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Taste the Riches: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

By Rebecka Eggers | February 12, 2018

We have the opportunity to unleash our wholeness and a state of open possibility by closing in on one option: to become the vessels for the cosmic heart, coming into alignment in word and consciousness. Learn more!

She’s Coming! Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

By Rebecka Eggers | January 29, 2018

The stakes are high! The symbolism of this full moon lunar eclipse speaks to the greatest challenges we face at this moment in history and suggests solutions along with a choice we must make and execute. Find out more!

Don’t Underestimate Her! She’s Up To Something: Capricorn New Moon Forecast January 2018

By Rebecka Eggers | January 16, 2018

But when the Moon is dark, for a moment, everything is still. If a neuron fires, symbolically, nothing comes of it. You can again touch the open possibility of your essence. Journey with me into this sweet darkness.