"You have pulled together the personal, historical, emotional, political, and scientific into one kick-ass place that offers a wide and revolutionary view." - Shay Seaborne, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Dreamer’s Oracle

Harvesting Holy Desire: Full, Blood Moon Eclipse

There is only one thing on this earth worth doing: To know one another intimately and to love what we discover in the deepest recesses of that knowing. If we never find one another in the misty corners and wild edges of what so often seems like a bad dream then we may as well have skipped being human altogether. We are wired for love, made for community. We become desperately unhinged without one another.

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Heartbeat of Hope: Love and War Made Whole

In the end, the separation was about being the magician one to the other. It has been about understanding the significance of giving each other influence in our secret places. What meaning could this ever have in paradise?

None whatsoever.

We had to cut each other apart.

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2019 Forecast: The Apocalyptic Heartbeat of a Dream Yearning to Be Born

2019 is the year when this dance must come of age as we are certainly in “a situation which renders all retreats impossible.”

But right here, dead of center, in the still point of the chaos, beats the apocalyptic heart rhythm of a dream that will either be born or take out the dreamer with the intensity of the contractions.

Cause of potential death: Ambiguous intent.

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Full Moon in Cancer: Dreaming of You

Anyone can be okay without the challenge of a profound love that burns you to the core. Anyone can feel good in the absence of the provocation that insists you face every demon you, just yesterday, sought to banish, mistaking them as something other than your own malformed sadnesses persistently asking to be heard.

Not everyone can open her ears.

Not just anyone can persist in grasping the unity between the inner and outer world and all the personal responsibility (response ability) it implies.

Many of us would prefer to continue on in a game of endless sovereignty that seeks to place self-love upon the throne and mollify the reality that human beings were made to connect and to create together. But reality persists despite our efforts to overthrow its influence with fantasies of our singular supremacy.

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New Moon Cancer: Harvest True Power

This promise is not an inert substance lying on the altar of our lives. It requires that we make a demand on it. We must participate in claiming what is ours: A world that supports the unfolding of our human potential in pleasure and purpose.

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Full Moon in Capricorn: Ecstasy Rising

I know it seems a strange time in history for all this emphasis on pleasure and joyful co-creation. But we can’t drink the Jonestown Gin of this moment and ever expect to realize our true potential. With that deadly Kool-Aid all we can do is kill our futures. We must stand in this world, and stake our claim to it. Donald Trump isn’t my leader and he shouldn’t be yours! Find out more.

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