that Set(h) has a destructive roll to play in the Soul's evolution. It is true that he wars against Osiris as the generative force of life. But he does so within the context of a mythological shift from the ancient solar energy of Ra to the next generation energy of Horus. So, the destructiveness of Set(h) is the central disturbance that kicks off the birthing sequence of a star, both for Osiris, who is reborn as the god of the underworld and the dead, and for Horus who is the solar principle of grace, expansion, and victory.

Mars is a fast moving planet. It will only be in Aries for a short while during 2020 (from June 27th through the end of the year). It will only be retrograde for a little over two months of that time. Interestingly, it stations retrograde right smack in between the third and fourth Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions when those planets are also briefly retrograde as well (each turning direct in turn).

This signifies a return of something!

If the Soul is to be reborn, it needs the resurrection energy of Aries. It needs the Aries drive for life. Further, it needs the warrior's dedication. Of course, Horus also carries the warrior's energy. He carries the energy of life. Set(h) was warring against life and for death. He was warring to destroy the next generation BUT Horus defeated him.

Is that the whole story?

Egyptian gods are impossible to fully characterize. They morph and meander over time from one identity to another. On the face of the earth they have one role. In the Duat, often they have another. Set(h) is no different.

First off, he was once beloved and later was detested and exiled. Once his tail was a vital element of the Sed festival.

It was worn by the pharoah as he reenacted an ancient ritual in which earth energies were drawn up through the tail and assimilated into the body for both physical and magical rejuvenation. ∞ Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, The Book of Doors

In the Duat, Set(h) was once the protector of the Sun god Ra.

Every night Ra boarded a barque and traveled through the underworld--this is where the ancient Egyptians believed the Sun was when they could not see it...A monster, Apophis--representative of chaos--attacked the barque every night with the intention of gobbling up Ra. It was Set(h) who did battle with Apophis--with chaos--and killed him each night. ∞ Linda Star Wolf & Ruby Falconer

Could it be that Set(h) anchors us in times of chaos? Could he be the very thing that will allow us to weather the chaotic transitions 2020 will bring.

When I look at 2020, I don't see transitions that are necessarily smooth. I see transitions that are meant to get the job done. I see the potential for great internal chaos as we grapple with these shifts. I also see the potential, as others do, for wild, violent gyrations.

But perhaps Mars retrograde in the midst of this is simply the return of the Sacred Warrior. The Sacred Warrior who is devoted to drawing our dreams from the heart of chaos and he stands for the process of drawing into us the earth energy, the energy of the ground, that will rejuvenate us both physically and magically? The Sacred Warrior stands firm, immovable, aligned fully with something greater than self. The Passionate Warrior incorporates this Sacred Warrior.

I think this is what can happen if we step outside the patriarchal norms that pit creation and destruction against one another. In Egyptian thought, creation and destruction were not separate. The binding agent of Sobek and his resistance to change are the flip side of Set(h)'s destructive qualities. That which tears apart is that which brings together. Creation and destruction go hand in hand.

The living fire must be liberated.

But it must also find its way into matter anew. Or rather it must find its way into YOU made new. If this does not happen, then you find yourself consumed by Ammit as the dross that never will be gold.

I have touched this danger.

Many times as I have worked through this Osirian journey, I have, at moments, lost the will to live. I have lost my ability to see, and especially to be, hope. It is the ground of the present moment and the vital energy of earth that slays Apophis when we have lost all reason and are giving into the urge towards more than symbolic death. This urge tells us everything we encounter in the Duat, all our worst fears, memories, and traits are real. We begin to believe that there cannot ever be anything better, or even new, for us.

In this place, we need the one who unleashed the chaos in the fist place to help us see through its merciless illusions. For that is all Apophis is! He is a shadow cast upon the wall by the fires of enlightenment. Set(h) knows this! In fact, Set(h) kicks off the process of our enlightenment. He makes our illumination possible.

Horus doesn't destroy Set(h). His victory isn't the obliteration of his opponent. Together they are the twin flames of transformation. Without the symbolic death and dismemberment, there can be no resurrection.

Allow Set(h) to be multifaceted. Allow him, in the sign of resurrection, to show you how to move beyond the chaos and into the gravity from which stars are born.

After all, it is the hour of our rising. The number 4 assures it.

And the year does, after all, end with Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius. ON THE SOLSTICE EVEN!

I am not sure how much I even need to say about this other than what I said at the very beginning of this forecast: this is the joining of grace, expansion, and victory with the structures and manifestations of our lives. In the sign of Aquarius, it signifies the living fire of Ptah re-embodied with all of his vitality, creative power, and compassion. This is not going to be simply individual. For those who undertook this journey of death for resurrection many years ago without even understanding what we were asking, this is the hour of our true understanding and of our hopes fulfilled.

For those who are just beginning this journey, it is a nearly ironclad promise that the restructuring and resurrection will happen. The end is inherent in your beginning. Just don't quit.

In fact, maybe this is actually the only way to become dross. Maybe you will only ever be eaten by Ammit if you can't retain the faith and the focus all the way to Kheper-Ra's lightning flash of hope upon the horizon as we enter, one by one, and then two by two, into The World of the Red Sun Morning.

And won't that be a chaos all its own? For the rising is only the beginning. Then we must learn to live on the other side of radical transformation.

Here is what modern astrologer Maurice Fernandez had to say about this:

The 20-year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is one of the most important markers representing what direction our lives are taking, personally and socially; it sets the tone for the “new order” we will all respond to. This cycle occurs in signs of the same element three consecutive times, then changes to the following element, and then reverts to the previous element one last time. For example, in 1921, the conjunction was in the earth sign of Virgo; in 1940, in the earth sign of Taurus; in 1961, in the earth sign of Capricorn; in 1980, in the air sign of Libra; and then a last return to earth, the 2000 conjunction in Taurus. From 2020, this conjunction will occur in similar sequence in air signs.

The new conjunction will take place at the solstice on December 21, 2020, at the beginning degree of Aquarius and in a new sequence of elements (air), so we can anticipate that the combination of the conjunction, in a new Air cycle, on the Solstice point will seed a new dawn, a new paradigm for humanity to unfold. It symbolizes a breakthrough to “another side,” a shift of consciousness. The sign of Aquarius flavoring this cycle hints at the need to come up with new solutions and elevate global consciousness. While the earlier earth cycle drew attention to practical and financial matters, the Aquarius cycle will ideally bring a stronger focus on culture, progress, and global emancipation. ∞ Maurice Fernandez

New order? New dawn?

Ya don't say!

Could it be a bright RED dawn?

What we are bringing forth is ourselves, our human potential, and the divine gifts that will allow us to make our contribution to The World of the Red Sun Morning. The moment we rise into The World of the Red Sun Morning, we break the glass. We shatter the pane of the morning, and with it, the Domination System. ∞ Rebecka Eggers, Coming Alive!

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Though it seemed impossible to catch every instance with a direct link, I acknowledge that the information in this report regarding the meaning of aspects came from the above book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.

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