"You have pulled together the personal, historical, emotional, political, and scientific into one kick-ass place that offers a wide and revolutionary view." - Shay Seaborne, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dream Alchemy

Weaving Hope & Fabulous

I am not who I was and I have not yet emerged as the woman I will be. Nor am I being asked to do anything so progressive or ardent as becoming. In this place, I am tasked only with the work of weaving. The subject matter of my loom is a peculiar one. My soul rests upon it.

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The Seal Upon My Heart

I wore the prostitute’s mask. My mask was a vile covering because I wore it not for love and passion, but for security. I wore it as the emblem of my fear. Read my liberation story.

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Under the Scarlet Moon

The busses of Guanajuato, Guanajuato Mexico run underground. In the subterranean space between the center of town and San Javier lies a menstruating woman. No one seems to mind. She reclines gracefully against the uneven surface of the tunnel. We meet night after night as the bus rolls to a stop at a Y shaped…

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Seven Signs You Might Be a Dream Alchemist

We are living in extraordinary times, ripe with opportunity and full of risk. Right now the driving narrative of is one of division and distress. Someone has to take hold of the base metal in this cultural storyline and turn it into the gold of a hopeful future. Are you called to this work? Find out!

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