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Trauma Alchemy

Take Off the Mask of Your Trauma

As you embark on this adventure, here are some suggestions that will allow you to milk this baby for all it's worth:

  1. This quiz is meant to identify your Primary Trauma Coping Style. That means you are not going to see any nuanced responses or any responses that place you in a favorable light. Maybe that's why only the bravest Jedi Knights ever finish this quiz?!
  2. If you get into the quiz and start feeling like you are too evolved for this kind of mayhem, either (a) dig back in your memory banks to a time before you met your GURU, became a Tantra Queen, drank your Aunt Madge's Love Potion, got in touch with your Christ Consciousness...or (b) abandon ship.
  3. Use your imagination and role playing skills. If this feels like a stretch, channel that guy from high school who went to D&D conferences EVERY WEEKEND.
  4. Then bravely enter each question and pretend you are facing the situation at hand (whether it relates to your current circumstances or not).
  5. If none of the answers are an exact fit, choose the one that represents the spirit of how you respond (or once responded) under pressure. In other words, get in touch with your lower self and do your dead level worst!



You unexpectedly arrive home early and overhear your domestic partner, with whom you share a monogamous commitment, planning a secret rendezvous with someone else. You

You walk into a party later than expected and hear your “best friend” and a group of other people talking some serious smack about you. So you

You desire to take the trip of a lifetime. But your bank account is empty. So you

You are put in charge of an emergency project at work. This could be your big chance to shine, so you

You are on a modern day Titanic. The ship is sinking fast. You

You are confronted with constructive criticism at work and you respond by

Hunger Games anyone? You join a team building houses for charity in a remote location. Upon arriving, you learn that the first team to finish gets a free trip to NYC. Things get crazy fast. You

You have a new lover. The relationship is getting deep and you begin to feel anxious. You

You purchased a new smart phone. Your whole life is on that phone. Just outside the warranty period it breaks. You

You are extremely happy and the next minute, unhappy thoughts flood your mind. You are thinking

You catch your partner in a trail of lies. Despite some pretty solid proof, s/he continues to deny everything spinning even more unbelievable explanations. You

You are on the board of a local charity. You are required to attend a swanky cocktail party for the donors. You

You love to meet people who

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